How to Choose the Best Womens Tennis Racquet The Ultimate Guide

How to Choose the Best Womens Tennis Racquet (The Ultimate Guide)

This guide will show you the best women’s tennis rackets available in 2021

Below our top 10 best recommendations, you’ll also find a detailed buying guide. You’ll discover everything you should know before selecting the best women’s tennis racket for your style.

We’ll go through the leading brands, give the pros and cons. Tell you what to watch out for and what’s important when choosing a new women’s tennis racket.

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The 10 Best Women’s Tennis Racquets

👉 The following are our top 10 picks for the best tennis racquets for women:

#1. Babolat Pure Drive 2021

Babolat Pure Drive 2021

A unisex racquet, the Babolat Pure Drive weighs just a little over 11 ounces and is used by many professional players.

It is versatile in that it serves various players and play styles. Because of this, whether you are defensive or aggressive, the racquet holds up well.

However, if you feel the weight is a little on the heavy side, consider the Babolat Pure Drive Lite, which weighs just 10.1 ounces. There is also the Babolat Pure Drive Team, which weighs 10.6 ounces.

Who Endorses It?

Women tennis playings including Julia Goerges, Garbine Muguruza, and Karolina Pliskova endorse the Babolat Pure Drive 2021 😊.

Price: $229

👉 Key Specifications

Grip Size 4 ⅜
Head Size 100 in² / 645.16 cm²
Prestrung No
Material Graphite
Strung Weight 11.2ounces
Power Low to medium

And whatever point on the court you like to play, this racquet delivers spin and power.

LightweightDoesn’t usually come prestrung
UnisexStrings snap easily for those that come with strings
Great grip

 In our view, this is the best women’s tennis racket for intermediate and advanced players.

#2. Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP

Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP

Offering more spin and control, the Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP is more flexible than the Babolat Pure Drive 2021. This means it is easier to handle and gives more bounce for better balance and delivery.

Made with durable graphite, the racquet weighs about 11.02 ounces, making it easy to carry.

👉 The MP in the name of the racquet means mid plus. It refers to the head of the racquet, which is 100 square inches.

Who Endorses It?

Women tennis players including Cori Gauff, Monica Puig, and Bianca Andreescu endorse the Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP racket.

Price: $239

👉 Key Specifications

Grip Size 4 1/4
Head Size 100 in² / 645.16 cm²
Prestrung No
Material Graphite
Strung Weight 11.2ounces
Power Low to medium

It comes in various grip sizes and is suitable for intermediate to advanced players.

Strong and durable materialDoes not come stringed
Superb energy transfer


#3. Head Ti S6

Head Ti S6

Another one from the Head family, this tennis racquet boasts of being suitable for an assortment of casual tennis players 😊.

With a large head size of 115 inches, the racquet fits both beginners and intermediate players.

Beginners have a good margin for error, and intermediates can play around while mastering their precision.

It is made of titanium, so it is lightweight, with the frame weighing only 8.9ounces.

However, it offers balance due to its head-heavy design. Therefore, there is room for ball control.

Who Endorses It?

Due to the fact it is mainly for beginners and intermediates, it is not exactly endorsed by any professional player. However, it is from the Head family so that it can be trusted.

Price: $89

👉 Key Specifications

Grip Size4 ¼
Head Size115 in²
MaterialTitanium and Graphite
Strung Weight10.5ounces
PowerLow to medium

👉 In our view, this is the best women’s tennis racket for beginners.

Large head size for better margin for errorMay cause vibrations up the arm
Gives better balance and ball controlThe quality of strings may be as good as others
Suitable for beginners as well as intermediatesTitanium and Graphite
Made of durable material10.5ounces
AffordableLow to medium


#4. Wilson Clash 100

Wilson Clash 100

This is one of the newest tennis racquets to come from the stables of Wilson.

What stands this racquet out from the rest of the herd is its ability to deliver comfort. And while it is comfortable, it still retains a lot of spin and power.

Most of its ability stems from the fact it is relatively lightweight, coming in at about 11ounces.

In addition to this, it ranks significantly low on the stiffness rating, at just 55.

