Review of Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 Shoes

Review of Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 Shoes

The Pros and Cons of Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 Shoes

👉 Pros:

  • The shoes are very lightweight, making them easier to move around
  • Features such as the Adituff wrapping around the shoe make it extremely durable.
  • The design mixes stability and aesthetic to keep the shoe very stable but still looking visually attractive
  • The mesh material gives the shoe extra breathability

👉 Cons:

  • The toe box part of the shoe lacks durability, as the material is not more flexible than it is sturdy.
  • The shoe’s arch support may be lacking for certain players
  • Some who have purchased the shoe online have noted that the fit of a half-size is too small.
  • Some wear has been seen on the shoe, especially around the front, after several days of playing on the court.😻

Table of Contents

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1. A Summary of Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 Shoes

The Adizero Ubersonic 3 shoes from Adidas are marketed towards female and male tennis players looking for an especially lightweight but stable design.

These shoes are designed for a disruptive and aggressive playstyle, which the shoes will support with their supportive mesh and polyurethane materials.

The shoes are designed with the previous shoes in the Ubersonic series in mind to make improvements that will be even better for players.

👉 Adidas customers have positively received the shoes and largely praised for the attributes that allow for support around the feet and ankles while playing fast.

2. Features of Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 Shoes

  • Lace closure
  • Mesh upper shoe
  • Durable Adiwear and All-court outsoles
  • Abrasion-resistant Adituff toe
  • Full-length midsole made of polyurethane
  • Sock-like design to hug the foot and ankle
  • Sprinframe construction

A. A Detailed Review of Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 Shoes

The Adizero Ubersonic 3 shoes are the third release in Adidas’s Ubersonic series, released in late 2019. They come in several different colors, though the original design was a grey three-stripe design with orange flashes.

The heel of the shoe is very distinctive, featuring a honeycomb-like pattern to match the mesh upper. They are worn by some big names in the tennis industry, such as Alexander Zverev Jr, Kristina Mladenovic, and Stefanos Tsitsipas.

👉 The Adizero Ubersonic 2 shoes lack this feature, with a plainer, smoother heel and sole wrapping around the shoe.

The Ubersonic 3 shoes also have a sock-like construction that hugs the lower ankle and connects it more to the ground, just as previous versions have. However, it has been combined with a more cushioned midsole and very light structure to ensure the wearer can stay on their front foot.

This, combined with the extra support around the rest of the foot and the ankle, and an outsole with lots of traction, should provide enough stability for even the fastest and most aggressive player.

The shoe uses Sprintframe and Adituff technology from their previous shoes to combine the best materials for the shoes 👌.

This results in a very light, breathable, and flexible shoe with enough comfort and snugness to make anyone’s feet feel protected without being weighed down.

The shoe’s laces are enclosed as well, so that the design flows much smoother, and the tightness on the upper shoe doesn’t result in uneven pressure on the player’s feet.

The sock-like design also extends internally, keeping the feet tightly within the shoe, all around.

They have been received positively, and though they are marketing as men’s tennis shoes, many women have also been ordering and using them😻.

Reviews show women also find the shoe to perfectly fit and work amazingly on the court as well. On Amazon, the shoes have received a 4.4 out of 5-star rating, with the large majority of customers leaving five-star reviews on them.

The shoes start at $130.00 USD, though the price might vary from site to site. They are definitely a little on the pricier range when it comes to tennis shoes, but the quality of the shoe justifies such a price tag.

For a comprehensive video review of the shoes and how well they perform, check out this video done by the Tennis Warehouse:

B. How Are the Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 Shoes Different from Competitors?

Adidas has seriously considered lightweight performance and has undertaken research and design improvements to their shoes, which will rival other competitors in the tennis world.

Their competitors, such as Nike, Asics, and Under Armour, have done their part to make their shoes stand out as well, but Adidas has made efforts to focus these shoes on a specific kind of player😊.

