Best Kids Tennis Racket Guide August 2021

Best Kids Tennis Racket Guide proof

Best Kids Tennis Rackets - August 2021

Rather than giving you a huge list to work through, we selected the top 4 rackets for children.

But essential you choose the correct racket for your child – 

Below is a detailed guide on what to look out for so you make the best choice.

Young players must use the right-sized racket for their height since only the right racket can help children develop the proper technique.

As long as the tennis racket is matched to their age and height, it will play a vital role in enabling them to perfect a smooth stroke with good weight transfer.

👉 If the racket is too small, it will cause excessive elbow and wrist action.

This could harm the arm and their technique in the long run.

However, a heavier or larger racket will make it difficult for kids to play the game. If the young player finds it too difficult to play tennis, they’ll get demotivated, lose interest, and stop playing it altogether.

👉 That’s why choosing the right racket for junior players is so important.

If you are struggling to find the correct tennis gear for your child, this guide is the perfect companion for you.

From the characteristics of a good racket to how to select the right sized racket for your child and the top four recommendations, this guide features it all and more.

Table of Contents

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When Should Your Child Start Playing Tennis?

Tennis is generally best for kids aged four to five years old if they will make a career out of it.

However, even above these ages, they should be played to have fun, develop stamina, and participate in recreational activities.

You may find it interesting that Roger Federer started playing tennis at eight.

He hadn’t held a racket even once before that. But he’s one of the best players of our time.

So, the bottom line is there is no formula to determine the best age, but you should think about letting your child play tennis anytime after they turn four.

What is Tennis Racket for Kids?

Also called a junior tennis racket, it is a racket designed specifically for young kids after considering their built, size, and height.

This means the length and head size of a tennis racket for kids will be much shorter.

Generally, adult tennis rackets are 27″ in length and could be longer, as some players, like Andy Roddick, prefer more oversized rackets.

Conversely, rackets for kids are at least one to eight inches shorter than adult rackets.

Typically, a tennis racket for kids will be between 19 inches to 26 inches in length, where 19″ is the smallest in kids’ rackets.

Another difference between adult and best kids tennis rackets is the frame that they are made from.

Inexpensive best kids tennis rackets are generally constructed from aluminum, whereas mid-range noises are made from graphite and aluminum.

In contrast, the higher-end rackets are made out of carbon graphite. 

How to Choose the Right Size Tennis Racket for Kids?

As we mentioned above, most best kids tennis rackets start from 19 inches and go up to 26 inches (19, 21, 23, 25, and 26 inches).

The length of the racket will vary as per the age and height of your child.

For instance, if your child is five years old, a 19″ racket will probably be best.

👉For kids up to 8 years of age, a 21 to 23″ racket will be alright, depending on their height.

The 25-26 inches range of  best kids tennis racket is ideal for 9 to 19-year-old, while for kids above ten years, go for a 26″ racket.

However, you should keep in mind that the racket size cannot be standardized due to the variation in height among children.

Tip to Find the Correct Length

So the best way is to allow your child to hold the racket in their standard grip and let it hang down with a straight arm by their side.

If the racket hovers above the floor and stays below the ankle, it is a perfect size.

👉 If it drags on the floor, this means it is too big, and while playing, it can get scraped on the court or get caught up in your child’s feet.

If the racket is a few inches off the ground, it is too small for them.

What About Kids Tennis Racket Weight?

The racket’s weight shouldn’t be an area of concern for parents because all best kids tennis rackets are designed especially for kids, so none of them are too heavy for their age.

It, however, becomes an issue of concern when your kid cannot decide between two different sizes of best kids tennis rackets.

Here’s a simple test for you to determine if the tennis racket is of the right weight for your child

👉Allow the child to hold the racket behind their back so that its top touches their lower back, and the elbow is the highest part of their arm

Ask your child to raise the racket above their head by extending their arm as it happens in a service motion, but keep the swing slow.

If the racket is too heavy, your child will struggle to lift it

Should You Buy a Bigger Racket So Your Child Grows into it?

Although it may seem attractive and cost-effective at first, it is not a good idea for your child to have a more oversized racket.

The whole point of letting your child play tennis at an early age is to help them develop the necessary skills and stamina.

But, if the racket isn’t appropriate, they won’t be able to play at all.

Their stroke development will be affected, and they won’t even enjoy the game.

The good thing is you don’t need to worry a lot about tennis racket prices since best kids tennis rackets are relatively inexpensive compared to adult rackets.

