Review of Tennis Shoes Asics Court FF 2

Review of Tennis Shoes: Asics Court FF 2

Table of Contents

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#1 The Pros and Cons of Asics Court FF 2 Shoes


  • The shoes keep the player’s feet stable and sturdy on the ground.
  • They are quite comfortable, which is important while performing heavy movement on the court.
  • There is no need to break a new pair in extensively before planning to use them; they are ready to wear fresh from the factory and won’t be uncomfortable during the first few wears
  • The mono sock design looks attractive but is very convenient and easy to put on; there is no need to adjust the tightness of the laces or move the tongue of the shoe around before or during wear.

πŸ‘‰ Cons:

  • The laces are quite thin; some players who prefer thicker laces and very tight lacing and who move aggressively on the court might need to replace the laces
  • Some players feel the shoe’s design is bulky and have to get used to moving around in them before feeling fully comfortable.
  • Others feel the top of the shoe, with its mono sock design, put too much pressure on the ankles, which can be distracting when moving around on the court😊.
  • The material is durable but not as breathable as other tennis shoes in the market. They can struggle with ventilation, leading to heat building up around the feet.

Table of Contents

#2 A Summary of the Asics Court FF 2 Shoes

The Asics Court FF 2 pair of tennis shoes is one of the newest products dropped by Asics at the time of writing.

The FF in the name stands for FlyteFoam, a new technology developed by Asics that has been used in many pairs of their sports shoes. Asics describes the shoe as being packed full of technical features, which should aid every play in twists and jumps specifically πŸ‘.

They want players to feel comfortable, stable, and powerful and have used advanced technology to achieve that sensation.

The Asics Court FF 2 are easily distinguishable by color scheme alone. All pairs sporting a brightly colored Asics logo across the sides, coming in popping colors like mako blue, classic red, amber, black and white.

#3 Features of the Asics Court FF 2 Shoes

  • AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) Outsole in critical areas to improve durability
  • Trusstic System Technology to reduce the sole’s weight and retain structural integrity
  • MONO-SOCK Technology Fit System using an internal elastic sleeve instead of a tongue.
  • GEL Technology to provide cushioning that will absorb shock
  • FLYTEFOAM Midsole Technology that uses super organic fibers for a better bounce back and responsiveness
  • Solyte Midsole Material for better cushioning and durability
  • FLYTEFOAM Technology
  • Removable OrthoLite sock liner for moisture management
  • 9 mm heel drop

A. A Detailed Review of the Asics Court FF 2 Shoes

The shoes have received very positive reviews from customers, with 4/5 stars total and good reviews on fit, width, comfort, and quality πŸ‘.

Asics have put in a lot of effort to research and develop this shoe, having promised and delivered several new technologies or improvements to this shoe.

They prioritize the player’s comfort and durability, using several features to make the quality of the shoe better through cushioning, strength in material, and convenience of design.

πŸ‘‰ Positive reviews praise the shoes for the great traction, ankle support, comfort, and durability. However, some criticisms of the shoe can be weighed in when thinking of purchasing.

The pair of shoes are priced at $170.00 on the Asics website, with men’s sizes 6 through 15 produced and available and a standard width. Both male and female players can use the shoe but will have to follow men’s sizing guidelines.

B. How Are the Asics Court FF 2 Different from Competitors?

When it comes to tennis shoes, Asics has some big competitors. Companies like Adidas, Nike, New Balance, and more are all producing high-quality tennis shoes that are quite popular and even have similar or lower pricesπŸ‘Œ.

Functions like comfort, durability, and breathability are all popular and are what customers seek in their tennis shoes.

Competitors make efforts to ensure their shoes have all these features and more but through different means.

Adidas, for example, uses Cloudfoam midsoles in their Gamecourt tennis shoes, and New Balance features ABZORB technology in their men’s 608 V5 Comfort cross-trainers.

Out of all of their competitors, Asics use the newest technological features in their Court FF 2 shoes; it is quite literally ‘packed full,’as they describe it on their official website.