However, beginners may find it a little intimidating as it is made for more advanced and professional players. Apart from that, it is quite pricey.

Who Endorses It?

Women tennis players, including Nicole Gibbs, endorse the Wilson Clash 100 racket.

Price: $249

👉 Key Specifications

Grip Size4 ¼
Head Size100 in² / 645.16 cm²
MaterialCarbon Fiber
Strung Weight11ounces
PowerLow to medium

Because of this, it is flexible and easy to carry, delivering bounce and control while in use 😊.

Superbly flexibleComes unstrung
ComfortableNot exactly suitable for beginners
Has spin and power


#5. YonexEZone 98

YonexEZone 98

For those who want to go the way of celebrity players, including Naomi Osaka, this is the tennis racquet of choice.

Offering fantastic precision and control, this racquet settles well in the hand and performs great from any area in the court.

So it is very versatile.

To crown it all, there are other options under the EZone series, which is a great advantage.

👉 If you are not sure about this particular one, check these:

  • Yonex EZONE Ace: 102 in² / 9.7 oz
  • Yonex EZONE 98L: 98 in² / 10.6 oz
  • Yonex EZONE 108: 108 in² / 9.6 oz
  • Yonex EZONE 100: 100 in² / 10.6 oz
  • Yonex EZONE 100: 100 in² / 11.2 oz
  • Yonex EZONE 105: 105 in² / 10 oz

This means there is a superb selection for every level and age. Therefore, it is one of the best racquets out there.

Who Endorses It?

Professional women tennis players like Naomi Osaka, Coco Vandeweghe, and Anastasija Sevstova endorse the YonexEZone 98 racket.

Price: $229

👉 Key Specifications

Grip Size4 ⅜
Head Size98 in² / 632.26 cm²
Strung Weight11.4ounces
PowerLow to medium

It weighs just a little over 11 ounces, so should be fine for most women.

Has a decent range of options to choose fromCan be considered expensive
Offers precision and controlMaybe delivered unstrung
Relatively light


#6. Babolat Pure Strike 100

Babolat Pure Strike 100

This is another great racquet from the stables of Babolat. Weighing 11.1ounces, the racquet is suitable for both singles and doubles matches 😊.

It is versatile when it comes to playtime. Whether you are serving or returning volleys, hitting groundstrokes or defending, you will find that this racquet choice serves you well.

Moreover, it is perfect for executing mind-blowing topspin straight from the baseline.

There are plenty of best women’s tennis racket here.

It delivers a deeply satisfying performance.

If you want a lighter choice, check out the Babolat Pure Strike Team. It delivers about the same as the 100, only weighing less at 10.7ounces.

Who Endorses It?

Women tennis players, including Bethanie Mattek-Sands and AnettKontaveit endorse the Babolat Pure Strike 100 racket.

Price: $219

👉 Key Specifications

Grip Size4_0/8
Head Size100 in² / 645.16 cm²
Strung Weight11.1ounces
PowerLow to medium

Note: There are other grip size options available on Amazon.

Comfortable weightMay come unstrung
Great spin and maneuverability
Remarkable control
Suitable for aggressive players


#7. Head Graphene 360+ Instinct MP

Weighing a little over 11ounces, the Head Graphene 360+ Instinct MP is yet another quality racquet from the Head family.

The racquet boasts an unparalleled transfer of energy while delivering balance.

This is due to the relative stiffness which is good for the arm as it bears some of the weight of the power needed for play.

You can try different best women’s tennis racket to check which one is best for you.

Players who like to take charge on the court should consider using this racquet. We know Maria Sharapova loved it.

But if you would rather have a lighter racquet with more spin, power and margin for error, check out the Head Graphene 360+ Instinct PWR.

Who Endorses It?

Though she is retired from professional play, Maria Sharapova used the Head Graphene 360+ Instinct MP while professionally active.

Price: $189

👉 Key Specifications

Grip Size4 ⅜
Head Size100 in² / 645.16 cm²
Strung Weight11.2ounces
PowerLow to medium

In addition, the racquet is great for both intermediate and advanced players 😊.

