Bakersfield tennis stores – 4 Best pro tennis shops nearby

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If you want to personally check out the 4 best tennis shops in Bakersfield you can try:

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Good equipment is one of the essentials of a flourishing career. It upgrades the play and enhances the confidence of the player. Bakersfield has numerous such outlets which provide the best quality tennis gear.

1 - Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick2019s Sporting Goods

Address: 9300 Rosedale Highway Bakersfield, CA 93312

Contact Number: 661-588-8100


2 - Big 5 Sporting Goods

Address: 3214 Ming Avenue Bakersfield, CA 93304

Contact Number: 661-832-4161


3 -Champs Sports

Champs Sports

Address: 2701 Ming Avenue (Valley Plaza Mall) Bakersfield, CA 93304

Contact Number: 661-831-3110


4 - VANS

Big 5 Sporting Goods

Address: 2701 Ming Avenue (Valley Plaza Mall) Bakersfield, CA 93304

Contact Number: 661-833-1337


An incorporation of the aforementioned essentials can aid you in crossing the scorecard as a winner!

So gear up and strike your way to tennis success.

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