Review on Babolat Pure Aero

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Review on Tennis Racket: Babolat Pure Aero 2019

The Pros and Cons of The Babolat Pure Aero 2019

Four pros

  • The Babolat Pure Aero features a design meant to create explosive power for great
  • It also gives a good spin on balls.
  • The racket has had updates but has kept the technologies that have made it so popular in the first place.
  • It is comfortable and can be controlled easily for a better, faster, and more satisfying game.

 Four cons

  • It can be difficult to control flat shots, as the racket’s swing weight might affect it negatively.
  • The racket can be slightly difficult to balance and might lack stability.
  • It is not as specialized for advanced players as other rackets are.
  • There are no huge changes from the previous Pure Aero rackets in Babolat’s series.

A Summary of The Babolat Pure Aero 2019

Babolat’s Pure Aero 2019 tennis racket is one of the latest in the series of Pure Aero rackets. It made heads turn with some new features, popping appearance, and support from pro tennis player Rafael Nadal.

👉This racket is advertised as suitable for intermediate or advanced players and has used several material technologies from previous versions to keep its signature feel and excellent features.

Babolat has also added some updates to the racket to improve power and spin with this new version. It makes it easier for players to deliver explosive shots on the court without worrying too much about how difficult it will be to strike.

This racket comes in a bright butter yellow and dark blue or black color scheme👍.

Features of the Racket

  1. Graphite composition
  2. Carbon fiberbuild
  3. Aeromodular 3 beam construction technology for less drag
  4. Smacwrap
  5. Babolat’s Cortex Pure Feel for better vibration dampening
  6. FSI spin using a WOOFER System

A Detailed Review of the Racket

This racket’s specifications are as follows.

  • Grip sizes vary from 4 to 4 5/8
  • Weight of 10 oz (unstrung)
  • 320 mm balance (unstrung)
  • 16/19 string pattern
  • 71 stiffness or RA
  • Length of 27 in or 69 cm
  • 4 pts headlight
  • 324 swing weight
  • 110 sq in head size

The Babolat Pure Aero 2019 has three distinctive benefits: better power, spin, and feel.

👉 Each of the technologies used in the racket’s design contributes to the benefits in some way.

The Aeromodular 3 technology builds a frame that integrates the bumper and grommets to increase speed and spin generation for power and spin.

FSI Spin with an open string pattern does the same, but it also maximizes the feel and control the player can experience.

The Cortex Pure Feel technology also dampens vibration with new materials combined into the graphite constructionto improve both feel and sound.

The racket comes unstrung, and Babolat recommends RPM Blast or RPM Rough strings.

Pre-strung Pure Aero 2019 rackets can also be easily found or requested when purchasing at the right places.

👉The racket is praised for the above benefits and is easy to handle, light in weight, and incredibly fast to swing.

Its specs, such as head size and weight, are not out of the ordinary but are designed specifically for the criteria above, so they are only slightly different from other rackets. Its stiffness rating, for example, is lower than its predecessors in the Pure Aero series👍.

Pro tennis player Rafael Nadal has endorsed the racket and Jennifer Brady, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, and more, and for a good reason.

Reviews and reception of the racket have been overwhelmingly positive worldwide, with only minor criticisms.

👉However, this racket is much more specialized for players who already have their techniques down and can handle the amount of power and spin it offers.

Beginner players and those who are younger may have some difficulty using this racket on the court.

The racket is priced at $210.00 and maybe priced a little higher when pre-strung. It can be purchased online either at the Babolat website or on other stores like Amazon:

This comprehensive video review by Tennis Companion on YouTube is a great example of how the Pure Aero 2019 moves on the court, not just in general but also for specific strokes!

Check it out if you want a detailed description of how the racket looks, feels, and performs:

What Makes This Racket Different from Competitors?

The Babolat Pure Aero 2019 sets itself apart in the market by being endorsed by multiple different pro tennis players worldwide. Not only this, but Babolat has collaborated with many of those professionals to help with their 22 Grand Slam singles titles on tour.

👉This is all due to their focus on improving the spin of their rackets, culminating in the several technologies that the Pure Aero 2019 now has. This technology comes from a partnership Babolat has with SMAC, which has long been involved in the aerospace industry.

Babolat has long been on the path to creating the best tennis equipment since the early 2000s and more and has now released a racket that intermediate and advanced players can handle better on the court👍.

What Other Reviewers Have to Say About This Racket

This racket has not escaped the eye of other avid tennis fans, and many reviews have come out giving their thoughts on how the racker performs. These reviews will detail how the racket will compare to other brands on the market and the previous Pure Aero rackets released by Babolat.

Tennis Nerd reviewed the racket very comprehensively, including testing how the racket performed with different kinds of strokes.

👉This reviewer used Babolat Pro Extreme and MSV Focus Hex Soft tennis strings and compared how they performed. They recommended using a poly string with higher tension to better control the racket’s power.

