Best Tennis Bag – Buying Guide and Reviews August 2021

Best Tennis Bag

Best Tennis Bag - Buying Guide and Reviews

A tennis bag is an essential component to complement a tennis game.

It performs several functions, including storing all the essentials needed for a long game on the court and protecting precious tennis racquets 😻.

When shopping for a tennis bag, there are many things to consider.

There are so many aspects to check from durability and functionality to style and storage before purchasing a best tennis bag, racket bags, tennis totes, and tennis backpacks.

πŸ‘‰ This article will provide all the necessary information to help build a better understanding of how to buy the perfect tennis bag.

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What Makes the Best Tennis Bag?

#1. Racket Capacity

Ideally, a good tennis bag should hold at least two and up to 6 tennis rackets.

There should be enough room to carry a couple of tennis rackets.

For those who want to carry many tennis rackets simultaneously, a tennis tote bag or backpack would be a better choice.

For tennis coaches, or those who carry more than six tennis rackets at all times, opting for a 9 to 15-pack bag is the best option.

Alternately, to carry tennis shoes and the extra accessories or tennis gear along with the rackets, it’s recommended to go for a 3-pack or 6-pack bag 😻.

#2. Storage

Apart from the number of rackets needing to be stored, think about storage capacity when buying a tennis bag.

Essential items, such as tennis shoes or clothes, will need to be stored. Some bags come with a shoe tunnel to keep tennis shoes away from the rest of the bag πŸ‘Œ.

Then there are bags having multiple accessory pockets. Before deciding which best tennis bag to buy, think about the number of accessories needed to carry along and check out the pockets inside the bag.

#3. Protection

If a lot of money has been spent on the tennis racket, accessories, strings, and other customizations, a best tennis bag that offers maximum protection for that investment should be selected.

Check out bags with molded shells or thermal racket compartments for reducing damage during storing or transporting.

#4. Durability

Some tennis bag materials are sturdier than others, so the material quality should be carefully inspected if durability 😻 is one of your primary preferences.

#5. Style

Tennis bags come in many different designs and styles, so there is a huge variety of bags to choose from. There are specifically designed bags for men and women.

Bags from Maggie Mather, Corniglia, and 40 Love Couture are unique and help make a statement when walking on the court. Or else, Wilson offers sleek, gender-neutral best tennis bag πŸ‘Œ.

10 Best Tennis Bag Reviews

#1. Babolat Pure Line Blue 12 Tennis Bag

Babolat Pure Line Blue 12 Tennis Bag

The Babolat Pure Line Blue 12 tennis bag is the most popular and versatile best tennis bag currently available. It’s the ideal bag for all levels, which makes it the perfect option.

It’s a gender-neutral bag, so there’s no need to worry whether it will suit your personality or not.

The Pure Series of best tennis bag is extremely well-designed; the Babolat Pure Drive, Pure Strike, and Pure Aero all feature attractive style and accompany the ever-so-popular Babolat rackets.

The Pure Line is ideal for players of all calibers, as it offers all the necessary features that a tennis buff would look for 😻.

Apart from the fantastic exterior design, it comes with two racquet compartments featuring isothermal protection to maintain string tension.

This bag is not just eye-catching but offers plenty of storage space.

There is enough room to hold as many as 15 rackets, while the various accessory pockets can fit small items like keys, mobile phones, strings, or tennis over-grips.

The best thing is this bag has a ventilated pocket for storing shoes.

There are adjustable shoulder straps that help ensure the bag rests comfortably on the shoulders and allow this bag to be used as a backpack.

As well as the brand’s popularity and the bag’s durability, it is available in three color options, white, black, and blue, so it will be sure to fit everyone’s style preferences.

Well-ventilated compartment for shoesThe main straps don’t have a removable clip
Isothermal protection for stringsPure Strike version tennis bags get very dirty when traveling
Customizable to create a personal tag
It can be used as a backpack
Available in three colors

#2. Vessel Baseline Tennis Racquet Bag

Vessel Baseline Tennis Racquet Bag

Vessel is a well-known and reputable luxury bag brand. Initially, the company created golf bags only but has lately ventured into the tennis bags market and has shown everyone that experience does make a huge difference.

Vessel has used its expertise reasonably well to make a best tennis bag with outstanding qualities.

Their racket bag is best suited for club players who require a top-quality bag and need to store four to six rackets πŸ€—.

Vessel Baseline Tennis Racquet bag features two large compartments that can easily accommodate up to six rackets.

There are two smaller compartments, insulated and ideal for protecting tennis strings in very cold or warm weather conditions.

