Carlsbad tennis courts – Indoors & Outside, 7 Best nearby

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The tennis forehand is a type of ground stroke where the racket’s swing path goes across the player’s body with an open palm. The dominant hand maintains the forehand grip.

  • For right-handed players, the racket’s swing path starts at the right side of the body, where the racket face makes a contact point with the ball. It goes across the torso and ends with a follow through over the left shoulder.
  • For a left-handed forehand, reverse the racket’s swing path to go from the left side to the right shoulder.

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A court is the focal point of action where nerves, strategies, racquets and ball strike together for victory.Carlsbad has various arenas hosting tennis courts both within private and public vicinity.

1 - EL Camino Country Club

EI Camino Country Club

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Address: 3202 Vista Way Oceanside, CA 92056

Phone Number: 760-752-2100



El Camino is one of the finest clubs in the neighborhood. It provides different recreational activities for all the age groups within the secure vicinity of the private space. The club offers eight hard court outdoor tennis courts. Seven of these courts are adequately lighted ensuring a prolonged play time. The club also hosts various play-offs and tournament matches. USPTA certified instructors and training sessions are also available for the members to enjoy.

2 - Carlsbad High School

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Address: 3557 Monroe Street, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Phone Number: 760-331-5100



This public facility is located within the vicinity of a high school, making it an ideal location for young adults to hone their skills and practice hard with their peers. It has nine hard surface tennis courts. These are all facilitated with proper lights thus the games can continue for long hours.

3 - Bobby Riggs

Address: 875 Santa Fe Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024

Phone Number: 760-473-2672



This private club not only offers its courts for general public but is also an avenue for training and further polishing the natural tennis flair. It offers sessions and lessons from professional instructors.The club offers three well-kept hard surfaces,fully illuminated courts. A nominal fee of $20 per hour is charged for using the courts. The ball machine is provided at a rate of $10 per hour. While this fee is for adults, the juniors are entitled for free play time during day hours.

4 - Morgan Run Resort And Club

Morgan Run Resort And Club

Address: 5690 Cancha De Golf Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92091

Phone Number: 858-756-2471



The resort offers a plethora of various activities and sports avenues within the tranquil surroundings and natural view. It also offers eleven, fully illuminated hard courts. The well-kept courts are a a good choice for serious practice along with refreshing views.

5 - Poinsettia Community Park

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Address: 6600 Hidden Valley Road, Carlsbad, CA 92011

Phone Number: 760-602-7520


The Park is a public avenue hosting numerous recreational activities. The more than forty ace ara has basketball, pickle ball, soccer fields along with picnic areas, restrooms and open fields for private celebrations and public fun like concerts and events.

Amongst this all the park also has ten, well-lit tennis courts. These courts are open for all between the 8 am and 10 pm. You can get ample of audience while playing or practicing further boosting the player’s morale.

6 - San Dieguito Tennis Club

San Dieguito Tennis Club

Address: 1414 Tennis Club Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024

Phone Number:760-942-9725




The club with its history of being one of the foremost tennis clubs is a private organization. It offers a plethora of other state of the art services like swimming pool, lounging arenas, equipment shops and other sports facilities for its members. The tennis club offers nine hard surfaced courts. The beautiful ambience and tranquil environment make it a great place for seasonal players to practice and polish their skills.

7 - Sea Point Tennis Club-Omni La Costa Resort

Sea Point Tennis Club-Omni La Costa Resort

Address: 2100 Costa Del Mar Road, Encinitas, CA 92009

Phone Number: 760-438-9111



La Costa Resort is one perfect getaway from the hustle bustle of daily routine. The serene resort offers numerous activities which entertain the entire family. Amongst the amenities are seventeen well-lit tennis courts. These include both clay courts and hard surface courts. These well-maintained courts are a perfect point for serious practice. The club also offers training sessions from professional instructors. A nominal fee of $35 and $25 per 90 minutes is charged for clay and hard court respectively. The fee for ball machine is $30 per hour.

8 - Carlsbad Village Academy

Address: 3557 Lancer Way, Carlsbad CA 92008

Phone Number: 760-331-5200



The public facility hosts a secondary school. It offers six hard surfaced tennis courts. These are all adequately lighted further enhancing a prolonged play time. These courts are a good location for young adults to practice and learn from their own age group. Friendly play offs and constructive criticism can further help in honing skills.

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