Detroit tennis courts – Indoors & Outside, 7 Best nearby

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The tennis forehand is a type of ground stroke where the racket’s swing path goes across the player’s body with an open palm. The dominant hand maintains the forehand grip.

  • For right-handed players, the racket’s swing path starts at the right side of the body, where the racket face makes a contact point with the ball. It goes across the torso and ends with a follow through over the left shoulder.
  • For a left-handed forehand, reverse the racket’s swing path to go from the left side to the right shoulder.

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A court is the epicenter of the action. A player needs to practice and train on the main field to succeed. The entire Detroit is filled with numerous courts.

1 - Wayne State University Tennis Courts
Wayne State University Tennis Courts

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Address: 5101 John C. Lodge, 101 Matthaei Detroit MI 48202

Phone Number: 313-577-2424



These courts are in a vicinity of a university making it a great choice for young adult to practice, have play-offs, take in critique and advice and socialize amongst their peers. The university hosts sixteen tennis courts. The four indoor, illuminated hard courts are situated along with other amenities like running track and lockers. The twelve, out door well lit hard courts, have been named after exceptional alumni’s and have the facility of a high raised score card. The hard court surfaces have been revamped from time to time to ensure enjoyable play!

2 - Metropolitan Racquet Club
Metropolitan Racquet Club

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Address: 13200 Grove Street Detroit MI 48235

Phone Number: 313-864-7004



The club is like a spot of physical joy amongst the urban dwellings. The six outdoor clay courts are well maintained, and a friendly faculty handles the administration, making it more inviting for the users. The only drawback is that there are no lights to illuminate the court, thus shortening the play time. As it a privately owned club a nominal fee is charged for using the facility. The courts are a good choice for amateur play along with being a spot for fitness maintenance in the urban neighborhood.

3 - Palmer Club

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Address: 910 MerillPlaissance Street Detroit MI 48203

Phone Number: 313-757-2751




Palmer club has been the dwelling of tennis players for a long time. The club in the recent past has gone through some major rebuffing of the courts. The outdoor court with asphalt surface tends to give a fresher look and better playing experience. The club has nine full courts and six small courts specifically made for kids. This separation of courts provide the kids with better learning and playing opportunity along with giving them ample of time to enjoy the sport.  This place is a great choice for kids and for amateur and beginners to practice and learn tennis.

4 - Farwell Recreation Center

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Address: 2711 Outer Drive East Detroit MI 48234

Phone Number: 313-628-2028


This public recreation center has twenty four hard surfaced outdoor courts. The huge quantity of courts makes it a tennis heaven. It is a good place to practice, have play offs and socialize amongst the tennis passionate crowd. You are sure to find some great advice and critique from the surrounding courts and players. The only drawback is that the courts are not lighted thus reducing the play time till sunset.

5 - King High School

Address: 3200 East Lafayatte StreetDetroit MI 48207

Phone Number: 313-494-7373


This public space offers six out door, well lit hard surface courts. A back board further accentuates the player’s game by providing him an opportunity to practice stroke hitting along with improving the body’s coordination. The surrounding and ambience make it an ideal location for youth and budding talent to practice along with having an opportunity to socialize with like-minded people and understand the game better.

6 - Belle Island Park

Address: 99 Pleasure Drive Detroit, MI 48207

Phone Number: 313-821-9844


This picturesque public island is a recreational spot. Along with many other enjoyable activities it features nine well-lit hard courts. It also has four back boards for the players to practice and polish their stroke hitting along with improvising their hand co-ordination.It is a great spot for amateurs to practice along with enjoying the scenic surroundings.

7 - Detroit Central High School

Address: 2477 Tuxedo Street Detroit MI 48206

Phone Number: 313-252-3000



This public vicinity, termed to be one of the oldest schools of the state hosts seven hard court out door tennis courts. The con is that there are no lights to facilitate play time in dark. It is a great spot for young players to polish their skills and learn the fortes and weaknesses of their game amongst their peers.

8 - Veterans Park

Address: 2978 Goodson Street Detroit MI 48212


This public facility hosts six well maintained hard surfaced out door tennis courts. It is the sports heaven amidst the residential set up of the neighborhood. The only issue is that the courts dependent on sun light therefore it is highly difficult to play in the dark and bad lights.

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