This bag offers excellent storage, as there are four side pockets on the exterior, two on each side.

You can store small items like keys or a mobile phone in the outside pockets. These come with well-designed pouches to help keep things organized and easily accessible.

Like every good tennis bag, it also has a ventilated shoe compartment. It’s a vast compartment, so no matter the shoe size, it can accommodate it adequately.

This tennis racket bag has adjustable shoulder straps made of synthetic leather and nylon. These can be removed to carry the bag by one handle instead of two.

Vessel Baseline Tennis bag is a luxury product made with the highest quality materials and stylish design πŸ‘Œ.

High-quality materials ensure durabilityNot suitable for players who carry more than six racquets at a time
Spacious enough to fit six racquets at a timeThe brand is comparatively new in tennis bag manufacturing
Huge, ventilated compartment to store shoes
It comes with several pockets both inside and outside
Sleek and modern design & storage space

#3. Wilson Super Tour 3 Tennis Bag Series

Wilson Super Tour 3 Tennis Bag Series

When pro tennis players like Venus Williams, Simona Halep, and Gael Monfils are sponsoring a product, it is bound to be good.

And Wilson Super Tour 3 tennis bag series certainly lives up to our expectations.

Since so many professional tennis players have sponsored it, it has become the preferred choice of tennis buffs.

The first attraction is the two exterior compartments featuring the company’s innovative Thermoguard technology that insulates and protects the rackets from heat.

Other compartments contain dual air vents and offer plentiful storage space for keeping shoes, tennis balls, food, sunglasses, etc. If storage is a primary concern, this bag will be the perfect option 😻.

It also contains a removable interior divider to keep things organized and accessible at all times.

Moreover, Wilson Super Tour 3 series tennis bags come with an interior zippered pocket where valuables or smaller items such as your wallet, keys, or mobile phone can be stored.

The two outside pockets allow fast access to smaller items. It can be carried like a bag using the handle or a backpack using adjustable shoulder straps.

When not in use, the shoulder straps can be tucked away. All in all, it is a versatile and highly comfortable bag that can accommodate almost all kinds of tennis gear.

Can hold up to 15 racketsThe bag’s structure can cave in if the pockets aren’t kept full
Rackets remain well-protected from extreme heat with the Thermoguard pockets
Interior pockets have an optional divider to keep shoes and clothes separated
Ventilate shoe compartment
A trendy line of bags on the pro tour
Exterior felt-lined pockets help in storing smaller items
It comes in different sizes

#4. Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack

Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack

Wilson Federer DNA Tennis backpack is the bestΒ tennis bag to store rackets and other accessories.

It’s a smooth, sharp, and aesthetically pleasing bag featuring a crisp exterior in matte colors.

The fact it is designed according to the preferences of the greatest tennis player ever, Roger Federer, makes it a must-have for his fans.

Its design is classy, while the bag is made of supreme quality materials, which makes it better than many other top-of-the-line backpacks in the market πŸ‘Œ.

In the racket compartment, 2 rackets can easily fit, and the two main chambers offer adequate space for keeping other things, such as clothes, tennis balls, or strings.

Smaller items such as phones, keys, and wallets can be held securely in its felt-lined pockets.

To keep a sports drink or other food items fresh and cold, the bag comes with a sizeable thermal-lined pocket, which is a blessing, especially after a long game.

Wilson Federer DNA Tennis backpack is an ideal option for players of all levels and can be used as a work bag or even a school bag.

If functionality and extensive usability is a primary preference, go for the Wilson Federer DNA tennis backpack.

Feature felt-lined, zippered pocket for keeping wallet or phoneDue to the association of Roger Federer, this backpack is pricier than other options
To keep snacks and drinks cold, this bag has a large Thermoguard pocketLack of a shoe compartment
One of its main attractions is a screened image of Federer’s signature
To store miscellaneous tennis gear, this bag comes with two spacious compartments
Two large compartments for tennis gear or balls
It comes with padded shoulder straps
Available in two elegant color options

#5. Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffel Bag

Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffel Bag

Nike’s solid reputation is enough to make this bag one of the top contenders in the best tennis bag ranking.

The company has introduced a new-and-improved Court Advantage Tennis Duffel bag to ensure tennis players can have a versatile and stylish bag.

It’s suitable for players of all levels, from beginners looking to buy their first tennis bag to competitive players who want a comfortable and functional bag.

This Duffel bag features a large compartment equipped with dividers to keep all the tennis gear separated.

