Babolat Pure Aero Racket

A Review of Babolat Pure Aero Racket

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Pros and cons of the Babolat Pure Aero Racket

Pros of the Babolat Pure Aero Racket

  • The more lightweight feel to the racket has increased the comfort levels and enables players’ arms to feel less dragged down, and therefore not get tired as quickly.
  • The spin potential on this racket is brilliant, as this is exactly what the brand had in mind when the racket was being designed.
  • The racket offers great power levels, which is ideal for players who like to attack from the baseline with big groundstrokes.
  • Rafael Nadal endorses the racket, making it a very attractive, trustworthy option
  • The racket has kept with the range’s iconic yellow color, which is a nice nod to the brand line’s origins and history


Cons of the Babolat Pure Aero Racket

  • By decreasing the overall weight of the racket, it offers less power than previous models
  • This racket is not best suited towards more classic-style tennis players who hit flat hits using an eastern grip.
  • The racket might not be the easiest to use, particularly as it is geared more towards classic tennis players rather than a more modern style
  • The stiffness of the racket can cause arm injuries, as it will impact the elbow and wrists more easily than a more flexible frame would

Summary of the racket

With the newest version released in 2019, the Babolat Pure Aero Racket has seemed to have some adjustments and upgrades since its last launch in 2016.

Dating back to 2003, this racket line was originally called the Aero Pro Drive and was endorsed, and still is to this day, by Rafael Nadal.

Having undergone a bright yellow paint job, the Pure Aero 2019 is a striking racket that will certainly be seen from the other end of the tennis court.

Not geared towards the more classical tennis player, the features of this racket point to a more contemporary player that stays away from hitting continuously flat shots.

This racket aims to produce a hefty amount of spin, which is perfect for both defensive and aggressive baseliner players, so long as spin is also their priority.

The spin potential of this racket is what sets this frame apart from other competitors, as it offers more spin than most, with the least effort.

The Pure Aero racket is one of the most technologically cutting-edge tennis rackets that has ever been made and introduced to the market.

Years of research and millions of dollars of development have helped maintain this racket’s proud title as one of the best rackets out there.

There is no denying that Babolat has crafted a truly desirable racket range, with the 2019 update serving as the newest addition to the family.

Detailed Review of the Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racket

Babolat has made a lot of effort to improve upon this Pure Aero racket range, which the newest 2019 update has demonstrated.

This freshest addition to the Babolat tennis racket family puts power and spin at the forefront of tennis playing, a solid machine for these two techniques.

Keeping true to the range’s original roots, the frame comes in a bright yellow colorsynonymous with aggressive power, perfect for a player such as Rafael Nadal, who incidentally endorses this racket range.

Beginner and intermediate-level tennis players will find this racket ideal to use because it is a real friend when it comes to power generation and spin creation.

However, more advanced tennis players will not find this racket to be very useful for their technique or performance, as they have already mastered power and spin and are thus able to perform these naturally without any help from a racket.

For players such as these who tend to look for a racket that offers more control potential, the Babolat Pure Aero racket isn’t the best option. The suitability of the racket, like most, will heavily depend on the skill level of the player.

Compared to older models, this new Babolat Pure Aero racket has a very noticeable improvement when it comes to feel. It is easier to maneuver around, and although the stiffness is relatively high, there should be no trouble swinging this lightweight frame around through the air.

The feel of the racket has also improved and is said to be much plusher than previous frames, which improved the general comfort.

Certain technologies have also been integrated into the racket, bringing the frame into the new age and making sure it has the latest bits.

Key Features of the Babolat Pure Aero Racket

As with any racket update, it is expected that the 2019 version of Babolat’s Pure Aero racket range will have some improved features that set this racket apart from its predecessors.

The main difference is the more lightweight frame and the insertion of the Cortex Pure Feel technology that is now located at the top of the racket, rather than being in the shaft area. A summary of the key features of this racket are listed below:

By integrating new technologies into a racket’s design, the brand can create and produce a racket that adds much more value to a player’s game.

That’s ultimately what the job of the racket is to do – enhance a player’s performance. The newest technology upgrades are as follows:

Aeromodular 3 frame design

This design makes the racket very unique and allows players to quickly get a good sense of the design’s aerodynamics, from the throat to the tip of the racket’s head.

Combining the grommets and nicely designed bumper guard helps the racket move seamlessly through the air and swing fast to create lots of spin.

As a result, the racket is very maneuverable, which is ideal for more beginner-level players.

The aerodynamic frame also opens up a whole host of shot possibilities, so whether the player is looking to hit sharp angle shots or a heavy kick serve with generous topspin, this racket makes these so much easier to execute seamlessly.

Woofer technology

This Woofer technology has been integrated into the frame, which greatly improves the response of the racket’s strings.

This is because the sweet spot is larger, which ultimately enhances power and minimizes shock.

Carbon Ply Stabilizing technology

Babolat has integrated this new material into the racket’s throat to help reduce the amount of twisting to offer more torsional stability.

As a result, the technology aims to improve control and reduce flexibility. The racket is quite stiff as a result.

Babolat's Cortex Pure Feel technology

This technology has been integrated at the three and nine o’clock positions of the racket’s head.

By incorporating this into the graphite, rather than the shaft above the handle where it previously was, the Cortex Pure Feel technology helps to dampen vibration and enhance the overall feel.

FSI Spin technology

To better the string movement and maximize the amount of spin, Babolat added their FSI Spin technology to the racket, which combines an open string pattern with rectangular-shaped grommets at the head’s six and twelve o’clock positions.