So you can easily upsize the racket whenever your child outgrows it.

A junior racket will cost you between $25 and $60, depending on the brand, material, and size.

Some noises are available for as low as $10. 

The only time when buying a bigger-sized racket is a good idea is when your child is confused between two different racket sizes.

Remember that the correct racket size hangs below the child’s ankle and is just above the floor when it is held down the side of their leg. 

How Much Junior Tennis Rackets Cost?

Generally, junior rackets are made out of aluminum because it keeps the racket lightweight and the child can handle it easily.

High-end, expensive noises are made from graphite, allowing several other performance-related benefits. 

It is recommended that if your child has just started playing tennis and is a beginner, go for a cheaper, aluminum-based racket.

This will be an ideal starter racket and will cost around $20.

When your child develops an interest in the game and starts playing regularly, go for a mid-range, composite racket.

These are made from a mixture of aluminum and graphite and cost somewhere between $50 and $60.

A composite racket will improve your child’s performance as well.

Full graphite frame junior rackets are suitable for older kids, as these are generally larger.

It will cost you around $100.

Graphite rackets are the most expensive and suitable for junior severe players who want to make a career in tennis.

Should You Worry About Junior Tennis Racket Strings?

No, there is no need to worry about the strings at this stage.

Typically, the best kids tennis rackets come pre-strung with a soft multifilament.

👉 It is the perfect combination if your child is a beginner-level player.

Even if your child has been playing for a while, strings shouldn’t be an issue.

You can always restring the racket if required. Strings won’t affect your child’s performance, as they would hardly feel any difference between different types of strings at this stage.

Grip Sizes For Junior Players

First, you need to know what grip size means.

It describes the circumference of the racket’s handle. Grip size is given in inches.

As with tennis racket strings, you needn’t worry much about the junior racket’s grip size.

Usually, manufacturers create all frames in 4″ grip size.

Longer rackets, which close in on adult sizes, may come in two grip size choices, 4″ and 4 1/8″.

However, the 4″ grip size is standard and suitable for most kids.

If it isn’t a good fit, you can easily make the grip larger by adding an overgrip.

It will increase the grip size by 1/16 of an inch.

But, you will not be able to make the grip smaller. 

Choosing the Right Junior Tennis Racket

👉 Here are some key factors you should consider when selecting a racket for your child. 

#1. Size

Size is the most crucial factor to consider while purchasing a junior racket.

If the racket is too small, it will cause excessive strain on the child’s wrists and elbows.

In the long run, it will disrupt their form and technique.

Similarly, an oversized racket will make it extremely difficult for the child to play the game, and they will eventually lose interest.

The length is the most critical factor that should be evaluated for kids’ racket size.

You can choose between 19 and 26 inches in length in best kids tennis rackets.

The distance is estimated from the frame’s top hoop to the butt cap. Go for a size your child can comfortably handle.

If the racket falls between two different sizes, the best way forward is to choose the smaller size unless the player is experienced and loves challenges. 

#2. Weight

In addition, you should consider how heavy the racket is because a more serious noise will be more significant, and your child may not be able to play with it as quickly.

Generally, weight can add more power to the shots, but it is about comfort for young kids more than power.

Their hands are tiny, and if the racket feels too heavy, they won’t be able to swing it easily.

As they grow, you may add some weight because heavier rackets will allow more stability when contacting the ball.

The ideal weight of a racket depends on your child’s age.

When children are younger, the racket should be lighter, and as they age, the racket should be heavier.

Just be sure your child can swing it comfortably without feeling tired.

#3. Head Size

The racket design has evolved considerably over the years, so today, we have many more size options for racket head size.

The adult racket head ranges between 80 and 135 inches, whereas for junior players, the racket head size ranges between 60 and 80 inches.

If you are confused about choosing a small or big head, let your child’s experience at the court decide it.

If they have just started playing, go for a racket with slightly larger head size, as it will be more forgiving.

It will have that necessary sweet spot, and your child will easily land a shot.

However, if your child has played tennis for a few years, go for a smaller head, which will provide more power, as they won’t need a more prominent sweet spot.

#4. Balance

Weight distributions also play a part in selecting the right racket. 

Best kids tennis rackets are categorized in head heavy, headlight, and balanced rackets.

#5. Head Heavy Rackets

For example, the eventually losing weight in head-heavy rackets are concentrated on the head, so such a racket provides better hitting power and control.

These rackets can propel the ball faster, and even a slow but well-calculated swing will hit the ball at the same speed as a faster swing.

