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Philadelphia tennis lessons

Have World #1 players teach you

It’s hard finding a great tennis instructor in Philadelphia who has availability, doesn’t cost the earth and makes starting or improving your tennis fun.

That’s why we launched and partnered with tennis champions who can personally help you.

1 – It’s super easy – go down to a court and record yourself on your mobile playing a few shots (or as part of a game) and send us the video.

2 – Then choose the coach you want and they’ll review your video and give you a detailed lesson on how to improve = Super easy (and lessons start from just $30).

Get direct actionable feedback. It’s quick, you can review the video whenever you want and it’s often cheaper than a local tennis coach here in Philadelphia.

Watch free tennis training videos & Get tips from pro players

Our Top Tennis Lesson Coach Recommendations

With guaranteed availability, here’s the best tennis coaches available to you now. Plus, they are the best in the World (and cost less than most local coaches).

We have former World #1’s coaches and players for both adults and children. We have international Grand Slam superstar players, national team coaches, coach of a World top #5 player and more…

It’s so easy, just record yourself playing a few shots with your mobile. Within days you’ll get personal feedback and they’ll show you exactly what to do. 

Below are just 4 of our coaches who can help you directly now.

Try it, with a money back guarantee.


Eric Hechtman Venus Williams

Venus Williams Coach

Imagine having the same coach as Venus Williams. Now you can - Eric Hechtman. Currently coaching Venus Williams and a hitting partner of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Venus Williams. He could soon be coaching you.
If you want to improve your tennis he's about the best in the world. Plus for you, he's just $95 a lesson (the same a lot of local coaches)


Lars Christensen

Coach of 2 World Jnr #1 Players

If you have kids who love tennis, imagine having the coach of 2 World junior#1 players helping them. Lars Christensen is an expert on helping juniors progress and improve their skills.

Again just $95 a lesson without any commitment.



Multi International Tournament Winner

Petros Chrysochos is by far our most popular coach. You can see some of his video reviews on his page below. Perfect if you're just starting or an intermediate player. He's able to you improve any shot by giving you actionable advice that you'll find easy to use..
Just $30 a lesson.


Marc Pepin

Former #1 With 40 International Titles

Marc Peppin is our second most sort after coach. He's won 40 international titles, 180+ singles titles and 3 World titles. He's also been a #1 ranked Canadian player for 5 decades. Watch his video reviews and you'll see he can help you start or improve your tennis..
Just $40 a lesson

Look at other Superstar Champion
Tennis Coaches Here

Local Philadelphia Tennis Lesson Coaches

Hey there. Are you a fan of tennis, living in Philadelphia but finding it hard to get professional tennis trainer services to help you play and practice tennis effectively? 

Are you new to the streets of Philadelphia, struggling to find the best and closest tennis courts, clubs, or shops around your house? Not to worry, we have you covered. We have taken the time to scout the best of anything and anyone related to tennis in Philadelphia for you. 

Below is a list of 8 professional tennis coaches to sharpen your skills, 4 of the best tennis clubs to join, 8 tennis courts to practice, and lastly, a list of 4 tennis shops for your supply of tennis equipment.

Tennis lessons in Philadelphia

There are coaches in all aspects of life; Music, dancing, art, spirituality, acting, sports, and many more. It is important to know that Coaches are crucial in molding you to be better at whatever activity you invest in. 

If you want to be better at playing tennis, it is highlyadvised to work with a coach. You, However, should partner with a coach that would fit into several factors suitable to you. A good coach should possess the following features:

  • He/she must fit your location.
  • He/she must possess the right qualification to teach and play.
  • He/she should be able to teach the age-grade and required levels.
  • He/she should be affordable
  • He/she must be accessible

Below are eight of the best coaches we found in Philadelphia

1 - Philadelphia Tennis Lesson Coach: Jerry Z

Philadelphia tennis lesson coach Jerry z


Coach Info

33 years teaching and 38 years playing tennis

  • PTR certified
  • Teaches adults and kids
  • Teaches all the skill levels
  • Rate – $101/hour
  • Contact – (888) 744-0057


Jerry has been certified with the professional tennis registry and has extensive teaching experience. He ran private and group lessons at MT. St. Josephs Academy tennis courts for 5 summers. 

He partook in the USTA tournaments, the men’s USTA team, and the men’s USTA senior team. He specializes in different styles of training as he believes that each student is different and unique.

2 - Philadelphia Tennis Lesson Coach: Oliver J.