Delivers balance and transfer of energyNot exactly suitable for beginners
Great for players who are big swingersComes unstrung
Decently priced
Relative stiffness for energy transfer
Easy to carry and grip


#8. Babolat Pure Aero

Babolat Pure Aero

Whether advanced or intermediate, if you are an aggressive baseliner, this is the racquet choice for you.

Coming in at 11.2ounces, it combines power and spin effortlessly. This makes it a go-to choice for many advanced and intermediate players.

Its stiffness is arm-friendly so that impact is not felt deeply yet delivery is fast and powerful. Keep in mind this is part of what makes you a formidable opponent on the court.

Consider the now-retired Caroline Wozniacki, who favored the Pure Aero Plus, which is pretty much the same racquet. 

Who Endorses It?

Women tennis players like Jennifer Brady, Johanna Konta and Danielle Collins endorse the Babolat Pure Aero racket 😊.

Price: $229

👉 Key Specifications

Grip Size4 ¼
Head Size100 in² / 645.16 cm²
MaterialCarbon Fiber
Strung Weight11.2ounces

Low to medium

However, it is just half an inch longer, meaning even greater power and spin.

Relatively lightweight yet strongDoesn’t come prestrung
Combines power and spinExpensive
Offers head speed and little wind drag
Arm-friendly stiffness


#9. Yonex VCORE 100

Yonex VCORE 100

Are you looking for a racquet that swings easily yet delivers amazing topspin? Try the Yonex VCORE 100 tennis racquet.

With a head size of about 100 in² and a weight of 11.3ounces, it is the right racquet for players who enjoy groundstrokes or hanging out on the baseline.

These specifications make this racket valuable to be included in the best women’s tennis racket.

Besides, it is best for intermediate players, even though advanced players can also use it.

👉 Check out other options under the VCORE series:

  • Yonex VCORE 100L: 100 in² / 10.5 oz
  • Yonex VCORE 98: 98 in² / 11.4 oz
  • Yonex VCORE 98L: 98 in² / 10.6 oz

Who Endorses It?

Players including Angelique Kerber, Donna Vekic, Eugenie Bouchard, and Caroline Garcia endorse the Yonex VCORE 100.

Price: $229

👉 Key Specifications

Grip Size4 ⅛
Head Size100 in² / 645.16 cm²
Strung Weight11.3ounces
PowerLow to medium

There is easier acceleration, better spin, and ball control when you use the VCORE 100 from Yonex.

Easier accelerationAs with others, it comes unstrung
Better spin and ball controlPricey
Suitable for baseliners and those who enjoy delivering groundstrokes
Other options available


#10. Wilson Burn 100 v4

Wilson Burn 100 v4

Because of its stiff frame and carbon fiber material, the Burn 100 v4 gives you an edge in maneuvering thanks to its beauty in frame and design.

Weighing 11.2ounces, the relatively lightweight racquet makes it easy to develop and use different techniques.

What’s more, the string is such that there is a superb response, both in service and in reception 😊.

Price: $149

👉 Key Specifications

Grip Size4 ⅜
Head Size100 in² / 645.16 cm²
MaterialCarbon Fiber
Strung Weight11.2ounces
PowerLow to medium

It is a power racquet yet is comfortable and gives a good margin for error due to its head size.

Better maneuverabilityNot exactly suitable for beginners
Simple yet beautiful design
Strong frame
Flexible for use in different techniques


Our Pick ( The Best Among Above Mentioned)

Our best women’s tennis racket is the Babolat Pure Drive 2021.

Apart from being the one of the newest tennis racquets, it boasts of many positives. It is versatile, has a great grip, anyone can use it and is relatively light.

It is closely followed by the Head Ti S6. Made specifically for women.

It has a fantastic margin for error and gives better balance and ball control. Plus, it is quite affordable. What’s more, beginners will find it a pleasure to use.

Bottom Line

It is better to spend more time making the right choice of a tennis racquet than to buy one that doesn’t work for you. Not only is it a waste of money, it is also a waste of playtime.

Remember you can get a great second-hand racket and then get it restrung if you want to save money.

Following this guide will take you down the path of making the best choice of a racquet. So go ahead and have a great shopping experience 😊.

As you get plenty of options for the best women’s tennis racket here.

