Review asics Gel Resolution 8

Review: Asics Gel Resolution 8

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Pros and Cons of the Asics Gel Resolution 8

Pros of the Asics Gel Resolution 8:

  • The new and improved upper gives a very lightweight feel, which is useful for sharp movements around the court.
  • The sole is one of the most durable on the market, offering ultimate protection and sturdiness
  • They are very suitable for toe draggers due to the new toe protector that adds extra shielding from impact.
  • They are a very supportive frame that keeps the feet well locked in place, protecting them from injury.

Cons of the Asics Gel Resolution 8:

  • Require a little bit of time for breaking in the shoe, which can be an uncomfortable and tedious process.
  • These shoes aren’t as breathable compared to other styles on the market, which can cause the feet to get overheated and swell
  • The narrower fit may be unsuitable for players who have feet on the wider end of the spectrum.
  • Forfeiting on comfort in favor of better stability, they are less comfortable compared to previous models

A summary of the Asics Gel Resolution 8.

Launched in 2019, the Asics Gel Resolution 8 silhouette is the latest, shiniest, newest addition to this range popular among many tennis fans.

Packed full of unique, advanced technologies, the Gel Resolution 8 design has been created with the modern baseline player in mind, encouraging a responsive stride with a close-to-the-court feel.

πŸ‘‰The Gel Resolution range is one of the most popular tennis shoe lines ever made, so it comes as no surprise that Asics wanted to keep the momentum going with this latest addition.

No part of this shoe has been left untouched – every single area has had some enhancement or addition, whether it be a subtle modification or a total makeover.

Asics have confirmed with much pride that, after being tested at the Institute of Sport Science, the Gel Resolution 8 shoes gives 7.2% more dynamic braking force than its predecessor, the Gel Revolution 7, which allows for quicker recovery andsure-footed returns from the baseline.

Features of the Asics Gel Resolution 8: (5-7 bullet points)

  • PGUARDβ„’ toe protector for ultimate shielding
  • DYNAWRAPβ„’ technology to provide extra support
  • FLEXION FITβ„’ upper to give greater flexibility
  • AHARβ„’ outsole to improve durability
  • Rearfoot and forefoot GELβ„’ technology cushioning
  • DYNAWALLβ„’ technology improves stability
  • Removable sock liner

A Detailed Review of The Shoe:

Putting support and stability at the forefront of this design, Asics envisaged making a shoe that offers the optimal combination of these qualities by using intricate technologies, new materials and slightly altering the structure.

πŸ‘‰The main quality of this shoe is the unparalleled support and stability it offers, which is second to none.

The upper is made with that brand’s famous Flexion Fit technology that provides form-fitting support. Integrated with the Dynawall technology, which gives extra stability to the mid-foot during lateral movements, this shoe is very controlled.

πŸ‘‰A torque control feature has been added to the heel counter, which helps keep that feeling of being ‘locked in’ during rapid transitions.

Containing Gel technology cushioning in the heel and mid-foot, this shoe reduces the shock impact from sudden stop-and-go movements around the court.

In addition, the model also features an AHAR compound in the outsole that works in combination with the PGUARD toe protector to strengthen traction on the court and diminish the level of wear.

The durability of this shoe is phenomenal – it is very robust and long-lasting, so you can be sure that a replacement will not be needed for a very long time.

πŸ‘‰To purchase the Asics Gel Resolution 8 and check out the price, click the following link to the Amazon website:

What Makes These Shoes Different from Competitors?

The main feature that sets the Asics Gel Resolution 8 apart from competitors is the sheer number of trademarked technologies that are incorporated into the shoe. From DYNAWRAP to DYNAWALL, there is a scientifically supported piece of technology to enhance every area of the shoe.

πŸ‘‰For players concerned about width, Asics offers the Gel Resolution 8 in a wider fit option, which is a useful addition that allows this model to be more inclusive for a larger variety of people.

The toe box has a more rounded shape than previous styles and competitors, allowing the comfort given by this shoe to crank up a level. In addition, this toe box shape means there is greater cushioning and room in the forefoot region.