Everything in the shoe, from the midsole, insole, ‘tongue’ (now an internal sleeve sock), outsole, sock liner, and external design, has been carefully crafted and added to with technology, specifically to help players reach and hit the ball back perfectly.

Another thing is they are very specific with what this shoe is looking to accomplish – it is for tennis players who are running around on the court. So it has been crafted with the materials of the court, the functions of the shoe, and the movement of the wearer in mind.

Their COURT series has been well-received in general, but the Court FF 2 seems to have even more features than other products in the series, such as the Court Speed FF and Court FF 2 Clay shoes.

πŸ‘‰While the differences in the descriptions may seem small – the Court FF 2 Clay shoes are only different in that they have Clay court outsoles and lack midsole features. They are noticeable on the court when slight changes can mean everything to practicality while playing.

Some customers have criticized the shoes for certain features – some which can be easily solved, and some which would require an entirely new and different pair of shoes. These range from the thin laces, which to some😻

For an in-depth video review showing how the shoe performs on a real court with real players, try checking out this review by the Tennis Warehouse here:

So, what makes the Court FF 2 shoes better?

  1. They are more comfortable, agile, and flexible.
  2. They provide stability without being too clunky, and the soles are thick and have a hard outline without getting in the way of the player.
  3. The support from the mono-sock and removable sock liner also makes it easier to put on and break-in.
  4. Despite being made from lightweight material, they do not wear easily – giving a player high-quality performance long-term😻.

#4 What Other Reviewers Have to Say About the Court FF 2 Shoes

Perfect Tennis’s review of the shoes covered its technology and their implications and tested the shoes out on the court for a real impression of stability, durability, traction, and weight, and how they affected his playing. Photos of the shoes on and a video on how they moved during a playtest were included for readers to get a better idea of how they performed😊.

Overall, the shoes received a great rating from the reviewer, stating that the shoes combined the best qualities of the Asics Gel Resolution 7 and Solution Speed FF shoes for the best comfort. It scored a perfect five stars in all except durability, scoring just a little below five full stars.

πŸ‘‰ What They Liked:

  • The shoe was extremely comfortable, stable, and supportive.
  • It seemed more flexible than the Court FF’s, the shoes that came before this pair.
  • The shoes worked well on many surfaces, from indoor hard courts to artificial grass courts.
  • It was a good weight – not too light and not too heavy.

πŸ‘‰ What They Disliked:

  • They agree that the laces may be too thin for some, but luckily can be easily fixed by switching them out with a different pair of thicker laces.
  • The Court FF 2 shoes are slightly less durable than the Addidas Barricades.

The Tennis Warehouse reviewed the shoes, noting Novak Djokovic had worn the shoes, a professional tennis player from Serbia, before their public release.

They note the shoe has more support with a blend of mesh and TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) materials and an outsole inspired by motorcycle tires😻.

Their review is very detailed and rated the shoes on comfort, ventilation, arch support, foot support/stability, overall sole durability, toe durability, traction, and weight.

Overall, they award the shoe a 4.6 out of 5, with the shoe scoring highest in foot support/stability and lowest in ventilation.

πŸ‘‰ What They Liked:

  • The shoe performed well in support, stability, traction, and cushioning.
  • Asics kept the most popular elements of the shoes, like the mono-sock and FlyteFoam technology.
  • The rounded feel of the new outsoles results in better control for players.

πŸ‘‰ What They Disliked:

  • The laces were too thin for some players and can come undone easier than others and put uncomfortable pressure on top of the feet when tied tightly.
  • There is a slight break-in needed and were uncomfortable for the first couple of hours on the court.
  • They did not come with a durability guarantee.
  • They struggled with ventilation due to the durable upper part of the sock, so the player’s feet overheated slightly.

Tennis Nerd reviewed the shoes and also gave it a great score for its comfort, design, and support.

After trying the Court FF shoes a year prior and finding them too tight-fitting for his build, the reviewer gave the Court FF 2 an unbiased try. His experience with them showed Asics had made the shoes roomier and not as low as their predecessor.