Racquet Choice: Does It Matter?

Your choice of racquet matters, especially if you are an intermediate or advanced player.

This is because it plays a huge role in pushing you towards your best potential. Your racquet can make or mark your progress in tennis.

However, if you are a beginner, your choice of a racquet is not as important as learning the fundamentals and developing your style of play.

In other words, buying the type of racquet that professionals like Serena Williams use, won’t make you a fantastic player overnight. It is the effort you put into learning the ropes that is the priority.

That said, there are different women’s racquets made with different priorities.

You will find a racquet suited to a specific style of play, another suited to a player’s level, and yet another suited to body size.

And all these come priced differently so there is something for every budget.

Therefore, if you are a beginner, settle the fundamentals before choosing a specific racquet.

Is There a Difference Between Tennis Racquets for Women and Men?

There is no notable difference between best women’s tennis racket and men’s rackets.

Most brands that manufacture these racquets make them unisex so anyone can use it. The choice of a racquet, therefore, falls to individual preferences.

For example, many women players go for racquets that have smaller grip sizes and lighter frames.

But this is not a common occurrence so you find many women and men players using the same type of tennis racquet.

It is important to note here that Tecnifibre, a racquet-manufacturing brand, designed a racquet specifically to fit women.

Types of Tennis Racquets

👉 There are 3 main types of tennis racquets. Acquainting yourself with them will help narrow the choices down even further:

#1. Tweener Racquet

This type of racquet offers women a balance between power and control. If you want to have both power and control without leaning heavily toward one or the other, this is the racquet to try.

Every feature of the tweener racquet is balanced in the middle. The features include:

#2. Weight

Which balances somewhere in the middle, around 10 ounces.

#3. Head 

Not too big or small.

String pattern – open stringed

#4. Flexibility

Balances in the middle.

The beauty of this type of racquet is that it offers something for every player, whether a beginner or an advanced player 😊.

#5. Power Racquet

This type of racket delivers powerful shots. Therefore, it is ideal for women who are not naturally as strong.

👉 The following features will show you why it is a good racket, especially for a beginner:

#6. String pattern 

It has an open pattern. In other words, it has large spaces between the strings, which makes it easy for the ball to sink and bounce on it with more energy. Hence, it does not need a lot of power input from the player.

Head size – the bigger the racquet head, the wider the error margin. This is perfect for a beginner as there will be many errors while you learn.

#1. Weight

Easy to carry, so a beginner can handle it easily. Typically, it weighs somewhere between 8 and 10 ounces.

#2. Frame

Makes for better deflection of energy due to its stiffness while giving power to the player. However, it comes with the disadvantage of transferring vibration and shock to the arm.

#7. Control Racquet

This type is best suited to advanced or intermediate women tennis players. This is because it creates room for ball control while giving space to exert power.

👉 Its features include:

#1. Weight

It is heavier, which means you need the skill and energy to handle it. Typically, weighing more than 10 ounces does not give as much power as it gives control.

#2. Frame

Flexible and easy on the arm while absorbing energy effortlessly.

#3. Head size

Not as wide as the power racquet. However, it means more control for the player.

#4. String pattern

Less room for the ball to sink due to its closed pattern. This is why it is easy for it to absorb energy and release control to the player.

Types of Strings for the Tennis Racquet

👉 There are 2 main types of strings used for a tennis racquet:

  1. Synthetic String
  2. Natural Gut String

A synthetic string can be made from polyester, synthetic gut, or multifilament. But a natural gut string is just as the name suggests: made from natural gut.

Cow gut, a material with high resilient nature, is used to make this type of tennis racquet strings. However, the racquet with this type of gut is usually expensive.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Best Women’s Tennis Racket

👉 The following are factors to consider when choosing a tennis racquet:

#1. Long-term Goals

Do you have long-term goals, or are you just in the market to have fun? Answering this question honestly will push you on the right path to making a great choice.

If you are a beginner, just learning the ropes, you may want to go the way of a simple and easy-to-grip racquet.

If you have plans of going professional, starting simple saves you money. This is because you won’t have to spend so much on an expensive racquet that may wear out before you are good enough to go pro.