Gael Monfils, one of the most agile and athletic players in tennis, helped design the Gel Resolution 8, which sets them apart from competitors from the very off.

It’s not often that a brand will partner with an athlete in the actual designing process, so this makes the Asics Gel Resolution 8 very special indeed.

The Gel Resolution 8 has been proven to offer much more traction than other brands, particularly indoor courts. In addition, the grip on these shoes is second to none.

What Else Is New and Improved from Previous Models?

  • The DYNAWRAP technology is a new feature that resembles thicker textile pieces in the lacing system that cradle the foot when pulled taught
  • The upper has been redesigned with a new PU star-like pattern, which aims to increase the shoe’s flexibility.
  • The new outsole pattern, which, after being tested at the Institute of Sport Science, has been shown to produce 7.2% more dynamic braking force than the Gel Resolution 7.
  • The new DYNAWALL technology has been introduced to this silhouette, sitting beneath the mid-foot to create a good combination of stability and flexibility.

This is achieved by using a solid piece of TPU that acts as a brace, whereby the upper part of the shoe stays over the midsole when a player hits the brakes to change direction. This prevents the risk of slipping or rolling an ankle

What Other Reviewers Have to Say About These Shoes

Many tennis pros and advice websites have reviewed the Asics Gel Resolution 8 in much detail, wearing them on the courts to fully examine how well they feel, perform and enhance gameplay.

Tennis Warehouse is one reviewer website with high expectations in terms of quality and therefore doesn’t shy away from being very truthful.Β 

They assess various different attributes and give them scores out of 5, and then go on to specify what exactly they liked and disliked about the shoe. Lastly, they make a little comparison against competitors, where each reviewer has their chance to express how these shoes fare when pitted against others.

They gave the Comfort factor 4.6/5, Foot Support/Stability a 4.7/5, and ventilation a 4.3/5. Their overall score was a generous 4.5/5, which is a very positive review that captures the advantages of this silhouette.

What They Liked from The Shoes:

  • The shoes are lightweight and comfortable and have a lot of durability and traction, creating a really good balance.
  • The attractive colorway makes for a very nice-looking shoe.
  • The six-month outsole guarantee is a great perk for competitive players who play a lot of tennis and rack up many on-court hours.
  • They are an extremely supportive fit, enhanced by the DURAWRAP lacing system, which creates a nice feeling of snugness

What They Didn’t Like from The Shoes:

  • The thin laces put some pressure on the foot that may not have been as bad had Asics used more traditional laces
  • The underfoot cushioning is not quite as soft and giving as the New Balance Fresh Lav or Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4.
  • It is quite hard to determine if the new Resolution 8 is actually any wider than the previous Resolution 7 style

Run Repeat is another review website that uses expert opinion and user reviews to evaluate the quality of a tennis shoe. They confirm the Asics Gel Resolution 8 scores a 4.5 / 5 based on 605 ratings and specify that 2608 users say the fit is true to size.

The review goes into each part of the shoe, breaking down the anatomy to assess the plus sides and enhancements made to each part of the frame.

The overall impression is extremely positive, emphasizing that the Asics Gel Resolution 8 is an almost perfect update to the Gel Resolution line that really is worth the investment due to the multitude of stable features it offers.

The combined advantages of the modified lacing system, larger lateral wall, and mid-foot shank can drastically improve agility, which is exactly what Gael Monfils is best known for.

What They Liked from The Shoes:

  • The forefoot offers greater flexibility than the previous generation. In addition, the Gel shock support underfoot gives every landing a plush, forgiving feel.
  • Although modified to be a truly stable shoe, it doesn’t weigh much and is surprisingly light for this type of durable shoe.
  • The DYNAWRAP technology used for the lacing system allows movements to feel much more secure
  • This update is instantly comfortable compared to previous generations, requiring little to no break-in time.

What They Didn’t Like from The Shoes:

  • A little pressure on the instep can be felt when strapping up because of the shoes’ thin laces.
  • Those who have to cinch up to the last lace hole to do up the laces find that the strings are slightly too short.

Tennis Nerd wrote a more personal review that included first impressions and the general impression and excitement surrounding the new launch of the line’s latest addition, as the Asics Gel Resolution line is a personal favorite.

