Head Graphene 360+ Instinct MP Tennis Racket Review

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Head Graphene 360+ Instinct MP Tennis Racket Review

#1 Pros and Cons of Head Graphene 360+ Instinct MP Tennis Racket

👉 Pros

  • The racket has a good amount of control
  • The ball speed and stability are great, probably owing to the Graphene 360 infused into some parts of the hoop.
  • The Graphene 360 also makes this racket a powerful one, even though it is firm and thick. This is not usually the case with rackets like this.
  • Swinging it is effortless because of its superb maneuverability.
  • The vibrations up the arm are minimal. This says a lot for a racket with such power.
  • It works perfectly for hitting serves and groundstrokes.

👉 Cons

  • Its plow-through ability is not as good as some because of the weight
  • It is not so spin-friendly
  • Some may not like the soft flex of the frame.
  • The handle may not have the feel as some players would like

#2 Summary of Head Graphene 360+ Instinct MP Tennis Racket

The Graphene 360 material is one of the features that stands the Head rackets out from the rest of the pack. 👉 The brand added the material to different parts of the racket’s shaft to make for a more solid and powerful response when it is used.

👉 While the feel can be better, it is still an improved version from what was obtainable in previous ones. However, this does not take away from how comfortable the racket feels in your hand while playing with it. Plus, the maneuverability, which these rackets are known for, did not diminish.

In addition, the racket has a more manageable swing weight from the previous version, making it easier to move and swing. With such an easy swing weight, even serious play feels like recreational play.

The racket’s main weakness is its lack of weight, which makes plow-through difficult, and may not feel very spin-friendly. However, it performs well in different play styles.

#3 Features of Head Graphene 360+ Instinct MP Tennis Racket

  • Graphene 360+ technology/Graphite composition
  • 16 mains x 19 crosses string pattern
  • Dual-color pattern in elastic paint😊.
  • 2 ounces/318g strung weight
  • 4pts head light/32.99 in 33 cm balance point
  • 100 sq. inches head size
  • Head Hydrosorb grip type

3.1. Detailed Review of Head Graphene 360+ Instinct MP Tennis Racket

The racket does amazingly well on groundstrokes, offering more depth and ease of use. This is better than what other iterations of the Head Instinct model offered. And it fits a wide variety of tennis players.

It is almost effortless to hit the ball even when you are deep in the court. And the spring and power you get access to with the racket make hitting groundstrokes a joy😻.

Generating head speed with the racket is also quick. You’ll find the weight of the head does not draw you back or reduce the quickness with which you return shots.

You will find it easy to use, even if you are starting out as a player. This is because it is easy to maneuver and generate spin.👉  Additionally, you will find that the pace and power of the racket are a little above average. So, as an established player, the racket can serve you well.

The speed at which it whips through the hitting zone is amazing, considering that its swing weight is 320. It is quite fast for its specifications, though it won’t feel so powerful if you are an aggressive player.

However, there are some downsides. The racket does not plow through as powerfully as many players would have preferred. Players would prefer the hoop packs had more weight than it currently does so that shots on the attack can have a greater impact.

A few players may find it unstable or even too powerful for their style of play. And this is mostly attributable to the fact that the head needs more weight.

Check out the price of the racket by following this link https://www.tennisexpress.com/head-graphene-360-instinct-mp-tennis-racket-86275

👉 This video is a visual review of the racket by Tennis Express…

3.2. What Makes the Racket Different from Competitors?

Most Head rackets test light and swing fast. This cannot be said for every other racket out there.

Head prides itself in mixing comfort, power, speed, and stability in one racket. So while rackets from other brands, such as Wilson, can hit big, they do not boast the same swing weight or head speed as this racket from Head 👍.

The 360+ Instinct MP from Head is the latest in the line of rackets in the Instinct line. But the difference between the older version and this one is not that big.

👉 However, the introduction of the Graphene 360+ technology to the hoop creates better stability. Plus, the 320 swing weight gives it a bit of an upper hand.

