Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Review

Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Review

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Pros Cons
The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X is exceptionally lightweight and comfortable to play in Although the shoe is comfortable, its lacing does have some issues. Laces don’t always pull through smoothly
Users found the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X to be stable during play With stability comes less durability. Users found the shoe isn’t very durable and wouldn’t stand the test of time
According to users, it has excellent traction and assists in swift movements on the court Reviewers found the shoe has a wider fit as compared to other variations of the Vapor, like the Vapor 9.5
Good ventilation keeps the feet comfortable and aerated in the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X The Nike Air Zoom Vapor is one of the lightest tennis shoes out there, and that means it has less grip as compared to heavier versions

A Summary of the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Tennis Shoes

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X took Roger Federer’s signature playing shoes to another level with a comfortable fit and lightweight.

πŸ‘‰ The shoe is a nice upgrade from the Vapor 9.5 it has replaced.

Reviewers have termed it as a high-performance shoe. It delivers excellent results and is lightweight, easy on the feet for swift movements, and slides on the court.

Popular features like the Dynamic Fit System, the Air Zoom midsole, and a low-to-the-ground feel have made a comeback in the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X.

The outsole has been re-done with more material and cushioning to provide a better fit.

As always, it comes in great colors and a design that makes it stand out from the rest.

Features of The Vapor X

  • A new and improved outsole for a better fit – compared to previous versions
  • Dynamic Fit System for a secure fit
  • Lightweight – 13.6 ounces
  • Zoom Air Feature for absorbing ground shocks
  • A generative outsole to provide more traction while moving on the court

A Detailed Review of the Vapor X

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X is a gorgeous tennis shoe designed to give its user a comfortable and lightweight experience on the court.

The shoe comes in a sleek design with the signature Nike checkmark, and the colors are beautiful as always.

We expect nothing less from a giant like Nike, who pays as much attention to design and appeal as they do to the usage of their products.

The Vapor X is as light as 13.6 ounces (386 grams) and is incredibly breathable.

πŸ‘‰ Let’s look at the shoe and each part of it in a bit more detail:

#1. The Outsole

Nike has revamped the outsole for their Vapor X. The outsole is the shoe part that comes in direct contact with the court.

For the Vapor X, Nike pulled out the big guns and added extra-durable rubber (XDR) to the outsole material.

The thickness of the rubber varies across the shoe depending on the pressure points of your feet during play.

πŸ‘‰ You will also notice they’ve added a tread wrap at the edge of the sole to provide better traction while moving fast on the court.

#2. The Midsole

Nike comes back with its winning combination of proprietary Air Zoom technology and the Phylon EVA foam for an extra kick of comfort in the midsole.

You’ll find the thin layered Air Zoom at the heel of the shoe that provides a low-to-the-ground feel to the shoe, while the rest of the midsole has a thin layered Phylon EVA foam, placed to keep the shoe as light as a feather and comfortable to wear.

And the cherry on the top? There is a shank at the mid-foot for added support and stability for those swift side-to-side movements on the court.

#3. The Upper

Look above the midsole, and that’s where you will find the upper of the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X starting. Nike has designed this with a durable, rigid counter on both the outside and inside edges.

This helps to keep the shoe extremely lightweight for the player.

As mentioned before, the shoe is breathable to wear for longer games, and the primarily upper uses mesh to keep it that way.

The toe provides extra stability and prevention for foot injuries during fast movements.

The heel comes with a padded collar designed to aid the Dynamic Fit System in keeping your feet in place and keeping them comfortable while enjoying the game.

#4. The Insole

Are you looking for a bit of extra cushioning? You can easily remove the no-frills insole that comes with the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X, or keep it as a layer between your feet and the midsole.

What Makes The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Different From Its Competitors / Previous Models?

Nike has been in the Tennis shoe-making business for over decades, and they certainly know what they’re doing.

Their research lab conducts proper research and makes minor tweaks in each subsequent model.

And they have a tennis genius like Roger Federer guiding them through product creation for players at the highest levels.

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X is no exception.

Undoubtedly, it comes with features that make it superior to its immediate predecessor, i.e., the Vapor 9.5.

But like any new shoe, the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X takes the same amount of time to break in as the Vapor 9.5 does.

When it comes to the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X, the claw-like cushioning on the upper of the shoe gives it a much better fit than the Vapor 9.5.

The ankle collar on the Vapor X is higher, which gives more room for the toes. The laces are a little on the short side of the Vapor X, and they can be a little hard to tie.

Once tied, though, the Dynamic Fit System and the Air Zoom technology make this shoe one of the most comfortable fits in the Tennis world.

πŸ‘‰ What else is new with the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X?

  • The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X comes with a new and improved generative outsole to battle the criticism on the outsole of the Vapor 9.5. The outsole has Nike’s extra-durable rubber (XDR) in different proportions. It’s beefed up in places where needed and less in areas where it’s not required.
  • The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X has a firm grip on hard courts compared to the Vapor 9.5.
  • The Vapor X comes in many variants and colors for both men and women. Nike has taken special care to introduce various sizes and adaptability to hard and clay courts.

The design comes with the Air Zoom technology for a comfortable fit and maximum shock absorption.

What Other Reviewers Say About The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X

Roger Federer has been seen wearing the Vapor series and its countless variations throughout the years.

This is his flagship shoe, and so it gets special attention from reviewers and tennis enthusiasts around the world.

These reviewers did a proper play test with these shoes on the court and on trails to test how it performs, pushing their durability to the limits.

