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Portland tennis lessons

Have World #1 players teach you

It’s hard finding a great tennis instructor in Portland who has availability, doesn’t cost the earth and makes starting or improving your tennis fun.

That’s why we launched Improves.co and partnered with tennis champions who can personally help you.

1 – It’s super easy – go down to a court and record yourself on your mobile playing a few shots (or as part of a game) and send us the video.

2 – Then choose the coach you want and they’ll review your video and give you a detailed lesson on how to improve = Super easy (and lessons start from just $30).

Get direct actionable feedback. It’s quick, you can review the video whenever you want and it’s often cheaper than a local tennis coach here in Portland.

Watch free tennis training videos & Get tips from pro players

Our Top Tennis Lesson Coach Recommendations

With guaranteed availability, here’s the best tennis coaches available to you now. Plus, they are the best in the World (and cost less than most local coaches).

We have former World #1’s coaches and players for both adults and children. We have international Grand Slam superstar players, national team coaches, coach of a World top #5 player and more…

It’s so easy, just record yourself playing a few shots with your mobile. Within days you’ll get personal feedback and they’ll show you exactly what to do. 

Below are just 4 of our coaches who can help you directly now.

Try it, with a money back guarantee.


Eric Hechtman Venus Williams

Venus Williams Coach

Imagine having the same coach as Venus Williams. Now you can - Eric Hechtman. Currently coaching Venus Williams and a hitting partner of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Venus Williams. He could soon be coaching you.
If you want to improve your tennis he's about the best in the world. Plus for you, he's just $95 a lesson (the same a lot of local coaches)


Lars Christensen

Coach of 2 World Jnr #1 Players

If you have kids who love tennis, imagine having the coach of 2 World junior#1 players helping them. Lars Christensen is an expert on helping juniors progress and improve their skills.

Again just $95 a lesson without any commitment.



Multi International Tournament Winner

Petros Chrysochos is by far our most popular coach. You can see some of his video reviews on his page below. Perfect if you're just starting or an intermediate player. He's able to you improve any shot by giving you actionable advice that you'll find easy to use..
Just $30 a lesson.


Marc Pepin

Former #1 With 40 International Titles

Marc Peppin is our second most sort after coach. He's won 40 international titles, 180+ singles titles and 3 World titles. He's also been a #1 ranked Canadian player for 5 decades. Watch his video reviews and you'll see he can help you start or improve your tennis..
Just $40 a lesson

Look at other Superstar Champion
Tennis Coaches Here

Local Portland Tennis Lesson Coaches

A good instructor at times becomes the fine difference between a win and a loss. While talent, skills and hard work are the need of the hour, the ever evolving game of tennis can be further enhanced by taking training from the coach that best fits your needs. Some factors to consider while making the selection include:

  • Accessibility of the coach
  • His certification, qualification and experience
  • Recommendations and reviews
  • Coaching Methodology
  • Understanding and communication between you and the coach
  • Your game play- are you an amateur or serious player
  • Cost effectiveness

 Portland has a plethora of talented players who are further imparting the knowledge they have amongst their students, these include:

1 - Portland Tennis Lesson Coach: Kaleen Worley

Portland tennis lesson coach Kaleen Worley

Image: https://twitter.com/KLeansTennis/photo

Coach Info

Accreditation: USPTA P2

Teaching Since: 18 years

Student’s age: Kids and Adults

Skills: Trainee, Intermediary and Advanced

Rate: Starting from $25 per class (1.5 hours) and moving on towards $300 for a full package of training depending on the age and skill of the student.

Contact Details: Kaleen@kleanstennis.com – (503-701-4408)

Style and Expertise: Kaleen Worley is not only an accredited tennis player but she also has a degree of Bachelors in teaching. Thus making her a perfect candidate for imparting knowledge, and improving the skill set of the student. 

The combination of the two T’s helps in understanding the individual needs of her students. She not only improves the physical aspect of the game like footwork and techniques but also helps in improvising the mental strength and understanding of the player.


2 - Portland Tennis Lesson Coach: Anthony Blackburn

Portland tennis lesson coach Anthony Blackburn

Image: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthonywblackburn/detail/photo/

Coach Info


  • L.I Certified Instructor
  • USTA Member
  • Member of Wilson Team Tennis Advisory Service

Teaching Since: 20years

Student’s age: Kids and Adults

Skills: Trainee, Intermediary and Advanced

Rate: Vary as per the individual needs of the student

Contact Details: iwantlessons@blackburntennis.com

Style and Expertise: Anthony not only understands tennis but has also learned how to impart the knowledge to the other. His teaching style is individual oriented. 