Comparison With Previous Generation Rackets:

The Babolat Pure Aero 2019 has spin grommets added to the design, which allows the strings to have much more movement and flexibility, ultimately providing even more spin.

Additionally, instead of being based on the handle like the previous frame, the Cortex dampening technology is now featured in the racket’s head. This can be viewed as a wholly positive alteration, as it can increase overall comfort.

This racket is much more comfortable and has a better feel than previous generations because the stiffness has been toned down. However, the overall weight of the racket has stayed the same, at 300g.

To check out the average price of the Babolat Pure Aero tennis racket, check out the frame here on Amazon.

For a comprehensive review of the Babolat Pure Aero tennis racket, watch the following video

Tennis Warehouse provided a very detailed, in-depth review of the Pure Aero racket, emphasizing the greater levels of comfort and better feel that the 2019 updates bring to the line.

They judge that this racket is best suited to strong beginners to advanced tennis players, demonstrating the racket’s great versatility at any skill level. Scoring 87 on serves and 82 on volleys, it is abundantly clear that they deemed the racket to be very efficient overall and a pretty good upgrade to the line of rackets.

There didn’t seem to be many negative points that they could bring to the table, demonstrating the strength of the advantages of this tennis racket.

What they liked:

  • They liked that the racket is easy to play with and can just be picked up and enjoyed without much thought.
  • The sufficient power also came out on top, as reviewers were quick to praise the power offered by the racket, as well as the management of control
  • The sizeable sweet spot was a big advantage to them, emphasizing that the racket is quite forgiving, making it ideal for beginner players
  • The topspin is incomparable and definitely a stand-out feature to this racket

What they didn’t like:

  • The levels of stability were something that reviewers were unanimous with their disappointment

The Tennis Bros playtested the Babolar Pure Aero Racket and sang its praises. As a result, highlighting how nice it felt in their hands.

Although not being a major fan of the Aero range in general, the review nonetheless had positive things to say about the 2019 upgrade.

The overall consensus on this review is that the Pure Aero racket is great at creating power and spin, but forfeits control as a result. Therefore, the racket isn’t best suited for advanced players.

What they liked:

  • They were pleased to see that the update stayed pretty true to the iconic, yellow color of the range that is synonymous with power.
  • The racket offers a great blend of spin and power, making it a very useful weapon for attacking from the baseline
  • The Pure Aero allows the ball to be hit up at quite a high angle, allowing players to push their opponent’s back and therefore take control of the point.
  • The serving potential on this racket is great

What they didn’t like:

  • This racket isn’t ideal for flat shots, so for players who want to flatten their ball, either naturally or on purpose, this isn’t the best racket for that
  • This racket might not be favorable for more advanced players searching for rackets that offer greater control. Advanced players naturally have the skill and technique to generate power and spin, so don’t need a racket to help with this
  • The racket lacks stability at the net and therefore isn’t the best option for volleying; it is more geared towards serves or attacking shots from the baseline

A review from The Tennis Tribe provided a very well-rounded opinion that focused on both the pros and cons of the racket, therefore offering a nuanced perspective.

They deem this racket to be best suited for tennis players who are looking to up their game but who aren’t quite at the advanced level yet. They found many positive qualities to highlight, and as a result, it is quite clear that the pros outweigh the cons, as per the opinion of The Tennis Tribe.

What they liked:

  • This racket helps generate maximum spin, being named as the best racket on the market for power and spin by this particular review.
  • The power isn’t offset by the lightweight feel of this racket, which is perfect for baseline players who want to challenge their opponent with big, intense groundstrokes.
  • The lightweight nature of the frame increases the racket’s overall maneuverability, making it very easy to handle and swing around. This decreases the likelihood of the racket swinging around too slowly.

What they didn’t like:

  • By focusing heavily on spin and power, this racket dips slightly in terms of control and feel, which isn’t ideal for certain players, particularly those on the more advanced end of the skill spectrum.
  • This racket isn’t suitable for players who engage in doubles and who either serve or volley most of the time.

The final review comes from Tennis Companion, who also has positive things to say about this racket. The review emphasizes how the racket has a rather wide-ranging appeal among various players at all skill levels.

They playtested with the racket to offer an insightful review based on true, unbiased experience.

What they liked:

  • The maneuverability of the racket is very good, and it is relatively easy to swing, also remaining stable upon contact with the ball.
  • With a head size of 100 square inches, this racket will work quite well for a wide array of players. The standard length of 27 inches will be familiar to most players, which is also a plus point.
  • This version has moved fromAeromodular 2 to 3. The update focused around a new bumper guard protecting the strings well while also getting rid of the short and long side string installation, which eliminates a lot of hassle.

What they didn’t like:

  • Although Rafael Nadal endorses this racket, there is no guarantee that he uses this racket, and even if he does, he will customize it to suit his exact needs and technique.
  • The stiffness rating of 67 helps to offer good power. However, it falls within a spectrum that may be very uncomfortable for players with arm injuries, particularly when played with polyester tennis strings, which are less comfortable.

In summary, the Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Racket has made some very good upgrades to the frame that came before it, fortifying the strength and efficacy of this very strong, effective racket range that has a great reputation.

A popular choice among tennis players is abundantly clear that this racket offers incredible power and spin, which can be real assets on the tennis court that dramatically enhance a player’s game. However, the racket can be argued as being a bit too stiff for some players, especially those with arm injuries.

Although suitable for a wide range of tennis players at various skill levels, this racket isn’t ideal for the more advanced players who require more control.

Players that need a little extra hand with generating power will find this racket particularly effective. Finished with a vivid yellow hue, it will not go amiss on the tennis court and will be sure to brighten anyone’s game.

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