There is storage space for up to two rackets, and there is a ventilated pocket for dirty clothes or shoes.

Inside the bag, there are several small accessory pouches, and on the outside, there is an elongated zipper pouch to keep a water bottle.

Its design is like a tennis tote bag, so recreational or part-time tennis players can benefit from it the most.

However, it’s not a good option for competitive players who have to travel regularly, as this bag has handles only for carrying, and it’s not possible to use it as a backpack.

Other than that, it’s a reasonably good option, as it is made with high-quality, woven fabric that guarantees durability 😻.

Elegant gender-neutral tennis bagIt doesn’t have an over-the-shoulder strap
It contains vented external compartments to keep shoesNot ideal for competitive players
Elongated pouch for water bottleSlightly smaller than other bags on this list
Made with durable, woven materialIf the racquet is oversized, its grip may stick out
External vented compartment for tennis shoes or gear
Pouch for water bottles
Durable, woven material
Spacious internal pockets with optional dividers

#6. Tecnifibre Tour Endurance 15 Pack Tennis Bag

Tecnifibre Tour Endurance 15 Pack Tennis Bag

Tecnifibre Tour Endurance 15 Pack Bag is one of the best big-sized tennis bags in the market currently.

It is used by Daniil Medvedev, which proves it’s a great option both in terms of functionality and style. The interior features well-designed and lined interior pockets.

The most impressive feature is its ample storage space for players who frequently travel to participate in long tournaments.

Two large, ventilated pockets can accommodate tennis shoes or clothes on either end of the bag.

Moreover, you’ll find two waterproof accessory pockets secured with zippers to keep smaller items protected from damage during traveling.

Durability-wise, this is an ideal bag, as it is made from a UV-resistant, waterproof material called Tarpaulin.

It keeps your racquets safe from damage during extremely high temperatures πŸ€—.

To carry this bag comfortably, it comes with padded shoulder straps, and there are two additional carrying handles at both ends of the bag.

In short, the Tecnifibre best tennis bag has almost everything a professional tennis player could ask for. Racquet Capacity | up to 15, or 6, with room for gear and clothes.

There is space for up to 15 racquets and six racquets with clothes and gearThere is no carrying handle in the center
Since it is made with Tarpaulin material, it is long-lasting, UV-resistant, and waterproofMore suitable for professional or competitive tennis players
Large ventilated pockets can store two pairs of tennis shoes at once
Two waterproof pockets with zippers to keep small accessories
Adjustable, padded shoulder straps

#7. Tecnifibre Tour Endurance Rackpack XL Tennis Bag

Tecnifibre Tour Endurance Rackpack XL Tennis Bag

Tecnifibre has revamped its old Rackpack model and given it a modern and stylish spin to create a stunning, more durable, and larger bag.

The Tour Endurance Rackpack XL exterior is made from Tarpaulin.

It is a sturdy, resilient, waterproof, and UV-resistant material that makes the bag durable and damage-free for years.

Featuring a clean and well-designed interior, this bag is ideal for tennis pros. It contains a central compartment that can hold up to six racquets πŸ€—.

There are several side compartments to hold smaller items, like wallets or mobile phones.

The Velcro dividers can be easily adjusted to store more racquets.

Rackpack XL has two mesh pockets lined with a zipper on the top side of the interior.

The best thing about this bag is that it is one of the few bags we reviewed containing a ventilated shoe pocket large enough to hold multiple pairs of shoes and clothes.

It also features two padded and adjustable shoulder straps.

Its duffel-like design allows players to carry it over the shoulder or on their back. Grab handles are located on the ends of the bag 😻.

Outstandingly designed interior spaceVelcro dividers are somewhat fragile
It offers the convenience of a duffel style bagThe Center grab handle is missing
The bag is waterproof, UV-resistant, and long-lasting
The central compartment can accommodate up to six racquets simultaneously
There are additional side slots to carry more racquets
Two spacious interiors mesh pockets to store tennis gear/accessories

#8. Adidas Tour Tennis 12 Racquet Bag

Adidas Tour Tennis 12 Racquet Bag

For those who want an affordable yet extremely functional bag, the Adidas Tour Tennis 12 racket bag is a good choice.

It is an immensely spacious bag, as there are two large insulated pockets to hold and protect rackets and tennis strings from extreme weather conditions πŸ€—.

There’s a front pocket on top to store shoes or dirty clothes/equipment after a long game.

The Adidas Tour Tennis bag is the best option for players who want maximum storage space and enough room to keep all their tennis gear protected and securely tucked inside.

