Review on Head Ti S6

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Review on Tennis Racket: The Head Ti S6

The Pros and Cons of The Head Ti S6 Racket

1.Four pros

  • Larger-than-average specs on this racket head and length results in a larger sweet spot to hit a ball back with deal power and spin while being more forgiving with off-center hits.
  • The racket’s weight (8.9 oz) is very light for the size of the racket and would be a good fit for anyone looking for a lightweight racket to take some strain away from the elbows and shoulders.
  • The racket comes pre-strung, so it is ready to be on the court as soon as it arrives. It is also less of a hassle for players who aren’t experienced stringing a racket.
  • The racket is durable despite the lightweight aspect and will deliver strong blows without expending too much energy.

2.Four cons

  • The racket is supposed to dampen vibration coming from the impact of the ball. However, there is still slight vibration that can be noticeably felt in the hands and arms. This is probably due to its lightweight frame.
  • Beginner players (or those who may suffer from tennis elbow) may find better use of this racket than advanced players who want a more powerful and precise racket.
  • Due to the larger head specs and longer grip, the Head Ti S6 does have the same stability as other rackets on the market, and it can be a little harder to control.
  • The large head can also affect swinging power, making it more difficult to get a very powerful 👍.

A Summary of The Head Ti S6

The Ti S6 tennis racket from the Austrian sports equipment company HEAD is one of the latest in their Ti racket series, which features other rackets like Ti. Reward, Ti Instinct Comp, and more.

The Ti S6 is extra-long and has a larger racket head, which makes it very distinctive.

The length means it is best used for players who are older than 12 to fully grown adults, as it will be more difficult to maneuver for younger children.

The name ‘Ti’ itself stands for Titanium, from which all the rackets in this series are made (usually combined with other lightweight and powerful materials for the best design).

It is marketed as a particularly beneficial racket for beginner players and is made of composite materials that keep it lightweight without sacrificing sturdiness. The Ti S6 is also available in three different grip sizes: 4 ¼, 4 ½, 4 1/8, 4 3/8, and 4 5/8.

Features of the Racket

  1. Head size of 115 in2 and 1” or 8 points head heavy
  2. Racket beam 28.55 mm
  3. 16×19 string pattern
  4. 8 oz weight, 8.8 oz pre-strung
  5. 27 ¾ length
  6. Durable titanium and graphite fiber technology
  7. Comes pre-strung

A Detailed Review of the Racket

The HEAD TiS6 tennis racket is one of the latest drops in the Ti series. Though HEAD is based in Austria, their racket production has been moved to China and Japan. Regardless of the location, they are made. HEAD tennis rackets are made with great quality and strong materials. Their research and development to continuously improve every racket they create stands out.

👉This racket comes pre-strung (although you can find rackets of the same build which are not strung yet), and the strings are made of synthetic gut.

The TiS6 is definitely better for anyone older than a pre-teen and who is just starting or is still in the intermediate stage of playing tennis.

👉This tennis racket was designed to be more forgiving on landing good hits, all through the long handle (so that the player’s grip can be changed easily and that two hands can fit comfortably for more support) and the larger head size.

With the head size categories ranging from smallest to largest in the order of midsize, midplus, oversize, and super oversize, the HEAD TiS6 is teetering on the bigger end of the oversize category at 115

The racket (even pre-strung!) is still quite light in weight, at 8.8 oz. Beginner and intermediate players, even those who have just entered their teenage years, will have no difficulty swinging this racket on the court.

It is made of Titanium and graphite fiber material technology to keep it durable while still being light.

The color scheme of the racket itself is quite appealing – this racket comes in silver and matte black with the grip wrapped in an orange HEAD name, and the logo of the racket adorns its strings.The grip has several different sizes to choose from.

This video review by Authentic Tennis by two beginner players of the racket demonstrates how well it can be used on the court and provides a better comparison of its size to a person:

The HEAD TiS6 is priced at around $90 USD pre-strung and is the same price for all the different grip sizes. This is relatively inexpensive, considered to some other rackets out there!

👉 Find this great racket on Amazon at this link:

What Makes This Racket Different from Competitors?

The HEAD TiS6 racket is noticeably different from competitors – it is meant for beginner and intermediate players who want a larger racket head that will help them hit and serve shots easier while still getting a feel for the lay of the court and how the racket works.

The grip length is also a great detail for younger players to hold their tennis racket comfortably, and the design of the material means they can still work up strength for more powerful shots without taking too much vibration into their hands and elbows, causing discomfort.

The HEAD TiS6 is quite simple in its delivery of goals – HEAD hit it right on the mark with this racket for a more specific kind of player.