So when you do go pro, you can buy a more expensive one that suits your needs then. Get the racket that is suitable for you NOW.

However, if the goal is simply to have fun and play around with friends, there is no need to splurge on an expensive racquet, except it is a personal choice.

#2. Budget

As important as the goals are, your budget for the racquet plays an equally important role in your choice 😊.

Consider how much you are willing to spend on the racquet before heading out to buy one. This is especially true if you have a tight budget.

However, the good news is that there are good racquets that fall below $50 dollars.

While they may not give you all the power and style of the more expensive ones, they are still durable. But it is important to stay within a budget so you don’t regret the purchase.

And as mentioned before – you can get some good second-hand rackets from eBay, FB marketplace. These can be great value, especially if you get them restrung.

A few scrapes on the frame will not really affect the racket performance.

#3. Women’s Body Size

Your body size contributes to the choice of the racquet to buy. Tennis racquets are made to fit different sizes and strengths of different players.

For example, if you are not exactly strong naturally, you need a racquet with a wide frame. This is because it produces more power, so you don’t have to exert yourself physically.

Women’s body size does affect the best women’s tennis racket qualities.

But if you are naturally strong, a racquet with a narrow frame will suit you better. This is because you can produce power; any addition from the racquet will overshoot it.

In addition to your body size, consider how tall you are. If you are very tall, you will take longer, and therefore more powerful, shots.

This means that you will need to buy a narrow frame racquet that can withstand the power from your shots. This way, you won’t have to replace the racquet frequently due to wear and tear.

#4. Style of Play

Are you defensive or aggressive? A defensive player follows the pace at which the ball gets to them. If you fall into this category, you need a narrow racquet as you don’t need to use so much power.

But an aggressive player exerts force and power while hitting the ball. So, if you fall into this category, consider getting a more powerful racquet that won’t wear out quickly.

Also, consider where you like to play from. Your racquet choice will be informed by whether you enjoy playing matches from every area on your side of the court.

Being an aggressive baseliner or a net rusher will also inform the choice you make 😊.

#5. Stroke or Swing

If you are a beginner or an older person, your strokes will be naturally slower.

So consider going for a best women’s tennis racket that adds power and force to your shots. The racquet should also have a large head so you can easily catch balls coming at you.

More advanced women players should opt for racquets that give them better control and power. This is because they have faster and fuller swings, better able to catch balls.

If you fall under this category, go for a racquet that allows you more power and control while making it easy to grip and play.

#6. Grip Size

Racquets come in different grip sizes. And one good way to know which fits you best is to hold different sizes and test them. This way, you will be able to know which feels most comfortable.

Another way to get the best grip size is to check the length from the top of the ring finger on your playing hand to the second line inside your palm.

Measure it in millimeters because that is the measurement used for the handle of a tennis racquet.

However, if you are not sure of using these methods, you can go for a racquet that has a smaller grip size than your hand. With time, you can add grips of your own until you get to a comfortable size.

But note that adding grips costs extra.

👉 The following are the grip sizes for most of the racquets available:

14 ⅛105
24 ¼108
34 ⅜111
44 ½114
54 ⅝118
64 ¾121

Helpful Tips for Buying the Best Womens Tennis Racquet for You

👉 Here are some tips that will come in handy if you are to make the best buy:

#1. Buy the Frame Alone

Most tennis racquets come prestrung, and that is fine. But, you will know that many of them have cheap strings.

Therefore, consider buying just the frame of the racquet so that you can choose the best strings for it.

There are professional stringers who can string it for you. And while this may cost you more, the results will far surpass the cost in the long run.

#2. Buy 2 Instead of One

It is always best to buy two racquets at the same time. This is because the strings of one could snap at any time, especially in the middle of an important game.

So what do you do, then? Take one from someone else? That would mean playing with an unfamiliar racquet, which can slow you down and cost you points.

#3. Try Different Weights and String Patterns

Ideally, you would try different racket weights and different string patterns to see what setup suits you best.

#4. Choose with the Right Specifications

Once you know what racket specifications you want. Write them down. It will make it much easier while you go racket shopping.

All these are essentials for best women’s tennis racket 😊.