However, keep in mind that heavy head rackets are better suited for experienced players because playing with top-heavy rackets will need more body control and strength.

#6. Head Light Rackets

In these rackets, the weight is mainly located close to the handle’s end.

Headlight rackets will offer a fantastic boost in maneuverability, and even with higher weight, the racket will be easy to control.

Head light rackets are suitable for young children and inexperienced tennis players.

These allow greater mobility and make it easier for players to readjust their positions in real-time.

#7. Balanced Rackets

Balanced rackets offer a fine combination of head heavy and head light rackets.

These help the player strike the perfect balance between movement and power.

In balanced rackets, the weight is equally distributed in the middle from the butt of the handle.

If your child isn’t looking to improve swing speed or power, choosing a balanced racket will help them.

#8. Grip Size

A racket with a good grip will allow your child to hold it easily.

Grip size is the perimeter of the cross-section of a tennis racket, and when estimated from the outside, it indicates the thickness level of the handle.

#9. Materials

Aluminum and graphite are the most common junior racket materials, but some manufacturers also use boron or Kevlar.

Graphite rackets are lightweight and ideal for advanced players.

Another option in graphite rackets is composite graphite, which means that other materials like copper and fiberglass have been infused with carbon to create the racket.

A composite graphite racket offers better flexibility and is an excellent choice for juniors.

On the other hand, an aluminum racket is as light as graphite, but the difference is that aluminum rackets are cheaper than graphite.

Aluminum rackets come in two designs, tubular and bi-hollow.

A bi-hollow design is better for young players, whereas tubular stews are perfect for experienced players.

Boron or Kevlar is like graphite, but the difference is both of these materials weigh less than graphite.

These are stiffer and will transmit vibrations more efficiently than graphite.

Best Kids Tennis Racquets for 2021

#1. Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

Wilson US Open Junior tennis racket is the best choice for kids☺️.

Although this racket is designed specifically for kids aged five to twelve years, it is comfortable enough to be used even by 3-year-old kids, as it comes in a 19″ size and is lightweight and easy to use.

This racket comes in various attractive colors, making it appropriate for both girls and boys.

So, if you have a young son and daughter, and both want to play tennis, you can let them play with the same racket or buy one for each in their favorite colors so that they could identify their respective rackets.

The Wilson US Open Junior rackets are pre-strung and offer incredible stability while playing.

You won’t need to bother about stringing the racket if you aren’t into tennis yourself and don’t know how to string a racket.

It boasts a 16×19 pattern, which is a standard in most high-end rackets.

Most popular adult rackets feature the same pattern. 

Another vital aspect of Wilson US Junior is its head size is 106.”

This size is ideal for young players. It has 2 points balanced headlight, which is great for beginners.

This racket’s grip size is 3.5″, which is another aspect that makes it ideal for kids as young as 3.

You get to choose from an array of lively colors ranging from green/yellow, black/white, red/blue, and orange/blue.

It is a fashionable racket with a contemporary design to make playing tennis an enjoyable experience for young children.

👉 Wilson’s rackets are known for their durability, and the US Open Junior is no different.

It features an aluminum frame to keep the racket stable and lightweight, so that kids can use it with felt balls or soft foam balls easily.

They can also easily use it with standard tennis balls, but it is important to exercise caution.

Although the Wilson US Open Junior tennis racket is more expensive than other best kids tennis rackets, it is perfect for kids if they love playing tennis.

👉 It is a strong racket that’s easy to swing and play for the minor players who are learning the basics of the game.

It comes in 19, 21, 23, and 25 inches in size, making it suitable for kids from 3 to 12 years of age.

However, before selecting the racket size, it is better to consult your child’s coach to determine the right option.

It also comes with a zippered tennis bag.

Its compartments are large enough to hold two rackets without covers, and another ziped compartment to hold other tennis accessories.

The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap with a padded top handle.

Your kids will find it even easier to carry their racket in this durable bag.

#2. Street Tennis Racket for Kids

Street Tennis Racket for Kids

👉 Street Tennis Club is one of the best brands in best kids tennis rackets.

The company offers a range of tennis rackets to suit the varying needs of kids of all ages.

Street Tennis rackets are developed after studying children’s demands and allow them to learn to play tennis naturally. 

This racket comes in different sizes.

You can choose from 17 inches to 21 inches rackets, depending on your kid’s height and age.

Few brands offer the 17″ size in best kids tennis rackets, making Street Tennis rackets stand out.

