6 Best Kids Tennis Shoes – Product Review August 2021

6 Best Kids Tennis Shoes - Product Review

Tennis is a game of precision and skill, but you can’t play without the right equipment ☺️.

A lot goes into selecting racquets and the best tennis shoes for your kids to improve their playing experience, so there are some things parents should know before making these purchases!

Tennis shoes provide them with crucial advantages that allow agile footwork while they’re on the court.

Choosing just any shoe won’t do. You want the best kids tennis shoes  to provide plenty of support and to cushion. What are the best tennis shoes for kids?

It’s not always easy to find a shoe that is both comfortable and stylish.

To help you out, we’ve done all the work by compiling this list with features so that you can make your choice like a pro!

It’s important to know what you are looking for in a kid’s tennis shoe. It can be hard to make the right decision with so many options!

You need shoes that will fit well and help your child play their best – all while being durable enough to withstand constant use.

👉 Before giving you the six best kids tennis shoes, let me show you what you should look out for so you pick the best ones for your child.

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Factors To Remember While Choosing The Best Tennis Shoes For Kids

The tennis shoes you choose for your child can significantly impact their practice schedule. Here are some things to consider that may help narrow down the search when shopping.

#1. Playing Level of Your Kid

Tennis shoes are crucial for any tennis player, but they’re even more critical when it comes to children. Your child’s skill level and practice time determine what type of shoe you should purchase 😇.

If kids wear these best tennis shoes to school sports games, a more durable option is best.

However, if they’ll be wearing theirs to tennis lesson practice and matches   – make sure that there’s plenty of cushioning. In addition to durability and padding levels – lookout for support options.

Some of the Best Kids Tennis Shoes

One of the best ways to protect a court surface is with non-marking tennis shoes. The soles on these shoes are designed to reduce friction, so you don’t leave behind scuffs and marks when you move around.

#1. Wiggle Room

It’s essential for the best kids tennis shoes to feel comfortable. Look for ones with a wide toe box and plenty of room near the toes so that they can wiggle their feet freely.

To make sure there is enough space, you should look at shoe length as well – it needs to be 10 mm longer than your child’s foot measurement.

#2. Material of the Shoe

Synthetic materials may be less expensive than leather or canvas, but they can make feet sweat more quickly due to their lack of breathability.

You want to choose something that will last while also being comfortable and relaxed ☺️!

Different Surfaces To Be Taken Into Consideration While Choosing Kids Tennis Shoes

You will need to talk to your local tennis club and ask about them the court they have.

👉 Usually, kids will stick to the same court throughout the year, so you won’t have to invest in different shoe types. Best kids tennis shoes:

  • Grass court kids tennis shoes
  •  Clay court kids tennis shoes
  • Hardcourt kids tennis shoes
  •  All court kids tennis shoes

#1. Grass Court Kids Tennis Shoes

Grass courts are a different ball game than hard court surfaces and require specialized shoes with specific features that will keep you comfortable and help maintain the lawn’s character.

Try looking for these sought-after attributes. Good grip because grass courts can be slippery either from dew or wear;

A flatter outsole, so they don’t damage the court players at Wimbledon must wear flat tennis shoes.

Flexible upper so your feet won’t get constricted while running forward towards the ball on softer ground, damaging them less than harder ones.

#2. Clay Court Kids Tennis Shoes

Kids tennis shoes for clay courts should have excellent grip, durable sides, and a design that releases the dirt from its grooves.

You also need to be looking for lateral support, which is essential when you’re moving side to side on your baseline.

Finally, since these court types are slower than others, it’s crucial to find tennis footwear with an upper tight enough so that your foot stays secure as you move around during play 😇.

#3. Hard Court Kids Tennis Shoes

Hard courts are a great challenge too. You’ll need some rugged best kids tennis shoes that can handle the demands of hard court surfaces and give you stability when you’re moving around on them. So get yourself:

A rugged outsole that can withstand pressure from all types of shots played on it.

Cushioning keeps your feet happy because hard courts don’t always offer much bounce-back after impact with the ball; they’re unforgiving sometimes!

And sturdy upper materials, so nothing will come apart in those high-intensity matches.

#4. All Court Kids Tennis Shoes

The all-court tennis shoes are perfect for kids who love to play on various surfaces. They make sure you will have both the grip and durability needed, no matter what surface your playing on!

Choose The Perfect Size of Shoes

The most crucial thing in sizing is picking the correct size. We recommended that you start with the usual best tennis shoes for your kidswear.

