Nashville tennis courts – Indoors & Outside, 7 Best nearby

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The tennis forehand is a type of ground stroke where the racket’s swing path goes across the player’s body with an open palm. The dominant hand maintains the forehand grip.

  • For right-handed players, the racket’s swing path starts at the right side of the body, where the racket face makes a contact point with the ball. It goes across the torso and ends with a follow through over the left shoulder.
  • For a left-handed forehand, reverse the racket’s swing path to go from the left side to the right shoulder.

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1 - Sevier Park Tennis Courts

Sevier Park Tennis Courts

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Address: 1000 Clayton Ave, Nashville, TN 37204, United States

Phone Number:  615-862-8400


Server Park is a quiet and spacious park, with trees, lawns & a creek. It provides its eight public hardcourt tennis courts with lights set up for night play. The courts are reservedforthe public on a first-come, first-serve basis. Their tennis faculty provides them with other facilities, which may include bathrooms and parking spaces. It’s a great park for morning jogs and after school hangouts or practices.

2 - Hillwood Tennis Courts

Hillwood Country Club

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Address:  300-398 Davidson Rd, Nashville, TN 37205, United States

Phone Number: 615-353-2025


Hillwood High School is located in Hillwood high school, and it’s an active site for tennis enthusiasts and tennis players. Their tennis faculty provides players with ten outdoor lighted tennis courts for tennis practices and tournaments. It provides players with grass. Hard and clay courts to play according to their preferences. Their tennis faculty keeps the courts maintained, and their other facilities may include bathrooms. Contact their location personally or via their contact details for reservations or more information.

3 - Seven Hills Tennis Courts

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Address: 1317 Hildreth Dr, Nashville, TN 37215, United States

Phone Number:  +1 615-665-9341


Seven Hills tennis Courts is a private tennis facility that, along with tennis courts, also provides swimming facilities for the public. They provide seven private outdoor tennis courts with lights set up for night training and practices. Their courts are Harcourt to suit tennis players’ gameplay and swings. The park provides a friendly and welcoming environment for tennis enthusiasts to practice. For reservations and other details, players may contact the faculty via their contact details.

4 - Glencliff High School Tennis Courts

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Address: Nashville, TN 37211, United States

Phone Number: 615-333-5070


Due to their fantastic tennis faculty offering tennis courts for practices and numerous tennis tournaments, they are famous around the neighborhood. They offer their players six decent, hard court tennis courts to improve their gameplay and make their swings more flexible. Their tennis faculty keeps the courts clean and actively responds to player requests and calls. For more details, players may contact their faculty via their contact details.

5 - Hadley Park Tennis Courts

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Address: Nashville, TN 37209, United States

Phone Number:  +1 615-862-8395


A public park full of green space provides Nashville citizens with playgrounds, tennis courts, jogging trails, and so much more. Hadley Park offers seventeen outdoor tennis courts for players to train actively and improve their flexibility. They provide four indoor courts and thirteen outdoor courts, so the maximum number of players can fully avail their services and facilities. Courts are reserved by contacting their faculty.

6 - John Overton High School Tennis Courts

Lower Woodland Tennis Courts

Address: Oak Hill, TN 37220, United States

Phone Number: 615-333-5135


Located in John Overton High School, they are a popular site for school tennis matches and tournaments. Their tennis faculty offers players four public outdoor tennis courts. The courts are hardcourt for better play and swings. When teamed up with the extensive services, their welcoming faculty makes them the most convenient option for most. Reservations and other details regarding their services and courts can be enquired via their phone number.

7 - Crockett Park

Jefferson Tennis Courts

Address: 1500 Volunteer Pkwy, Brentwood, TN 37027, United States

Phone Number: +1 615-371-2208


This park features a friendly environment, a historic events space, sports fields, a playground, and numerous facilities. Excellent marked trails, a regularly cleaned environment, a pleasant breeze around the trees, and cleaned bathrooms are also provided to players. They offer seven outdoor tennis courts with lights set up for night training or practices so that you can avail of most of the park’s facilities. The courts are open to the public on a first-come, first-serve basis. Players may contact the faculty for more details and inquiries.

8 - Currey Tennis Centre

Currey Tennis Centre

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Address: 1405 25th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212, United States

Phone Number: +1 615-322-6068


It is widely known around the neighborhood as it aids numerous tennis players and is considered a trusted option with fixed timings. Currey tennis center offers people passionate about tennis play a total of fifteen courts, out of which ten are outdoor, and five are indoor. The courts are lighted, so night training and practices are allowed there. The center also offers various other facilities like bathrooms and parking spaces. For further details, you may reach out to the center via their contact details.

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