This review is mainly based on unboxing the shoe and the initial thoughts that arose from seeing the shoe for the first time.

πŸ‘‰This review didn’t give scores or ratings of the features but offers a more general overview of the shoes. A very generously written review, this review couldn’t think of anything they would want to change about the shoe, implying that it is practically perfect.

What They Liked from The Shoes:

  • The new form of lacing system works well, as the foot feels very secure. In addition, the combination of traditional holes and laces connected to the shoe with textile straps makes for a snugger fit.
  • The Gel Resolution 8 requires no break-in at all. It is perfectly ready from the get-go
  • The cushioning feels a lot softer in comparison with the Gel Resolution 7.
  • The design is cool and attractive

What They Didn’t Like from The Shoes:

  • This all-court pattern will not work well on clay, as it has pretty large sections that will not grip the clay enough.

Tennis Express offers a comparative review that looks at how the Resolution 8 compares with Resolution 7, which gives a pretty good perspective. The main positive aspect they pointed out from this shape was the great durability and stability of this shoe.

Leaving out quite a few of the other technologies used in this shoe, the main focus is on how bulky the shoe is, and how surprised the reviewer was at the incredible amounts of stability this offers. After play-testing this shoe, this review offers very positive feedback.

What They Liked from The Shoes:

  • The DYNAWALL system massively increases support in the midsole and is particularly noticeable when making lateral, side-to-side baseline movements.
  • The durability is outstanding, and the 6-month warranty is a fantastic feature that enhances this.
  • The tread pattern is effective at gripping the court without feeling too sticky.

What They Didn’t Like from The Shoes:

  • The Asics Gel Resolution 8 is not as soft compared to the previous version
  • The straps can feel a little too snug at the very beginning when first putting this shoe on

πŸ‘‰Lastly, but by no means least, Tennis Shoes Lab has written a very well-rounded review that provides an in-depth analysis of each shoe component, concluding with which one is the best.

There is a lot of comparison with the previous model to demonstrate the genuine enhancements and additions that make the shoe different.

The midsole achieved a 5/5, whereas the previous generation scored a 4.5 for this part of the shoe.

The higher score is due to the Dynamo lateral technology that provides great support and stability, which is a huge advantage when playing aggressively on the court. This feature also makes it easier to pick up the pace and cover the court at the same time.

The upper also scored a 5/5, with the Gel Resolution 7 scoring a 4/5. This higher rating comes from the fact that the Resolution 8 has a Flexion Fit upper, which, in comparison to the anti-gravel upper featured on the Resolution 7, provides much better breathability.

The mesh helps air to flow in and out of the shoe, whereas the encasing feel of the previous style’s upper didn’t offer this airflow.

What They Liked from The Shoes:

  • The Resolution 8 has 5 different colorways, all of which make the shoe very attractive and offer a wider selection to fit more people’s tastes.
  • The breathability offered by the mesh upper prevents the feet from overheating and provides adequate ventilation
  • Although weighing slightly heavier, this does not impede performance

What They Didn’t Like from The Shoes:

  • The Gel Resolution 8 is quite expensive, especially compared to the previous model, so it might not be suitable for everyone’s budget.
  • The DYNAWRAP technology integrated into the lacing system might not be the best for those with wider feet

πŸ‘‰It is clear that the Asics Gel Resolution 8 scores very highly among most reviews and users. It is clear that the brand has taken the complaints from the previous model into consideration when designing the new model, using the feedback to create the perfect, most ideal shoe.

The biggest enhancement of this shoe is the stability and support offered, reinforced by the extended DYNAWALL and DYNAWRAP lacing system that adds stability.

Although some reviews have pointed out the initial stiffness, every review has confirmed this is only short-lasting and is nothing to worry about, as, after a few hours, they are incredibly comfortable.

Even though this shoe has been designed by Gael Monfils, a player who is best known for his agility and sliding around the court. There is no saying that these shoes are limited to these types of players. They truly are suitable for everyone and have made improvements.

πŸ‘‰For an informative, in-depth review on the Asics Gel Resolution 8, watch this insightful video created by Tennis Warehouse:

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