👉  To help you further, let’s look at a list of things to do:

  • Always shop at the day end – to make sure your child’s feet are the largest. Go shoe shopping at the end of the day or after a sport session.
  • Always measure both feet – sometimes, the size may vary for each foot. When buying, you need to buy the size that fits the larger foot. Make sure you take the size while your kid is standing up and their feet are bearing all their weight.
  • Pay attention to space – make sure the toes aren’t touching the front of the shoes. There should be some wiggle room for the toes.
  • Size with socks – size tennis shoes while your kid is wearing socks. These socks should be sports-specific.
  • Have a walk – make your kid walk in the shoes and tell you if they are comfortable in them or not.

Keep in mind that different brands have different shapes and sizes. You may also need to buy a size or half a size bigger later but go for a casual shoe size for now.

These best kids tennis shoes can help you in the field and out of the field also.

Choose Properly Between Laces and Velcro Strips

There are two basic shoe fastening options for younger children – Velcro strips or standard laces.

Because Velcro strips are easier to use, they will be the preferred option for younger tennis players. On the other hand, Velcro strips wear out much faster than laces.

As soon as your child understands how to tie their shoelaces, I recommend choosing kids’ tennis shoes with standard laces. Compared to Velcro strips, laces can be far better to adjust the fit of the shoes and secure the toe.

Can Kids Running Shoes Be Used for Tennis?

A quick answer is “No,” but why not try anyway? The shoes of junior tennis players are also designed with pros like enhanced lateral stability and fantastic support.

These capabilities go far beyond trainers or running shoes!

Tennis shoes are designed in a way that they can prevent rolled ankles during quick lateral movements at the most basic level.

However, running shoes are made to be extremely lightweight and forward-moving.

Tennis shoe durability lasts longer, as they’re specifically built to withstand punishment from various surfaces without wearing down too quickly 😇.

Just think about how long you have your favorite pair before it gets nasty on the soles (or what’s left). When looking into it more deeply:

What are the Best Brands for Kids Tennis Shoes?

Ever wonder what brands have the best tennis shoes for juniors?

Nike, Adidas, and ASICS are three of your better bets.

#1. Nike Tennis Shoes for Kids

Nike is the most popular shoe brand among professional athletes, and their tennis shoe collection is extensive, even at the junior level ☺️.

#2. Adidas Best Kids Tennis Shoes

Adidas, like Nike, has a strong presence on the ATP and WTA tours and offers a wide range of junior tennis shoes. They have both durable and fast lines of tennis shoes for kids.

#3. ASICS Tennis Shoes for Kids

Another well-known tennis shoe manufacturer with a good selection of junior shoes is ASICS. For both boys and girls, they are available in various colors.

#4. New Balance Best Kids Tennis Shoes

New Balance offers various colorways in two different shoes for boys and girls: the 996v3 and 696v3.

#5. Wilson Tennis Shoes for Kids

Tennis shoes for juniors are available from Wilson’s Rush and Kao’s families 😇.

The Rush line is designed to be more stable and durable. In contrast, the Kaos line is intended to be less cushioned but more responsive.

#6. K-Swiss Best Kids Tennis Shoes

Two primaries, junior shoes, are also available from K-Swiss. The first is the Hypercourt Express, which is perhaps K-Swiss’s most well-known shoe. The Big shot Light 3 is another junior shoe.

#7. Babolat Best Tennis Shoes for Kids

Babolat has one of the easiest-to-understand junior shoe collections on the market.

The shoes are simply representations of Babolat’s two main adult tennis shoe lines: Propulses and Jets.

Best Kids Tennis Shoes  – Unbiased Product Reviews

#1. New Balance Kid’s 996 V3 Tennis Shoes

  • New Balance Kid’s 996 V3 tennis shoes are special shoes for kids made out of 100% synthetic material.
  • The shoe features a highly cushioned midsole and a rubber sole. It is built with imported materials.
  • The outsole of these shoes is tricky since it must be stable on the hardcourt.
  • These tennis shoes are great for new tennis players, as it provides the required stability and cushioning. Due to these features, the kids can practice and play without being fatigued.
  • Excellent arch support is provided to hold the tiny feet of children, as they usually have a flat foot.
  • These junior tennis shoes come in various widths to fit the tiny feet of children. They also have many vibrant colors.

#2. ASICS Gel Game 5 GS Junior Tennis Shoe

This shoe is in line with ASICS’ philosophy to promote a healthy lifestyle in kids. And, it’s a must-have on your list if you’re looking for kids’ tennis shoes.

The Gel Game 5 GS is an entry-level shoe by ASICS in their kids’ tennis shoes category.

ASICS has used their Rearfoot GEL cushioning system paired with their midfoot truss tic system tech for the ultimate stability and comfort for your kid.

The flexible upper design comes with a solid and gripping rubber sole for good traction on the court. This helps prevent ankle and heel injuries while playing on the court.

