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Have World #1 players teach you

It’s hard finding a great tennis instructor in Las Vegas who has availability, doesn’t cost the earth and makes starting or improving your tennis fun.

That’s why we launched and partnered with tennis champions who can personally help you.

1 – It’s super easy – go down to a court and record yourself on your mobile playing a few shots (or as part of a game) and send us the video.

2 – Then choose the coach you want and they’ll review your video and give you a detailed lesson on how to improve = Super easy (and lessons start from just $30).

Get direct actionable feedback. It’s quick, you can review the video whenever you want and it’s often cheaper than a local tennis coach here in Las Vegas.

Watch free tennis training videos & Get tips from pro players

Our Top Tennis Lesson Coach Recommendations

With guaranteed availability, here’s the best tennis coaches available to you now. Plus, they are the best in the World (and cost less than most local coaches).

We have former World #1’s coaches and players for both adults and children. We have international Grand Slam superstar players, national team coaches, coach of a World top #5 player and more…

It’s so easy, just record yourself playing a few shots with your mobile. Within days you’ll get personal feedback and they’ll show you exactly what to do. 

Below are just 4 of our coaches who can help you directly now.

Try it, with a money back guarantee.


Eric Hechtman Venus Williams

Venus Williams Coach

Imagine having the same coach as Venus Williams. Now you can - Eric Hechtman. Currently coaching Venus Williams and a hitting partner of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Venus Williams. He could soon be coaching you.
If you want to improve your tennis he's about the best in the world. Plus for you, he's just $95 a lesson (the same a lot of local coaches)


Lars Christensen

Coach of 2 World Jnr #1 Players

If you have kids who love tennis, imagine having the coach of 2 World junior#1 players helping them. Lars Christensen is an expert on helping juniors progress and improve their skills.

Again just $95 a lesson without any commitment.



Multi International Tournament Winner

Petros Chrysochos is by far our most popular coach. You can see some of his video reviews on his page below. Perfect if you're just starting or an intermediate player. He's able to you improve any shot by giving you actionable advice that you'll find easy to use..
Just $30 a lesson.


Marc Pepin

Former #1 With 40 International Titles

Marc Peppin is our second most sort after coach. He's won 40 international titles, 180+ singles titles and 3 World titles. He's also been a #1 ranked Canadian player for 5 decades. Watch his video reviews and you'll see he can help you start or improve your tennis..
Just $40 a lesson

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Local Las Vegas Tennis Lesson Coaches

It is a well known fact that Las Vegas is notorious for its casinos, gambling, betting, and fast lifestyles. However, it is also a place where a number of tennis legends like Andre Agassi were born or resided, and exposed to the art of Tennis. 

Are you a fan of tennis, living in Las Vegas but finding it hard to get professional tennis trainer services to help you play and practice tennis effectively? 

Are you new to the streets of Las Vegas and struggling to find the best and closest tennis courts, clubs, or shops around your home? Not to worry, we have taken the time out to scout some of  the best of anything and anyone related to tennis in Las Vegas for you. 

Below is a list of 8 handpicked professional tennis coaches, 4 of the best tennis clubs, 8 tennis courts, and lastly, a list of 4 tennis shops for your supply of tennis needs and equipment.

Tennis coaches in Las Vegas

If you desire to play tennis at a professional level, you’ll need a coach to put you through the bits and pieces of the game. Coaches play a key role in many life activities. 

They teach and build us in almost all of man’s daily life. Whatever the occasion, whether it’s an economic relation, a sport activity or an educational process, man needs guidance, practice, and motivation to master his craft.

If you want to be better at playing tennis, I would advise you to work with a coach. However, you have to partner with one that would fit into several factors suitable to you. A good coach should possess the following features:

  • He/she must be pocket-friendly
  • He/she must be accessible
  • He/she must reside close to your location
  • He/she must possess the right qualification and certification to teach and play
  • He/she should be able to teach the age-grade and required levels you desire
  • He/she must have good social and communication skills

Las Vegas has some of the best professionals in tennis the region has to offer. You can take a private or group lesson or you could decide to join a daily clinic. Below are eight of the best coaches in Las Vegas;

1 - Las Vegas Tennis Lesson Coach: Jack Busby

Las Vegas tennis lesson coach Jack Busby


Coach Info

  • Tennis director of southern highlands country club
  • PTR state developmental coordinator, Nevada, US
  • Website –
  • PTR Performance – Professional
  • PTR 10 and Under – Professional 
  • PTR 11-17 – Professional 
  • PTR Adult Development – Professional
  • USPTA Elite Professional


Jack Busby is originally from Birmingham, England. He started playing tennis at the young age of 10. He played in junior career games and decided to move to the United States for college. 

He earned a full division one scholarship when he won 2 All-American awards and 2 top-ten finishes at the JUCO level. After building a Tennis base in the US, he decided to take his game to Europe and was top 20 in the European ranking. 

Jack Busby has a deep passion for tennis and has a goal to be the greatest coach ever. He has coached in Oklahoma, Las Vegas, and at the southern highlands country club.