It is evident they have taken feedback from their previous releases and tailored the design of the Adizero Ubersonic 3’s to suit these players better.

These shoes have a definite focus towards a disruptive playstyle and cater towards exactly that. Every feature of the shoe propels it towards being a lighter, more comfortable, easier-to-wear, a faster shoe that gains traction on the court even when doing difficult movements.

According to some reviewers who compared the shoes to the shoes of other brands they have tried, the Adizero Ubersonic 3’s scored higher points with them when it comes to the actual fit of the shoe on their feet, comfort, plush cushioning, and the construction of the bootee.

👉 Many also liked the minimal but gorgeous design of the shoes, with the colors and mesh stripes, as well as the honeycomb pattern on the heel complementing each other well. The reviewers compared them to shoes from Nike, Babolat, and Asics.

They were also compared to the Adizero Ubersonic 2’s, and the new and improved version performed much better in several areas.

The mesh and sock-like construction in particular, were a large improvement from the last shoes.

C. What Other Reviewers Have to Say About the Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 Shoes

The Tennis Warehouse reviewed the Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 shoes, rating it on comfort, ventilation, arch support, foot support/stability, overall sole durability, toe durability, traction, and weight.

It received a 4.5 overall from them, with every category explained in-depth as they asked several play-testers to try out the shoes on the court in a variety of drills and plays.

They also asked testers to compare other tennis shoes they have tried, and the shoes scored well against them as well, though players did mention personal preference would affect which features of the shoe worked best and which didn’t feel as right👍.

What They Liked:

  • The lightness of the shoes and quickness that could be achieved with them.
  • The comfortable construction of the bootee.
  • The amount of traction that could be achieved and that the traction was not affected even after several plays.

What They Disliked:

  • A lack of durability around the toe area in the front of the shoe, and the toe guard itself lacking in material.
  • The fit of the shoe when it came to half-size lengths.

The shoes were also reviewed by Tennis Shoes Lab, who also gave it an overall positive score. They praise the Ubersonic 3’s speed, comfort, and durability in particular and recommend them to any players who are looking for these characteristics in a shoe.

👉 They also have some criticisms of the shoe that Adidas could take into consideration the next time they release a shoe in the Ubersonic series.

Tennis Shoes Lab took the time to review the shoe in several attributes: design, lightweight and breathability, stability, durability and flexibility, performance, eco-friendliness, comfort, fit, cushioning, and even color options.

Their review went in-depth into every aspect of the shoe, though it seems that one person conducted their review and not a group of play-testers 👍.

What They Liked:

  • Tennis Shoes Lab loved the show was very lightweight, which lets the player run quickly on the court.
  • They also liked how comfortable the shoe was in several aspects, thanks to the cushioning on the midsole, sock liner, and bootie construction. This stopped the player from feeling any pain or discomfort in their feet, even when they had to make sharp turns or dig into the ground for power😻.
  • Despite how light the shoe is, it still gave the player great traction since the outsole’s design, and material gripped the surface area.
  • The shoe is made from Parley Ocean Plastic, a recycled plastic made from waste,making the production much more environmentally friendly.

What They Disliked:

  • The fit needs improvement around the toe box since players with wider feet may find it too uptight and cause some discomfort or even less stability.

Tennis Express’s Ammara Mukhi reviewed the Adizero Ubersonic 3’s as well and also gave the shoes a great overall score on many key aspects Adidas was aiming for. These include cushioning, stability, breathability, and fit.

👉 Mukhi makes sure to include a description and explanation of the technologies that go into the shoe as well.

These include the seamless stretch-mesh bootee construction AdiPRENE+, 3D Torsion System, SprintFrame construction, AdiWEAR 6, and AdiTuff, which are all incorporated in Adidas shoes. Mukhi also recommends the shoes to anyone who prioritizes a lightweight shoe and responsiveness when playing tennis.