The lessons are designed keeping in view the needs and wants of the particular students. The elements of the class and the time duration of the course depend on the strengths and weakness of the student. He aims in bringing out the best in his students by focusing on their shot selection, foot work and the overall strategy of play.


3 - Portland Tennis Lesson Coach: Gavin Glider

Portland tennis lesson coach Gavin Glider

Image: https://wtcatennis.org/members/gavin-glider/

Coach Info


  • USPTA P2 Professional Coach
  • WTCA Certified Member

Teaching Since: 12 years

Student’s age: Kids and Adults

Skills: Trainee, Intermediary and Advanced

Rate: $70 (Private lesson) $85 (Semi Private) $100 (Group)

Contact Details: glider.tennis@gmail.com – +1 (207) 956-3640

Style and Expertise:  Dedication is the key forte of Gavin. Perfect shot execution with the right pace and placement is his main area of focus. He believes in uplifting the game of his students by assisting them physically along with motivating them psychologically to bring out their best.


4 - Portland Tennis Lesson Coach: Todd Mansfield

Portland tennis lesson coach Todd Mansfield

Image: https://www.linkedin.com/in/toddmansfield/detail/photo/

Coach Info

Teaching Since: 20 years

Student’s age: Kids and Adults

Skills: Intermediary and Advanced

Rate: $75/hour

Contact Details: todd@bptennisacademy.com

Style and Expertise: Todd Mansfield has been playing tennis since his childhood. He has been a former D1 player and later a broadcaster. Todd is now a proud owner of a tennis coaching academy. He has amalgamated both of his jobs in the role of the instructor. 

As physically he focuses on the best possible implementation of the strike which is the strength of his student, while he analyses the recorded versions and further provides his opinions and recommendations. He even provides useful help through his videos and also holds online classes.


5 - Portland Tennis Lesson Coach: Karen Ferguson

Portland tennis lesson coach Karen Ferguson

Image: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karen-ferguson/detail/photo/

Coach Info

Accreditation: PTR Certified

Student’s age: Kids and Adults

Skills: Trainee, Intermediary and Advanced

Rate: $70 per hour

Contact Details: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karen-ferguson/

(Personal LinkedIn ID)                                                                      

Style and Expertise:  Karenis an ideal candidate of instructor to teach a diverse range of age. She mixes up the correct dose of talent with the right skills to uplift the game of her students. She plays with the strength of the player making it unbeatable.


6 - Portland Tennis Lesson Coach: Nathan Ramos

Portland tennis lesson coach Nathan Ramos

Image: http://www.sunsetac.com/tennis.html

Coach Info

Accreditation: USPTA Pro

Student’s age: Adults

Skills: Trainee, Intermediary and Advanced

Rate: $70 per hour on average

Contact Details: Nathan.sactennis@gmail.com – 50333040074

Style and Expertise:  Nathan is an USPTA pro making him elite in the world of professional coaching. His core expertise is in adult training. He handles his students professionally, imparting them with the knowledge that he has gained from his experience and status.


7 - Portland Tennis Lesson Coach: Sagar Sathyanarayanan

Portland tennis lesson coach Sagar Sathyanarayanan

Image: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sagar-sathyanarayanan/detail/photo/

Coach Info

Teaching Since: 2 years; playing since 15 years

Student’s age: Adults

Skills: Trainee, Intermediary and Advanced

Rate: $75 per hour

Contact Details: sagarthetennis10k@gmail.com

Style and Expertise: An immigrant Sagar knows well how to adjust in the new surroundings, he also has the skill to outshine and make a mark for himself. His training reflects his ideology. 

He believes in a systematic and consistent approach to success. He divides his time equally and focuses on the stamina buildup, return shot practice and point garnering shots. He has a knack of detecting issues and drills to rectify them. Hitting practice is one his core expertise.


8 - Portland Tennis Lesson Coach: Walter Seidel

Portland tennis lesson coach Walter Seidel

Image: http://seidel.usptapro.com/

Coach Info


  • USPTA Level 1
  • SATCA certified
  • USTA certified
  • Member of CTC

Teaching Since: 12 years

Student’s age: Adults

Skills: Trainee, Intermediary and Advanced

Rate: $70 per hour

Contact Details: walterseidel@irvingtonclub.com

Style and Expertise: With a bundle of professional certifications and ample of expertise talent Seidel is an ideal coach for serious players. He believes in building a good base and thus provides training from the basic technical points moving towards the strong points. 

Seidel believes that in order to succeed mental strength is highly important thus he strongly focuses on mental development of his students.


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