How Does It Work? 
We have experts ready to help you improve your tennis.  You upload a 1 – 2 minute video of the shots your want your chosen expert to see.
It works best if you select just 1 shot (eg your serve or backhand) and try and film yourself from a few angles.
Your expert will then review the video and give you detailed advice on what will improve your game. Their reply will generally be 5 -10 minutes of actionable advice, but will vary depending on the expert.
Can You Help Me With…?
We are looking to expand into other areas. So if there is an area you want help in from an expert please let us know
It could be art, sports, business, health – whatever you want. We’ll try and find an expert to help you. You can then decide if you’d like to work with them (no obligation).
It’s with your ideas and thoughts that decide what areas we help people with next, so please reach out.
I’m an expert in….?
If you’re an expert in a specific area please get in contact – It can be anything… sports, business, health, hobbies
If you can help someone let us know and we can find you customers. We’ll then create a page to highlight your skills. You set the prices, and you have 7 days in which to fulfill any request. Plus you can do it at a time / place that suits you.