Boston tennis courts – Indoors & Outside, 7 Best nearby

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The tennis forehand is a type of ground stroke where the racket’s swing path goes across the player’s body with an open palm. The dominant hand maintains the forehand grip.

  • For right-handed players, the racket’s swing path starts at the right side of the body, where the racket face makes a contact point with the ball. It goes across the torso and ends with a follow through over the left shoulder.
  • For a left-handed forehand, reverse the racket’s swing path to go from the left side to the right shoulder.

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1 - Ringer Park, Allston
Ringer Park tennis court

Boston Common courts / Photo by Alex Lau

This is an open playground with two outdoor tennis courts.

The courts are located at 85 Allston St, Boston, MA 02134.

Like other common parks, Ringer Park and the tennis court close at 11 PM.

It is a public tennis court and has ample parking space. If you want to play a tennis match in the Allston Court, you should go there early.

It’s FREE to use (as far as we know)

2 - Boston Athletic Club
Boston Athletic Club

If you are looking for an exclusive indoor tennis court in Boston, then check out the court of Boston Athletic Club. 

You can book the court at $36 per hour for singles and $54 per one and a half hour for doubles. The Club has four courts in all, and you can easily book a court by sending a mail to

3 - Boston University Track & Tennis Center
Boston University Track Tennis Center​

The Boston University Track & Tennis Center has four indoor tennis courts offered to Boston University and members on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

You can also book lessons with Coach Michael K, especially to practice your swing. 

The courts are located at 100 Ashford St, Boston, MA. If you want to book a court, make a reservation through the following link:

4 - Winchester Indoor Lawn Tennis Center
Winchester Indoor Lawn Tennis Center

This Club has fourteen courts which can be booked by non-members as well as members (reduced rates for members). 

The Winchester Indoor Lawn Tennis Center also offers clinics for juniors and adults as well as a range of lessons. 

Courts can be booked same day or up to a week in advance, depending on availability. Weekly reservations can also be purchased for a 34-week season. 

The address of the Club is 41 East St, Winchester, MA. These are all indoor tennis courts, and you can book a try out via their site

5 - Boston Common, Beacon Hill
Boston Common Beacon Hill

Image: Guilherme Pantaleão

If you are looking for an open-air tennis court, you could check out the 156 Boylston St. Boston tennis courts. These tennis courts are open to the public, and there are two separate tennis courts. 

However, it would help if you were to reach the park early to enjoy a tennis match. The courts are a short walk from Arlington, or Boylston Green Line stops. So you have to park your car and take a short walk to the courts.

6 - Mel Stillman Tennis Center, Charlestown
Mel Stillman Tennis Center, Charlestown​

Image: Photo Didi F

A non-profit organisation which offers tennis courts as well as a variety of lessons for both juniors and adults.  

Be sure to book 

The tennis court is located at 255 Medford St, Charlestown, MA 02129. and opens 8.00 AM.

The rentals for the tennis courts start at $20 per hour. 

7 - Dorchester Park, Dorchester
Dorchester Park, Dorchester

Image: Photo Adeline H.

Located at 2180, Dorchester Avenue, is an open-air tennis court which is a part of Boston’s Emerald Necklace.

The entire park is covered with lush green foliage, and the courts are tucked away within the playgrounds. The entire atmosphere is very comfortable and soothing if you want you to enjoy a relaxed open air tennis match.

There are two open-air tennis courts in this playground, which you can use on a first come, first serve basis. However, if you want to enjoy a tennis match amidst the beauty of nature, you should arrive early to book a court as this court is open to the public and can get busy.  

8 - Porzio Park, East Boston
Porzio Park, East Boston

Located at 598 Sumner St., East Boston, is a perfect open-air tennis court that is open to the public throughout the year. 

If you are traveling and want to match your tennis skills against the locals, visit the court during the early hours, and you are bound to find some people playing tennis in the court. 

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