What They Liked:

  • The cushioning of the shoes is not just very comfortable, and they provided great responsiveness and optimum stability.
  • The fit of the shoes was perfect; the feet felt very snug, and the shoe itself fit like a glove.
  • Even though the fit was snug and applied perfect pressure (including on the toe box), the airflow was still very good as well, and their feet did not overheat at all.

What They Disliked:

  • After a week of playtesting, there was noticeable, although minor, wear on the toe guard. This could be improved later on.
  • The shoe’s arch support is rather low, which may suit many people very well, but could be an issue for others.

Run Repeat tested the Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3’s and compiled the opinions of 10 experts and over 100 users from their reviews.

They tested the shoe in all areas that have been mentioned above, but also in material, support, tread pattern, reinforcement, and how the shoe performed, in contrast to the Adizero Ubersonic 2’s. In these areas, the shoes scored pretty good scores overall.

👉 The material of the shoes was explained to be made from a proprietary Adiwear 6 outsole setup, which is abrasion-resistant and delivers excellent traction.

The tread pattern is described as a herringbone pattern to prevent slipping and sliding on the hardcourt, while the wide edges actually aid in controlled sliding.

Reinforcement in her shoes comes from the Adituff rubber material in the toe area and forefoot, to prevent sliding and bruising and simultaneously aid in intense lateral movement.

Run Repeat explains the shoe also comes with a lace closure to give the lace fit a more customized lockdown feel for the player.

What They Liked:

  • The Adizero Ubersonic 3’s has much better breathability than the Ubersonic 2’s, thanks to the Primeknit construction of mesh on the upper shoe.
  • The design is visually minimalist, which offers both a simpler beauty to the shoe and helps the lightweight aspect. The few hard casings on the outside of the shoe are vital but do not weigh the player down.
  • The cushioning of the Ubersonic 3’s is superior to the Ubersonic 2’s, as the supportive chassis and midsole were noticeably better at providing support and stability😻.

What They Disliked:

  • Run Repeat’s review did not detail any distinct criticisms or areas of improvement for these shoes.

Tennis Companions’ review gave high ratings on comfort, stability, durability, traction, and ventilation for the Adizero Ubersonic 3’s, and overall, the shoes gained a 9.04 out of 10 score from them.

Out of all of the ratings, the shoes scored the lowest on durability, with an 8.7. Every other rating scored a 9 or higher. The Tennis Companions also included the shoe’s specifications of size, width, arch support, weight, and colors it is available to be purchased in. 

What They Liked:

  • The comfort of the Adizero Ubersonic 3’s is terrific, thanks to the midsole and Adiprene technology used in the shoe’s heel.
  • The torsion system of the shoe allows for the front and back of the foot to move independently, which is great for difficult moves on the court.
  • The lightweight geometric design provides great stability to the wearer.
  • The shoe’s bootie is constructed as a seamless piece of breathable fabric strategically placed around the shoe’s upper, which is comfortable and stable.

What They Disliked:

  • The durability of the shoe can be improved, although the rest of the shoe is well-rounded.

In summary, the Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3’s is an incredibly lightweight, stable shoe that offers both characteristics without sacrificing some of one for the shoe.

Though there might be confusion around which sex the shoe is specifically marketed towards, with some descriptions clashing. The shoe can be used amazingly for both men and women tennis players.

This can be seen even by some top names in the game, and their performance on the court speaks to the versatility the shoe has, as long as the size is right for the player😻.

To buy the shoe and ensure it will fit as best as it can, and therefore perform as best as it can, make sure to size your feet on-site and test the shoe on before buying it immediately.

If buying online, try to review how the shoe performs on the court and on a player’s feet who have a similar size and playing style to you. The Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3’s can be purchased at a starting price of $130.00, but the overall quality of the shoe and how long it will provide great performance justifies the price.

Many reviewers also agree with the price and have given high scores in many areas so that the customer who prioritizes a lightweight, breathable, durable, and fast shoe will be able to buy the perfect design.

To get a good idea of how the shoe performs in real life, definitely look at some video reviews before purchasing.

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