The reviewer also explains this racket is tailored to Rafael Nadal’s game, and the high stiffness of the racket and the power it provides help him with that. For that reason, it is probably not a good fit for beginner players.

What They Liked About It:

  • This edition of the Pure Aero series has a much better, softer feel.
  • It offers amazing spin and a good western grip.
  • The power level of the racket fits both an aggressive and defensive baseliner player.

What They Didn’t Like About It:

  • This racket is not good for flat balls or slice-and-dice playing styles. It doesn’t do well for volley players with traditional tennis mechanics either.
  • Beginner and lower-level players could sustain wrist and elbow injuries using this racket since it is so stiff. Even though there is vibration dampening technology, it is still meant to be handled by higher-level players.
  • The reviewer wanted an even heavier swing weight.

The Tennis Warehouse’s review scored the Pure Aero 2019 racket on several kinds of strokes out of a hundred – on volleys, serves, and returns.

Several play-testers used the racket on the court. They compared it to past Pure Aero rackets and those from other brands, each player giving a score of their own for power, serves, control, groundstrokes, maneuverability, returns, stability, slice, comfort topspin, touch/feel, and lastly volleys.

The racket received very positive scores ranging from 7.9 to 9.5 based on the player. From the strokes, the racket received average scores of 82 to 87 out of 100.

What They Liked About It:

  • The Pure Aero 2019 packed a lot of spins and had a good sound of impact.
  • The racket has a large sweet spot, so getting in a good hit back won’t be too difficult.
  • It can still be controlled well, even with how powerful it is.
  • It is definitely more comfortable and better to use than the older Pure Aero version.

What They Didn’t Like About It:

  • The racket could have slightly more stability.
  • It doesn’t perform as well on flat shots.
  • The weight balance was difficult to control on certain shots, especially when trying to catch the ball late.

The Tennis Bros also reviewed the racket and found it performed even better than expected, earning an overall score of 8 out of 10 👍.

The reviewer also took the time to explain, in detail, how the Pure Aero 2019 played on various kinds of strokes and how certain players might adapt to it. Even more, the reviewer took into account all the changes that were made with this new version.

While the reviewer originally thought the changes would not be noticeable, they found they got more air and spin than expected.

   What They Liked About It:

  1. The spin, speed, and power are improved from the last Pure Aero racket and did well with serves, second serves, and groundstrokes.
  2. The racket could also be maneuvered very easily, so the reviewer did not need to twist their body or grip to make difficult shots.
  3. Hitting the ball out in front of your body, as well as pushing it from the back, can both be done with a lot of power and ease.

   What They Didn’t Like About It:

  1. This reviewer felt that many advanced players would look for a racket with more control and stability than spin and power since a high-level player naturally generate those.
  2. The reviewer didn’t feel it was improved enough to immediately purchase and use the Pure Aero 2019 version to replace their last racket.

The Tennis Tribe reviewed the Pure Aero 2019 racket, looked at the pros and cons, and explained the different models in the Pure Aero series.

The company includes information on what type of tennis goals this racket will accomplish for players and what it will not accomplish. They also included this version is lighter, easier to handle but does not have as much control.

What They Liked About It:

  • The racket works well in improving the spin and power of shots, groundstrokes, and serves.
  • It performs the best at the baseline on the court.

What They Didn’t Like About It:

  • It does not perform as well at the net, nor does it improve volleys or doubles.
  • It also does not have as much control as previous rackets in the Pure Aero series.

👍Lastly, but not least, the Tennis Companion’s review is very comprehensive and even provides background to the racket’s conception.

They take a completely unbiased position to thoroughly explain the racket’s features, specifications, performance, and differences from other models in the Pure Aero series. Their disclaimer to be aware of each variation of Pure Aero racket is important since they are all painted and designed similarly. A player might confuse one model for another while looking to buy.

What They Liked About It:

  • The design is very aerodynamic and sleek, letting the racket slice through the air faster and smoother.
  • The bumper guard design is also an improvement from past variations of the Pure Aero rackets.
  • The vibration dampening technology is beneficial to all players.

What They Didn’t Like About It:

  • The reviewer does not say they dislike this – but they do make the reader aware that professional players endorsing the racket are not using models right off the shelf; they have probably been customized. To get peak performance, especially as a serious player, look for customizations that will fit your specifications too!


The Pure Aero 2019 tennis racket from Babolat is a great racket, and although the changes it has made are not exactly major, they are definitely enough for players to feel a difference.

👉The improvements this racket focuses on are power, spin, and feel.

While it isn’t for every kind of player to use and excel with, it can definitely improve the right player’s game explosively.

To make sure you have the best Pure Aero 2019 racket, make sure to consider grip size guides, string material, and your play style👍.

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Review by Marc Peppin – Won 40+ International Titles – Canadian #1