The reviewer also admits to still preferring the Gel Resolution 7 shoes, as they fit his unique build with wider feet and a higher arc, more than any other so far. However, he remains impartial and praises the Court FF 2 shoes for their qualities.

πŸ‘‰ What They Liked:

  • The shoe hugs the foot better and did not have any break-in needed.
  • The wave-like pattern on the outsoles and design of the shoe is outstanding.
  • There was no wear on the shoes even after playing ten practice sessions.

πŸ‘‰What They Disliked:

  • The mono-sock technology is not for everyone, and some players may feel too much tightness and pressure on the upper part of the shoe.
  • Some players in Sweden had issues with cracks in the material but were given a new pair of shoes right away without issue.

Tennis Companion reviewed the shoes with a focus not just on the great aspects but on where they could possibly be improved.

They include a description of their unboxing experience compared with their expectations after viewing the photos online. They note the larger profile of the shoe, giving it a heavy look, but are actually very light when picked up😊.

The reviewer takes them for a playtest on the court and takes them through a two-mile run on the beach and agility training to test how they performed with different movements.

Overall, the reviewer ended up loving the shoes so much that they became a new favorite pair, listing several pros as well as cons.

πŸ‘‰ What They Liked:

  • The shoes are extremely stable in every situation and feel secure, no matter what kind of movement they are put through.
  • The shoes’ guards lend great protection to all foot areas, including toes, ankles, and soles.
  • The foam material in the collar of the shoes is very comfortable and plush.
  • Lacing them up is easy; in fact, the thinner laces make them easier to pull tight and lace-up.

πŸ‘‰ What They Disliked:

  • The shoes can feel slightly clunky at times, despite their lightweight and easy maneuverability.
  • The thicker material of the shoe’s vamp (the upper part of the shoe between the tongue and toecap) can put pressure on the foot if it is not creased in the right way, which can be difficult to adjust while moving.
  • They might not fit those who have wider feet. Even though they are medium width, they hug the feet tightly.
  • The ventilation was not great and caused some discomfort after heavy wear.

Racket Lounge reviewed the Court FF 2 shoes and went through detailed descriptions of the technology that went into every feature of the shoes, explaining how each one benefits the different criteria the shoes fill😻.

They praise the shoes for their agility, comfort, and enhanced toe durability, and their pros outweigh the cons.

Going through every feature, the shoe has to offer also gives the reader a better understanding of how exactly the shoe is different from those that came before it, both from competitors and from the Court series Asics has developed.

πŸ‘‰ What They Liked:

  • Better agility and movement are expected due to the mono-sock design and the Twisstruss feature.
  • The shoes are very comfortable due to the lightweight of the tennis shoes since Asics has taken care to reduce the heaviness of the soles (which are usually the clunkiest part of a tennis shoe).
  • The shoes have enhanced toe durability and better control.
  • They work well for players who play casually or who are looking to play competitively.

πŸ‘‰ What They Disliked:

  • They are costlier than other tennis shoes, as others can be bought for around $100.00 while the Court FF 2 are nearly twice as much.
  • The laces are thin.

Overall, the Court FF 2 shoes from Asics are great for pretty much any kind of player, and even those who feel they won’t fit its specifications can expect to get a good performance out of the shoes 😊.

Asics has made a huge effort to show their customers they prioritize the comfort, stability, and durability of their shoes without compromising any design features. The design and colors of the shoe itself have been widely appreciated.

Many who have criticisms of the shoe are due to individual differences or preferences, while others can be fixed easily, such as the thin laces.

πŸ‘‰ Though they might be a pricier option on the market, it seems reviewers think the shoes are well worth their price tag and think the shoes are not limited to anyone kind of movement.

They can be used on any kind of tennis court, even if they are on the beach! In summary, the many technological features of the shoe are not just for show, and Asics has taken great care to put something out that will fit everyone.

If you are considering buying this shoe, make sure to watch a video review of the shoe’s performance in real life to get a good idea of how they actually look when in movement and on the ground😻.

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