And when it comes to competitors, including Yonex and Dunlop, the Head Instinct line of rackets can boast of being endorsed by an iconic player like Maria Sharapova.

👉 Surprisingly though, some testers and players find the color scheme of the racket somewhat off-putting. Even though it is muted, some still prefer the blue of the Wilson rackets.

Nevertheless, the racket is certainly whippier than others, serves easier, great on groundstrokes, is very maneuverable, and offers good power and spin.

But if you are a very aggressive player, you will need a racket with more control for the power you generate. And this racket may not give you that control.

👉 In summary, the Head Graphene 360+ Instinct MP tennis racket has these qualities better than previous versions:

  • Graphene 360+ – which is a combination of Graphene 360 and Spiralfibers technology
  • Better access to comfort, spin, and power
  • Better swing weight
  • Better maneuverability

3.3. What Other Reviewers Have to Say about the Racket

Even though it is relatively new, many players have tested the racket. This is probably because of the success of past Instinct rackets and the need to stay with evolving trends.

For TennisBros, Will gave it an overall score of 7 out of 10. He scored it a 7 on serve, a 6 on volleys, and a 7 on groundstrokes

He was not that impressed with the racket but admitted to not being so impressed with the Instinct rackets.

He liked that he could get good easy access to spin, but the racket did not perform so well when it came to plowing through.

When it came to groundstrokes, everything was effortless, going from serving to returning the ball. This stemmed from the fact that the racket has a good swing weight and is easily maneuverable.

👉 It was also comfortable to handle.

For volleys, the racket did not perform so well. Since control and stability are important in a game, especially if you are close to the net, a good racket should offer both. But the Instinct MP did not offer them as well as it should.

For serves, Will liked that it came across as whippier than other versions. A heavier racket tends to be less maneuverable when it comes to this department. But because this racket is flexible and head light, it was easier to maneuver and use.

According to Will’s review, Al in, it was just an ‘OK’ racket, with nothing exceptional to write home about.

3.4. What the Site liked about the Racket

  • It’s maneuverability. When you are not hitting a fast or heavy serve, the racket is quite flexible.
  • It offers average access to power and spin.
  • The swing weight, according to specifications, does not reflect how easy it is to use.
  • The racket is comfortable and easy on the body.

3.5. What the Site Didn't Like about the Racket

  • The color scheme was not attractive.
  • It was not head-heavy enough to offer a good plow through. Therefore, the needed power for an advanced player was not available.
  • There isn’t enough control and stability from the racket.
  • The racket does not offer much to every category of players. In other words, advanced players won’t find it up to standard.

Tennis Warehouse has quite a bit to say about the racket. Scoring it 81 out of 100, the site says the racket is good for intermediate and advanced tennis players.

👉  Four testers tested the racket on the court and gave their verdict on different points. Below is the list of the average score for each point, according to the report of the testers:

Returns – 82

Serves – 81

Volleys – 80

Groundstrokes – 83

Maneuverability – 88

Comfort – 81

Topspin – 83

Power – 82

Slice – 80

When it came to returns, the testers said the racket allowed for a lot of good and easy ones due to its maneuverability.

Stability was not an issue, and they could take big swings at the ball or take some pace away from it😊.

However, the lack of weight at the head area took something away from their sweet spot when returning. Where they could have hit big, the racket did not respond as needed.

👉 For serves, only one playtester found it easy and sweet. She could tap into the potential of the racket. How? By accelerating her shots and taking them up over her shoulder.

She had to dial back on the power at some point when she hit serves that went long. That is saying something for a racket with insufficient weight at the head.

👉 Others had a hard time serving, as it required power and control. They had to make up for the lack of power with the depth and lots of spin.

For groundstrokes, the testers loved the depth it offered and how easy it was to use. One of the testers, who has used 5 different versions of the Instinct rackets, said that this was quite easy to play with.

She noticed the improvement in access to spin and power, different from others, as soon as she played with it.

