Kansas tennis courts – Indoors & Outside, 7 Best nearby

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The tennis forehand is a type of ground stroke where the racket’s swing path goes across the player’s body with an open palm. The dominant hand maintains the forehand grip.

  • For right-handed players, the racket’s swing path starts at the right side of the body, where the racket face makes a contact point with the ball. It goes across the torso and ends with a follow through over the left shoulder.
  • For a left-handed forehand, reverse the racket’s swing path to go from the left side to the right shoulder.

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To enjoy the game of tennis, you need a proper court. There are several great courts in good facilities across Kansas City. Here are some of the ones you can check out.

1 - Loose Park Tennis Courts

Loose Park Tennis Courts

Photo Courtesy: https://kcparks.org/places/loose-park-tennis-courts/

Location: Kansas City, MO 64112

Contact: 816-513-7500

Website: http://kcparks.org/places/loose-park-tennis-courts/

Price: Free

Hours: Monday to Friday (5 am – 12am)


Loose Park features four outdoor hard courts as well as one 1-person backboard for your satisfaction.

2 - Roanoke Park Tennis Courts

Roanoke Park Tennis Courts

Photo Courtesy: https://www.roanokeparkkc.org/

Location: 3716 E Roanoke Dr., Kansas City, MO 64111

Contact: 816-513-7500

Website: https://kcparks.org/places/roanoke-park-tennis-courts/

Price: Free

Hours: Monday to Sunday (7am – 8pm)


This is a small neighborhood park. Amenities include two outdoor tennis courts, a drinking fountain, a picnic table, newer Play Equipment, a small grass area, and a “totem” art piece from the former Community Center at Mercer View elementary school.Roanoke Park is a public tennis establishment located at 3729 Roanoke Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111. The tennis courts are not lighted.

3 - Harmon Park Tennis Courts

Location: W 77th Pl & Delmar St, Prairie Village, KS 66208

Contact: (913) 381-6464

Website: https://www.pvkansas.com/

Price: Free

Hours: Monday – Friday, 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. and Saturday & Sunday, 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.


Harmon Park pavilion is available to reserve as a whole, or you may rent the north or south end only. The lighted pavilion has 12 eight-foot tables at each end. The north end has six grills that are approximately 17″ x 14.” Electricity is available by obtaining a key from our Public Safety Dispatch Center. The pavilion has restrooms at the south end. The restrooms are locked during the winter months, but portable toilets are then available. This pavilion is next to 10 outdoor tennis courts, four practice tennis courts, the pool, and the playground equipment.

4 - Kansas City North Community Center

Photo Courtesy: https://kcparks.org/places/kansas-city-north-community-center/

Location: 3930 NE Antioch Rd, Kansas City, MO 64117

Contact: 816-513-7740

Website: https://kcparks.org/

Price: $5 per day

Hours: Monday to Sunday6am – 9pm.


Kansas City North Community Center has a full-sized gymnasium, cardio/weight room, auditorium, kitchen, meeting rooms, pottery studio, exercise room, and tennis courts adjacent to the building. The center has an active program for seniors (60+), including monthly social meetings, card clubs, and field trips.

5 - Metro East Tennis Center

Photo Courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/MetroEastTennisCenter/photos/?ref=page_internal

Location: 3109 NW Vesper St, Blue Springs, MO 64015

Contact: 816-224-7999

Website: http://metroeasttennis.com/

Price: By membership only.

Hours: Monday to Friday 10am – 8pm


The Metro East tennis center features five indoor, climate-controlled hard courts, 2 Deco Turf and 3 Nova ProBounce courts, Members’ Lounge with refreshments and viewing area for social gatherings, Juice Bar offering healthy refreshments and snacks, Locker rooms and showers, a full-service Pro Shop that offers racquet restringing and repair, convenient location with secure and ample parking and lots more.

6 - Flat Rock Creek Park Tennis Courts

Flat Rock Creek Park Tennis Courts

Photo Courtesy: https://www.wilsonvilleparksandrec.com/parksrec/page/pickleball

Location: 13132 W 103rd St, Lenexa, KS 66215

Website: https://www.lenexa.com/

Contact: 913-477-7100

Price: Free

Hours: Daily 6am – 7pm


Tennis courts atFlat Rock Creek Parkin Kansas, Missouri, is anice location to play tennis and coach or teach. The park has a total of two outdoor hard courts that are not lighted. You can use this playground for free. It can accommodate both young and old. Flat Rock Creek Park is at13132 W 103rd St, Lenexa, KS 66215. You can reach them on 913-477-7100or via the website above.

7 - Mill Creek Park Tennis Courts

Photo Courtesy: https://www.olatheks.org/government/parks-recreation/parks-trails-bike-lanes/parks/mill-creek-park

Location: 708 W Jones Rd,Independence, MO 64050

Website: http://olatheks.org

Contact: 913-971-6263

Price: Free

Hours: Daily(7:00am– 9pm)


Tennis courts at Mill Creek Park Tennis Courts is a nice location to play tennis, tournaments, and coach/teaching. The park has a total of four outdoor hard courts that are all lighted. You can play for free at this park. It can accommodate both young and old. You can reach them on 913-971-6263or via the website above.

8 - Barry Road Park

Photo Courtesy: https://kcparks.org/places/barry-road-tennis-courts/

Location: 8299 N Congress Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153

Website: http://kcparks.org/park/barry-road-park/

Contact: 816-513-7500

Price: Free

Hours: Daily – 9:00am–5pm


Barry Road Park is a public tennis facility located at 8247 NW Congress Ave, Weatherby Lake, MO 64152. There are eight public tennis courts at this tennis location. The tennis courts are all lighted. You can contact this tennis facility at 816-513-7500. The park also features a modern Children’s play facility and shelter reserved through the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department. The eight lighted Tennis Courts on site are available on a first-come, first-served basis when they are not being used by the High School or other scheduled events.

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