Philadelphia tennis lesson coach Oliver J.


Coach Info

  • 14 years teaching and 20 years playing tennis.
  • USPTA certified.
  • Teaches trainees of all ages.
  • Teaches all the skill levels as well.
  • Contact – 866-454-2747.
  • Rate- $159/hour.


Oliver is passionate about tennis and seeks to help others learn it. He grew up in England and played junior and college tennis. 

He won the national title while attending the London school of economics. He captained his college team to a national title in 2008 and has also played at the US open. 

He coaches a Canadian junior who is top 500 ITF. He personally tailors a series of lessons and training, based on what the trainee’s objective is in the sport.

3 - Philadelphia Tennis Lesson Coach: Brian H.

Brian H.


Coach Info

  • 30 years teaching and 40 years playing experience.
  • USPTA certified.
  • Teaches trainees of all ages.
  • Trained to teach all skill levels.
  • Contact- 866-454-2727.
  • Rate- $60/hour.


Bryan Hughes was born and brought up in South Philadelphia. His 30+ years of training has accorded him 6 NJCAA national titles and 6 individual Rolex National champions. 

He has directed several community and country club programs in Florida and Texas, but has started Jedi tennis in Philadelphia since 2008. he believes that proper technique, joined with situation repetition is key to success under competitive pressure.

4 - Philadelphia Tennis Lesson Coach: Tyler

Philadelphia tennis lesson coach Tyler


Coach Info

  • Trains both indoor and outdoor courts.
  • Over 8 years of teaching and 19 years playing experience.
  • He was Division 1 player Saints Joseph’s University.
  • He was Trained with former top 100 pro players.
  • Teaches all age and skill levels.
  • He was Former director of tennis and club tennis pro.
  • Rate- his rate varies according to the package one subscribes to. They are all between $35 and $80/hour.
  • Contact – (239) 877-1964


Tyler has been head pro and tennis director at club la maison, Llanarch Country club, green valley country club, Jarrod grant tennis school, and Healthplex. 

He has taught every levels and ages from 4-75 years of age. He offers different packages such as private, semi-private, group tennis, and fun hitting only lessons. All these lessons vary in price though.

5 - Philadelphia Tennis Lesson Coach: Gerard A.

Philadelphia tennis lesson coach Gerard A.


Coach Info

  • Speaks English and Spanish.
  • experience in the Hamptons, New York, and palm Beach area.
  • He teaches all skill levels and ages.
  • played professional tennis in the ATP and ITF circuit.
  • played tennis in Hawaii Pacific University and University of West Florida.
  • Rate – 67-77$/hour.
  • Contact – +1 301.575.6112


Gerard is a coach and a former tennis player from Barcelona, Spain. He has been teaching tennis for a couple of years in New York, South Florida, The Hamptons, and Spain.

6 - Philadelphia Tennis Lesson Coach: Mike A.

Philadelphia tennis lesson coach Mike A.


Coach Info

  • Head Tennis coach for the freedom High School Boys.
  • Four years teaching experience.
  • He teaches all ages and skill levels, exceptional with junior trainees.
  • He is positive and optimistic, pushing his trainees to do better.
  • He Played division III college tennis at Moravian college.
  • He finished 4th place in doubles, at state, in 2013.
  • Rate – 57-67$/hour.
  • Contact – +1 301.575.6112.


Mike is a positive and encouraging coach that helps new players achieve their goals and new levels. His technique of training involves structuring drills to build a firm foundation and then gearing players towards top strategy and match play.

7 - Philadelphia Tennis Lesson Coach: Matt Houser

Philadelphia tennis lesson coach Matt Houser


Coach Info

  • Coaching experience of over 15 years.
  • A tennis Pro at Club Green Meadows.
  • Certified with USPTA elite tennis professional level, the USTA sport science certification.
  • Trains all levels and all ages, from small groups to large group formats.
  • Coached 3 national teams and numerous collegiate level players.
  • USPTA award for assistant tennis pro of the year.
  • Rated 5.0 through the NTRP.
  • Email –
  • Contact – (503) 673-3061


Matt has been playing competitive tennis since he was 9. He represented the Pacific north west in Junior team tennis. He became a district champion and a 4-time All-conference player for evergreen high school. he was a 4-yeartennis starter and a 3-year captain for the bearcats. He was ranked 21st   best in the west coast region in doubles.

8 - Philadelphia Tennis Lesson Coach: Joshua B.

Philadelphia tennis lesson coach Joshua B.


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