The racket generated head speed quite quickly and easily. It is also whippy, something the testers liked considering it has a swing weight of 320.

And for volleys, the testers appreciated how easy it was to maneuver, especially so close to the net. It did better at the net than the immediate previous version😊. But it lacked somewhat instability.

3.6. What the Site Liked about the Racket

  • The racket generates head speed easily😻.
  • It is maneuverable, making it easy to gain access to spin.
  • It is easy to handle and has an improvement in feel.
  • The swing weight is comfortable.
  • Plus, it works well on groundstrokes, volleys, serves, and returns.

3.7. What the Site Didn't Like about the Racket

  • The lack of weight at the head was a problem when it came to plowing through.
  • Stability is somewhat lacking, and the power offered can be unpredictable.

Tennis Express gave the racket a good review, stating it is tailored for groundstrokes. Sam, who reviewed it, noted that the Graphene 360+ gave the racket a firmer and thicker feel. Yet it did not take away from how well it maneuvers.

👉 According to him, the comfort and stability of the racket came through when he moved the ball a little flatter. The racket is fast and comfortable, whether you are delivering long or short swings.

The string pattern of the racket offered him the power and depth he needed to keep the ball from attack.👉  In other words, he could control the ball movement. For such a relatively lightweight racket, it superbly absorbs and redirects the ball deeper into the court.

👉 However, he would have liked for the racket to be a little more head light. And for a better feel, using a leather grip with it would have gone a long way.

In summary, though, not a bad racket.

3.8. What the Site Liked about the Racket

  • The racket offered effortless power and quiet control.
  • The graphene technology improved the ball speed and stability of the racket.
  • It was comfortable and easy to swing 👍.
  • Its maneuverability from any angle on the court. This makes it easy for any player to use, no matter the play style.
  • There was room for customizing the racket.

3.9.What the Site Didn't Like about the Racket

  • It was not as head light as needed.
  • The feel was not up there. It could be better.

Tennis Reviewer said the racket was up there for players who can offer some power of their own and know how to play the sport but want some feel.

👉 For base-lining, the racket accommodates big swings because of the way the ball bounces off the racket. Little wonder it was a favorite for Maria Sharapova.

It serves well due to the power that comes from it easily. This can be attributed to the fact that it is maneuverable. Plus, it swings fast and spins well. So what it lacks in weight at the head, it more than makes up for in maneuverability and spin.

In all, a good racket if you know how to handle your game.

3.10. What the Site Liked about the Racket

  • The racket swung fast and didn’t shake under big swings, despite its lightweight.
  • It was maneuverable and spun well.
  • The racket served great. An aggressive base-liner would find it suitable.

3.11. What the Site Didn't Like about the Racket

  • The site found it quite unstable.
  • It was unsuitable for every type of player; advanced players might find it is not enough, and beginners might find it too powerful.
  • It is too head light.

Tennis Head said the graphene technology made the racket firmer and stronger than previous versions. And the cross-section specially designed makes the sweet spot even bigger😻.

A beginner play-tested the racket and found she gained power without even trying to hit the ball hard. And she found the 100 square inch head gave her more margin for error.

The speed that the head of the racket generated was also great, and the weight was comfortable, even for a beginner.

The color scheme was attractive, an improvement as far as the site was concerned.

3.12. What the Site Liked about the Racket

  • The new color scheme of the racket
  • The beginner-friendliness of the racket
  • The firmer and stronger nature of the racket, thanks to the Graphene technology
  • It’s comfortable, especially for beginners

3.13. What the Site Didn't Like about the Racket

  • The likelihood it would not be suitable for more advanced players, though this is not clearly spelt out.

3.14. Conclusion

Head Graphene 360+ Instinct MP tennis racket is a good offer for different levels of players. But how well you play with it will depend on your style of play.

👉 However, if you are an advanced player, you may have to lend it a bit of your own power to get the best out of it. You can also opt to keep it as one of your rackets, not relying on it as your first choice

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Review by Marc Peppin – Won 40+ International Titles – Canadian #1