Since it is a cost-effective bag with all those features that any high-end bag would have, it is an ideal option for intermediate-level players.

It comes with two giant insulated compartments for holding up to six racketsSome intermediate players have complained about the bag being larger than the pictures
Protects tennis strings from harsh weatherWith regular use, the design tends to cave-in in the middle
Contains FreshPak vented compartment in the front side
Features UltraRide padded shoulder straps
The best option for those under a budget

#9. Nike Court Advantage Tennis Backpack

Nike Court Advantage Tennis Backpack

Nike Court Advantage Tennis backpack is the lowest-priced bag on the list.

It is the perfect option for players who need an affordable and versatile backpack to carry their rackets and tennis gear.

This bag is made with the most durable material for a backpack called polyester twill. Theirs is storage space for up to two racquets.

Moreover, this stylish backpack features separate compartments for keeping water bottles, shoes, tennis balls, and smaller items like keys or wallets.

There are zippered pockets at the front.

Nike Court Advantage tennis backpack has sternum, adjustable straps to make it easy to carry. Given its lightweight, low price, and durability features 😻, this bag is best suited for beginners.

Stylish backpack design available in three different colorsIt doesn’t contain many small pockets or dividers, as found in most backpacks
It contains two elastic side pockets to keep tennis balls or water bottles
There is a large central compartment for holding tennis gear
To keep the racquets secure, there is a closure in the main compartment
Vented shoe pocket

#10. Wilson Clash Duffel Bag

Wilson Clash Duffel Bag

Wilson Clash’s unique duffel design and incredible spaciousness make it the best alternative to old and traditional tennis bags.

There is enough space to carry up to four tennis rackets, in addition to tennis gear, to help players to participate in a weekend tournament easily πŸ€—.

The bag features an external shoe compartment and another zipper pocket on the outside to keep small items like keys.

Wilson Clash Large Duffel bag has adjustable grab handles, which further adds to this bag’s convenience factor.

This bag is best for beginners or intermediate players who need to store only a few racquets.

Sufficient space for carrying racquets and tennis gearIt’s a narrow bag, so there is less storage capacity than other bags
Ventilated shoe compartment at the outsideA longer strap for over-the-shoulder carrying is missing
Extendable grab handles
Felt-lined pockets for accessories


Features of Tennis Bags

Tennis bags are available in different shapes and sizes, but all more or less share similar features.

πŸ‘‰ Here is a brief overview of the features you should know before purchasing a best tennis bag:

#1. The Exterior

A tennis bag’s exterior is generally made from different materials, but the most durable ones are the best.

There are bags made of polyester or fabric, which may be more comfortable to carry, but won’t be long-lasting.

It’s better to go for waterproof materials, such as Tecnifibre bags, to ensure your pricey tennis gear is well-protected πŸ‘Œ.

#2. The Interior

The bag’s interior also comes in different shapes and styles 😻. Some tennis bags feature a single compartment without any organization.

Some bags feature dividers, making it so much more convenient to separate your racquets from clothes or tennis gear.

#3. Shoe Storage

Although many players don’t give as much importance to shoe storage, it is crucial for competitive tennis players.

A tennis bag’s shoe compartment usually lies at the bottom of the end of the bag and has some ventilation system to keep the shoes dry πŸ‘Œ.

#4. Accessory & Gear Pockets

To store smaller items like water bottles, tennis balls, valuables, a best tennis bag, a must-have accessory, and gear pockets.

Ideally, the bag should feature quality zippers, and space should be enough to keep the gear secure.

Some tennis bags have pockets both inside and outside of it, while some only have them inside.

With so many different brands and options in the market, no wonder it would be a great challenge to determine the perfect tennis bag for you.

Many factors should be given consideration when purchasing a tennis bag, from durability and practicality to your skill level and the kind of tennis gear you would like to carry in the bag.

Factors like bag size, comfort, and functionality are most important for serious, competitive, high-level players πŸ€—.

Alternatively, price, style, and functionality are essential considerations for beginners.

This guide has provided all the necessary information and advice needed to find a best tennis bag that suits your needs and personality.

The Babolat Pure 12-Pack Series is the most recommended, as it offers the perfect blend of style, storage, and functionality and is suitable for male and female players regardless of their skill levels.

An important point to note is the tennis bag’s style can make an all-important first impression on your opponents 😻.

When walking onto the court, it’s the bag that can get everyone to stand up and notice you before the game .

πŸ‘‰ So, it’s a good idea to invest wisely in a best tennis bag and choose a practical yet stylish bag.

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