What Other Reviewers Have to Say About This Racket

Racquet Sport Centerreviewed this racket in detail, explaining everything from the string pattern to the specs. They specify that anyone just getting into tennis or only wants to play casually for a good time should purchase this racket.

They also agree the larger sweet spot, lightweight, and powerful materials give it a great combination to appeal to the masses.

👉What They Liked:

  • The power of the racket, which was completely unexpected but very welcome.
  • How easy the racket made it to hit the ball over the net to an opponent.
  • The strings are made from a very durable material that can allow for more topspin on swings.

👉What They Didn’t Like:

  • The power may be overwhelming for players who already have a very fluid stroke and long follow-through, and it may be harder to control.

ProTennisTips review of this racket was very positive, giving several of the best selling points for the HEAD TiS6 and also mention the string tension is around 61 pounds (which they say is ideal).

They also explain how different aspects of the design lends power, durability, and convenience. They also mention that advanced players may not like this racket, but only because it is purposely designed to appeal to beginners.

👉What They Liked:

  • The racket’s construction will last years.
  • It has a very affordable price tag.
  • It is very dependable, which lends to the reputation of HEAD’s preferred and recognizable rackets.

👉What They Didn’t Like:

  • Advanced players or those with an aggressive playing style will probably find this racket makes it more difficult to improve.

Tennis Reviewer’s review not only rates the racket on its positives and negatives, but it also explains why HEAD decided to use Titanium in the rackets and how it helps the player.

To summarize, Titanium is both lightweight and very stiff – making it so the frame of the racket will absorb more of the impact from the ball. Of course, this dulls the strain on the player’s arms and allows for more power and spin.

👉What They Liked:

  • The explosive power the racket offers up, which seems to be a recurring surprise to reviewers.
  • The titanium frame also minimizes air resistance, so swings can still be very fast.

👉What They Didn’t Like:

  • Slight vibrations can still be felt through the racket into the hand, elbow, and even shoulder – likely due to how lightweight the racket’s materials are.
  • The racket is not well-suited to the needs of advanced players.

Tennis Department reviewed the racket and explained why it is so popular, rating it on several criteria: power, control, maneuverability, stability, comfort/feel, and spin. Overall, the HEAD TiS6 received a score of 8.9 out of 10 from the review.

Out of all the criteria, the racket scored highest in power and maneuverability and lowest instability. They also provided links to similar rackets for the reader to compare with alternatives.

👉What They Like

  • How reasonably priced the racket was considering the many benefits it offers.
  • According to the name, the power it offers means the S6 stands for a longer swing style.

👉What They Didn’t Like:

  • The racket is not quite as stable as other alternatives out there in the market.

Reviews for Tennis provided an extremely detailed review of the racket, covering everything from its features, grip sizes, and a buying guide for the reader’s convenience. Their review is both practical and informative for anyone seriously considering purchasing it.

👉What They Liked:

  • It has a full strokestyle (or swing style).
  • The string tension is around 57-66 pounds, which is great for powerful strokes.

👉What They Didn’t Like:

  • The racket does not come with a headcover or bag, so it must be purchased separately.

Escapes with You review of the rackets was also very detailed with their review, providing a history of the racket and of the company HEAD. The racket itself was and remains to be one of the most popular tennis rackets, and HEAD still stands out due to the excellent product quality they deliver worldwide.

👉What They Liked:

  • This racket is so durable it could be used for the duration of their tennis career – though probably for a more casual career than a professional one.
  • Using this racket will noticeably display the player’s improvement, especially in strokes like the backhand.
  • The grip is very comfortable and designed to minimize injury.

👉What They Didn’t Like:

  • Some players have reported a lot of vibration in the handle due to the rigid titanium frame.
  • Though these rackets come pre-strung and ready-to-go, the strings have also loosened or even broken after some wear.
  • Players may become complacent using this racket after a while since it does so much of the work in delivering a powerful and well-aimed hit.


The HEAD TiS6 racket stands out among the crowd, and for a good reason. HEAD has done a good job of maintaining its excellent reputation in providing quality tennis and other sports equipment, even through massive changes in the tennis industry, as well as in their own company.

The Ti series is a great example of that quality – and their TiS6 racket, which has one of the longest swingstyles, performs much better than most people even expect.

The design is elegant, simple, and yet delivers a powerful punch. It is great for beginner or intermediate players and those who just want to play casually, without putting too much strain on their arms.

👉The racket, of course, has some cons, which can be considered subjective to many, but the cons are a very small price to pay for the many benefits the racket offers.

Before purchasing this racket, consider your playing style and get a good idea of how you want to move around the court, as well as what techniques you may be looking to improve.

Try to find a way to play-test the racket before purchasing, or check out a video review and racket guide beforehand.

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Review by Marc Peppin – Won 40+ International Titles – Canadian #1