πŸ‘‰ The Tennis Bros are one of the toughest reviewers out there. They show no mercy to any product out there and are very honest and thorough in their reviews.

πŸ‘‰ They took the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X out for a spin on the court, and here’s the verdict:

What They Liked About The Shoe:

  • They liked that the shoe is lightweight and comfortable on the court
  • The shoe is very well-balanced and stable
  • They recommend the shoe for people with a slight foot
  • It has great slide-ability
  • The reviewer likes that it doesn’t have a very strong grip

What They Didn't Like About The Shoe:

  • The shoe’s lightweight takes a toll on its durability
  • It isn’t built for players that like a firm grip
  • The look and feel of the shoe aren’t extraordinary as compared to other shoes on the market.

We love the Tennis companion for its unbiased reviews and extensive playtests. They put the Vapor X through an exhaustive playtest to see how it performs on the court and how well it assists a player like Federer.

They gave it an average rating of 8.98/10. Likewise, they’re focused on all the Vapor X series, including the Knit and Hard Court variations.

Their testing included three proper phases, running drills, and shots on the court to exhaust the shoe and see how it performs in every situation.

What Did They Like About This Shoe?

  • They like the style and design of the shoe, which comes in many colors that appeal to each player’s taste
  • The reviewer finds the Dynamic Fit System to be a plus in this shoe, and it adds to the comfort of wearing the shoe
  • The Vapor X has excellent shock absorption, taking most of the impact of heel strikes on itself and preventing aches and injuries for the player
  • The lacing and foot frame add to the shoe’s stability on the court
  • The reviewer finds the traction on the shoe is great and allows for controlled movement
  • The wide-open mesh is great for breathability. This keeps the feet dry and comfortable during a more extended game

What Didn't They Like About The Shoe?

  • The shoe is lightweight, and that means it suffers on the durability end
  • The lacing system can be a little annoying because they don’t use traditional eyelets and the laces are short. The laces don’t glide as smoothly when trying to tie them.

The Tennis Warehouse put their faith in the fact that each player is unique and has unique needs.

They put each Tennis product through a thorough test with at least four players to get a consolidated rating with everyone’s opinion involved.

They also leave no stone unturned in reviewing a product, taking it through a very extensive playtest.

Furthermore, they’ve given it a good rating of 4.4 / 5. Besides, they’ve said its updated looks like the real deal compared to the Vapor 9.5.

πŸ‘‰ Here’s what Mark had to say about the shoe:

“When I first put on the Vapor Xs, I was greeted with both comfort and familiarity.

The new Vapor Xs are not drastically different from the prior version, which also has a high degree of comfort right out of the box.

Overall, if you’re a player who likes the fit and feel of the Vapor Tour 9.5s, you’ll probably approve of the subtle updates.

I blindly put both shoes on and had a hard time discerning a difference in how they slipped on my feet and how they felt once I had them on.

Two thumbs up for the comfort level β€” three if I had another thumb.”

What Did They Like About The Shoe?

  • The Tennis Warehouse’s team finds the shoe very lightweight and high on performance
  • They’ve found it more comfortable and stable than the Vapor 9.5 due to the new generative outsole built in it.
  • The team also likes the Air Zoom technology and the low to the ground feel
  • Chris specifically loves the fit and ventilation on the shoe

What Didn't They Like About The Shoe?

  • Jason found a pinching issue in the right arch when shifting positions
  • The team didn’t find the shoe to have enough traction and grip
  • Durability is a consistent issue in the vapors, and these are best reserved for occasional plays
  • The lacing system can give you a tough time before the laces are tied

Tennis Express has a very experienced team that reviews products and gives their extensive review. The Vapor X was reviewed by Sam Jones, who has played Tennis for over 10 years at the Southwestern University. He is also an active USTA League and Tournament player.

What Did They Like About The Shoe?

  • Sam liked that the shoe had a minimal break-in period, and he was able to play in them immediately
  • The shoe has a great fit and is very comfortable
  • The shoe is very breathable and allows the feet to dry

What Didn't They Like About The Shoe?

  • Being lightweight means that Nike wasn’t too focused on the durability of the shoe

Trust the Tennis Connected to tell it like it is when it comes to tennis equipment. They do their research and consider different players’ viewpoints when it comes to products and their reviews.

They did a thorough review of this shoe and seemingly loved it so much that they gave it a 9/10 rating.

What Did They like About The Shoe?

  • They like that the lightweight feel of the shoe and its high performance
  • The grip of the shoe is definitely in line with their style of play
  • The shoe is breathable and comfortable
  • The Dynamic Fit System definitely agrees with their feet too

What Didn't They Like About the Shoe?

  • The Tennis Connected didn’t find anything that wasn’t likable about the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X


So there you have it, that’s our review on Roger Federer and Nike’s joint creation, The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X.

We’d sum it up by adding that there is no doubt that this shoe is at the top of the list of the lightest tennis shoes out there.

If weight and feeling light is your priority during games, this should be your first choice.

Nike has made some excellent improvements to the shoe’s feel, with the Air Zoom technology and Pylon foam added to a well-researched and practical shoe design.

However, when it comes to the durability and long-term usage of the shoe. We can’t conclude, as different reviewers had different experiences in that area.

However, we did see a theme where most of them suggested Nike has traded off the durability with the lightweight. Which ultimately limits the durability of the shoe.

Are you looking to add this to your Tennis shoe collection? You can buy it from Amazon.