2 - Las Vegas Tennis Lesson Coach: Amadeo J.

Las Vegas tennis lesson coach Amadeo J.

Coach Info

  • Former collegiate tennis player
  • Professional Tennis Registry certified (PTR)
  • Modern Tennis Methodology (MTM) instructor
  • 30 years coaching experience
  • Trains students of all ages
  • Specializes in bank hand, drop shots, serves, topspin, volley
  • Rate- $40 per hour trial package


He is a passion-driven coach of over 30 years of experience in playing and coaching tennis. He believes that anyone can master the art of tennis with proper motivation and practice.

3 - Kevin Cory

Las Vegas tennis lesson coach Kevin Cory


Coach Info


If you are a lady, then this is someone you would want to pay attention to. Kevin Cory began his career at Courthouse Athletic Club in Salem, Ore, right after graduating from the University of Oregon in 1990 with a degree in sports management. 

Cory came to Las Vegas from the University of Mississippi and has served as an assistant coach since 1996. From 1999- date, he has helped his team earn a place in the national powers of college tennis, league championships, season conference titles, NCAA championships, All-American and conference MVP, and mountain west championships. 

He has also secured coach and assistant coach of the year awards. He is a veteran of the elite tennis world. His rate at this time is unknown.


4 - Las Vegas Tennis Lesson Coach: Robert Benavidez

Las Vegas tennis lesson coach Robert Benavidez


Coach Info

  • Rate- $100 per hour
  • Website-
  • USPTA and PTR certified
  • 30 years playing tennis
  • 20 years coaching tennis


Robert Benavidez is a professional tennis coach who has also been a player and champion at the state and national levels. He has enough experience to provide you with the much-needed analysis of your practice and game. 

He will be bringing together his years of on-field experience, together with his experience in training players of varying age brackets. Robert Benavidez ensures that you learn in the most comfortable way, the best of the sport during your time with him. 

He believes that one doesn’t become a better player by merely listening to the bits and pieces of advice from outsiders who watch him or her practice. Rather, it is more about a coach who is talented at identifying your skill level, fitting into it and then, being able to deduce several types of advantages that you can gain during a game.


5 - Las Vegas Tennis Lesson Coach: Coach Tim Blenkiron

Las Vegas tennis lesson coach Tim Blenkiron



Tim Blenkiron is a UNLV-tennis alumnus, born in Australia. he has won the NCAA Doubles Championship in 1997. As an All-American collegiate player, Tim Blenkiron furthered into playing professional tennis which was highlighted by playing at the US Open. 

He is the USTA-Nevada board President and his exceptional leadership has been recognized for increasing diversity in the region, creating more community tennis events, and maintaining the resources of the tennis community in Las Vegas. 

Tim was selected as an elite National USTA coach in 2010 to manage a USTA Regional Training Center. He was inducted into the UNLV Hall of Fame recently and has been awarded the USTA-Nevada high-performance coach. Blenkiron also runs the NO QUIT Tennis Academy, which has some of the best players in the state, section, and country.

6 - Las Vegas Tennis Lesson Coach: Michelle Domanico

Las Vegas tennis lesson coach Michelle Domanico


Coach Info


He was a High School State Champion in 1991 and 1992 in Tennis and Soccer and won the athlete of the year awards. He was also ranked No. 1 in Singles, upon High School Graduation in the State of Nevada. 

He is a recruit from the Olympic Development Team and a beneficiary of full Athletic Scholarships for Tennis to Division 1 Brigham Young University. He has been a 4 time WAC Champion, All American at Top 10 Tennis Program at Brigham Young University, as well as Student Assistant Coach in the university, and summer camp coach.


7 - Las Vegas Tennis Lesson Coach: Jimmy Jamie

Las Vegas tennis lesson coach Jimmy Jamie


Coach Info

  • 7 years USPTA certification
  • 4-year college tennis team experience
  • 20 year teaching experience
  • Vast in training all ages
  • Rate- $50 per hour for residents and $75 per hour for non-residents


8 - Las Vegas Tennis Lesson Coach: Jan Steenekamp

Las Vegas tennis lesson coach Jan Steenekamp



Jan Steenekamp is one of the greatest players of tennis in the history of Montana and is currently the assistant coach for Grizzly men’s tennis. In November 2019, he was presented one of the region’s most prestigious honors, being titled as the USTA-Intermountain Developmental Coach of the Year. 

He is a native of East London, South Africa, and moved to the US in 2001 to play college tennis, at the University of Louisiana-Monroe and the University of Montana. He later became the only Grizzly to be named first-team All-Big Sky thrice and he also has the highest-ever regional ranking (No. 18) in UM history. 

While assisting the coach at his alma mater, Steenekamp serves in the capacity of the Junior Tennis Director at the PEAK Athletic Club in Missoula. He has also had the opportunity to work with the top juniors on a national level. 

He travels for tournaments regularly and is dedicated to improving junior players and ensuring they have every opportunity to develop. Steenekamp has also served as Director of High Performance at the Darling Tennis Center in Las Vegas and Director of Tennis at the Meadowlark Country Club in Great Falls.

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