  • ASICS brand made a debut in the tennis shoe line with this model.
  • These ASICS Gel Game 5 GS Junior tennis shoes have a tremendous rearfoot GEL cushioning system. Additionally, they come with a mid-foot truss tic system technology.
  • These technologies provide a fantastic amalgamation of stability and comfort.
  • The features like this make these shoe ideal for the little toes to practice tennis with ease and pleasure.
  • These shoes feature a flexible upper design and a solid rubber outsole.
  • As a result, the players who play tennis consistently and are looking for matching shoes to raise the quality of their gameplay will find these shoes an excellent choice.
  • These junior best Kids tennis shoes are made out of 100% synthetic material, which is why they are soft for a kid’s skin.

The sole is made out of 100% rubber.

#3. Adidas Performance Response Approach K Tennis Shoes

These tennis shoes are great for kids in the age group of 8-12 years. These are made with your kid’s compatibility in mind.

Adidas has used 100% synthetic and textile material to keep these shoes soft on kid’s skin.

The soles are durable and made with rubber for an excellent grip on the court. The upper portion of the shoe is made with synthetic leather and has perforations for a breathable finish.

The lace closure makes the shoe fit perfectly on your child’s feet and offers excellent stability ☺️.

  • These Adidas Performance Response Approach K tennis shoes give high performance, just like its name.
  • They are made entirely of synthetic and textile materials, making them gentle on children’s skin.
  • As the soles of these shoes are made of rubber, they provide excellent traction on the court.
  • To provide expert support and breathability, the upper portion of these shoes is made of synthetic leather with perforated rubber.
  • The shoes’ characteristic durability comes from their non-marking outsole with adiwear.
  • The shoes come in brilliant white color and have a scintillating design. Stripes in black, red, or light grey can be found on the sides.
  • These shoes are designed for older children between the ages of 8 and 12.

#4. K-Swiss Classic Vintage Textile PS Tennis Shoes

  • K-Swiss is a well-known tennis brand that has evolved into a dedicated footwear brand.
  • It has a long history of producing high-performance tennis shoes and cute and highly functional tennis shoes.
  • These shoes have a bright red color scheme and contrast-colored laces.
  • These are made entirely of textile and have a breathable canvas upper section.
  • The shoes are also equipped with a flexible rubber outsole and five-stripe branding.
  • The three-piece toe on these shoes allows for plenty of room in the toe box.
  • Apart from tennis, these shoes are also ideal for school uniforms.
  • Children can wear them all day without becoming tired because they are comfortable and fit perfectly.

These are high-quality children’s shoes that will complement any outfit. As a result, they can wear it casually or formally, in addition to using it for gaming.

#5. K-Swiss Bigshot Light 2.5 Tennis Shoes

The K-Swiss Bigshot Light for kids is suitable for both outdoor and indoor courts. These are incredibly lightweight and offer more agility on the court.

Being lightweight doesn’t mean that these shoes aren’t sturdy. They have a firm rubber grip that will prevent slipping on the court.

The perforated upper part ensures the shoe stays breathable and comfortable during play. The padded tongue and color offer the ultimate support for longer playing sessions.

Stability should be your top choice for your kid’s tennis shoes. You’ll be glad to know that the drag guard technology offers maximum support against toe-dragging.

If you’re looking for a simpler and lighter option. This should be on your list.

  • K-Swiss Bigshot Light 2.5 tennis shoes come to you in a pretty and elegant white and blue color. There is also a logo on the backside of the boots 😇.
  • The shoes are made entirely of synthetic material and have a rubber sole for maximum traction on any surface.
  • With these shoes, kids can practice tennis on both indoor and outdoor courts.
  • These shoes are breathable, thanks to the perforations. The extra ventilation makes them more comfortable to wear for long periods.
  • The tongue and collar of these shoes are padded for added comfort and ease of wear.
  • These shoes are highly breathable due to their fantastic flow system. Their plantar support chassis provides excellent mid-foot stability.

#6. Adidas Originals Juniors Stan Smith Sneaker

  • The Adidas Originals Juniors sneakers have a full-grain leather upper and are the junior version of the iconic Adidas Originals sneakers.
  • Soft terry is used to line the uppers of the shoes, ensuring that children have a comfortable step at all times.
  • The shoes are made entirely of leather and feature an imported rubber sole.
  • These shoes have a shaft that measures 6 to 12 inches from the arch.
  • For comfortable action during the tennis game, the platform of these shoes measures approximately 0-3 inches, and the boot opening of these shoes measures about 0-3 inches.
  • These shoes are simple to break in and remove. Parents can notice their children wearing and removing the boots on their own.
  • Its rubber outsole provides excellent traction on hard court surfaces, allowing kids to walk and play confidently.

Final Words

Best kids tennis shoes are supposed to be highly comfortable.

These brands make some fantastic tennis shoes, and you should choose the best one for your kid according to the requirement.

I hope my reviews helped you choose the best tennis shoes for your minor tennis player ☺️.

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