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Boston tennis lessons: Get personal tennis lessons from international tennis champions at times that suit you. Choose from World #1’s and Grand Slam players from just $30 a lesson. Beginners to Experts

Beginners to Experts

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Get Personal Tennis Lessons from Champions

Personal tennis lessons from international tennis champions at times that suit you – without spending hours on expensive lessons.

The ultimate high quality tennis lessons at an affordable price. Improve your tennis by getting personalized feedback from the worlds best players and coaches in just 7 days. You’ll see how to hit every stroke like the pros. Soon you’ll be able to beat all your friends on the court!

It’s easy – Record yourself playing tennis (using your mobile) and select your coach. Within days they’ll personally show you how to fix your shots. It’s perfect for beginners and experts. Try it now.

Local Boston Tennis Lesson Coaches

Getting a coach in any area of life is a significant investment. In tennis, the right coach can mold young and old talents into excellent players. Therefore, choosing one is crucial if you want to play better tennis.

For you to get the right tennis coach in Boston, there are some factors that you must know. The right coach will have the following profiles: 

  • He / She must fit your location.
  • He / She will possess the right teaching and playing experience.
  • He or She must be able to teach the required levels and age grade. 
  • He / She must have the best rate.
  • He / She must be readily accessible.

Below are nine good coaches in and near Boston.

1 - Boston Tennis Lesson Coach: Adam Gislason
Boston tennis lesson coach Adam Gislason

He is the owner of the It is a website that helps you find a tennis coach who will meet all your requirements. 

Coach Gislason himself provides affordable coaching ranging from private tennis, semi-private group tennis lessons, or hitting only sessions for all ages and skill levels for people living in the Boston area. 

To learn about the various price ranges to getting a coaching lesson from Coach Gislason, simply get in touch with him

(239) 877-1964

2 - Boston Tennis Lesson Coach: Marcy Cuniff
Boston tennis lesson coach Marcy Cuniff

Marcy Cuniff has been teaching tennis for over two decades at the BAC. She is also a certified coach at the United States Professional Tennis Association since the time of 1988. She has served as the Head Pro & Director of Tennis at the BAC.


MEMBER PRIVATE LESSONS – 1 hour Starting at $80

MEMBER SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS (Max 2 players) – 1 hour Starting at $90

3 - Boston Tennis Lesson Coach: Shelly Mars
Boston tennis lesson coach Shelly Mars

Shelly Mars is involved in the field of organizing & running adult as well as junior tennis programs since the time of 1984. She serves as the Director of the Brookline Tennis Academies at the local Pine Manor College.


Semi-private: $160 ($80 per person)

1/2 hour private: $70

1 hour private: $130

4 - Boston Tennis Lesson Coach: David McBurnie
Boston tennis lesson coach David McBurnie

Founder of Netresults Tennis, McBurnie has been directing the local tennis operations since the beginning of 1982 at the Florida Yacht Club. He founded Netresults in the year 2002. Currently, he offers tennis managerial services in Brookline.


(Individual lessons) – Private ($95/hr) Semi Private ($110/hr) Group of 3 ($120/hr)

Summer Lesson Rates – Private ($950 / 11 lessons)

5 - Boston Tennis Lesson Coach: Michael Mercier
Boston tennis lesson coach Michael Mercier

Michael Mercier is known to be a creative, enthusiastic, and people-oriented coach focusing on his strengths to deliver great results. He has received two bachelor’s degrees from the prestigious University of Maine. He is famous for his USTA High-performance Coaching and international coaching & training.


6 - Boston Tennis Lesson Coach: Tony Hollis
Boston tennis lesson coach Tony Hollis

He is a qualified court tennis, racquet tennis, and lawn tennis professional. He trained at the National Tennis Club for around 4 years. He had also joined the Boston T&R during September 2012.


7 - Boston Tennis Lesson Coach: Roland Oganyan
Boston tennis lesson coach Roland Oganyan

Coach Oganyan has more than ten years of experience in teaching children, adults, and seniors tennis. He believes that it is essential to enjoy and love the game, to learn it. He also ensures that his coaching is affordable and stresses skill development. It is essential to learn about swings and backswings to become adept in the game. If you want to know more about Coach Oganyan, then click on the following link:


If you book Coach Oganyan, then his rates are

Outdoor Pricing

  • One-on-One training – Just $85 (per hour)
  • Group Lessons – Just $45 (per person per hour)
  • Weekdays $95 per hour before 5 PM
  • Weekdays after 5 PM $100 hour
  • Weekends $95 Hour inside
  • Group Lesson $50 per hour per person anytime
8 - Boston Tennis Lesson Coach: Jeff Morse
Boston tennis lesson coach Jeff Morse

Jeff is a leading tennis professional certified in USPTR-1. He had been teaching tennis for over three decades in both resort settings and tennis clubs across the northeast. In 2017, he went on to become the club manager at Gordon Smiles.


9 - Boston Tennis Lesson Coach: Cameron Purn
Seattle tennis lesson coach Boston tennis lesson coach Cameron Purn

Coach Info

Years of Experience Playing Tennis: 10

Years of Teaching Experience: 2

Skill Levels: Beginner and Intermediate. 

Age grade: Kids, Juniors, and Adults

Rate: $46/hr.

Phone: 206- 335-7824



Playing tennis since high school, Cameron Purn coaches all age grades of students at beginner and intermediate levels.

He teaches his students the fundamental skills of tennis and helps players build up the mental strength and toughness required in competitive tennis. 

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