👉 It is designed to help children under the age of ten play tennis with maximum ease and comfort.

If you want your young kid to develop tennis skills quickly, this is the ideal racket to help them achieve that.

That’s because this racket is designed to assist the development of technique and stroke mechanics.

Using the right size racket is essential because it increases the likelihood of the kid hitting the ball with the racket.

Street Tennis rackets are specially made with different age groups in mind.

Most of the time, parents have no choice but to select a smaller or large racket, as they cannot find the right size. With Street Tennis rackets, this problem doesn’t occur.

They are made from quality aluminum, which keeps it durable and lightweight.

Moreover, like many other best kids tennis rackets, Street Tennis also offers rackets in different color combinations.

The racket comes pre-strung with high-quality, thick gauge strings.

So, you don’t need to worry about restringing the racket, as they won’t break easily.

On the downside, it is quite expensive☺️.

With Street Tennis, you won’t need to replace the racket every few months, as it is durable and long-lasting.

Your child may outgrow this racket, but it won’t get damaged, so you should be able to sell it easily.

Street Tennis rackets are most suitable for kids up to ten years of age, with a good swing and an ideal grip size.

#3. Head Speed Junior Tennis Racquet

Head Speed Junior Tennis Racquet

Head Speed best kids tennis racket is undoubtedly one of the best rackets for kids. It is one of the leading brands in the business.

This junior racket has a comparatively short length handle, making it easy and seamless to swing and control it.

Featuring an oversized head, this racket is beneficial for young players, as it can help boost their confidence since it will allow consistent contact with the ball every time. 

This fantastic racket is available in four different sizes, starting from the standard 19″ to 21, 23, and 25 inches.

It comes pre-strung with the quality, soft feeling, polyester string.

Head Speed Junior Tennis racket weighs in at 240 gm with a 16×19 string pattern to suit players of all age groups.

This racket is an excellent option not only for beginners but also for intermediate-level players.

Head Speed junior racket offers maximum stability when playing and is among the lightest and best kids tennis rackets on the market.

Its grip size is 3.621 inches, head size is 107 inches, and frame weight is 170 g.

It features a lightweight construction and is ideal for kids as young as two years old up to 8 years.

This junior tennis racket has a headlight balance that helps reduce vibration and keeps the racket stable when it hits the ball.

The racket is made with aluminum o-beam construction, which is why it lasts longer than most of the other best kids tennis rackets☺️

The adult Speed series racket inspires this racket from the same company, which Novak Djokovic has endorsed.

It is the best option for juniors who love to play tennis but aren’t ready to go for a full-size frame.

Its lighter weight makes it highly comfortable for players to hold it for a longer duration than larger and heavier designs. 

#4. Weier Junior Tennis Racket

Weier Junior Tennis Racket

The Weierfu Junior tennis racket is one of the best options you can have in best kids tennis rackets for beginner players.

Made by the recognized and reputed Weierfu, which specializes in designing and developing up-to-the-mark beginner tennis racket equipment since the early 1990s. This junior tennis racket is all you need to help your young kid learn to play tennis.

Weierfu best kids tennis rackets are regarded as one of the best in the market. Weierfu best kids tennis rackets the best feature is it is a professional-grade product.

👉 It is specifically designed to improve kid’s skill levels and amplify their interest in this sport. Although it features a simple and straightforward design, it is a deliberate attempt to keep the racket easily controllable for young kids when they play.

Its length doesn’t exceed 21 inches mark, and comes with a rubberized handle to offer maximum comfort to the player. 

👉 One of Weierfu junior tennis racket features is it can be used by every kid regardless of their age.

The only thing you have to take care of is to choose the right size.

It is best for beginner tennis players, as it helps keep their interest in tennis alive by ensuring optimum ease of use and stability when hitting the ball.

👉 This racket features a medium balance between the handle and the head. Since the weight is distributed evenly over the racket, it improves the players’ speed, swinging skill, and power.

Another added advantage of this racket is its lightweight design.

Made with quality aluminum, this racket weighs only 190 gm, which is around 0.42 lbs. This size and weight are perfect for getting your child to play for more extended periods. 

Weierfu uses innovative rectangular section technology that keeps the racket stiff and rigid when hitting the ball. This technology significantly improves the bat’s stability and makes it a premium racket for all age groups.

Another amazing feature of this racket is its powerful swing that allows room for exploring different tennis techniques and skills.

It comes in three different sizes, from 17 inches to 19 inches, and has a white color base complimented with yellow or pink highlights.