Review on Yonex VCORE 100

Review on Tennis Racket: Yonex VCORE 100

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The Pros and Cons of The Yonex VCORE 100

Four Pros of the Racket:

  • This racket features a square-shaped isometric frame rather than a conventional round frame for a larger sweet spot.
  • The racket optimizes the balance between power and control, so the player can get the best of both worlds.
  • Aero Fin Technology has been used in the actual frame’s bottomto upgrade maneuverability from the VCORE SV (a previous version).
  • Liner Tech has also been newly added to allow more spin to be achieved, even with off-center shots!

Four Cons of the Racket:

  • Outside the larger sweet spot, the racket is not very stable at hitting a smooth stroke back at the opponent.
  • The racket is also quite stiff, allowing for more power and a bigger vibration sent into the hands, wrists, and elbows.
  • Due to the lack of control and stability in certain areas of the hoop, many players might find that this racket is difficult to play with close to the net.
  • The racket’s serve is very powerful and snappy – for some players, this is an advantage, but it might be an issue for other

A Summary of the Yonex VCORE 100

Yonex released the VCORE 100 tennis racket as one of the newest additions to their VCORE racket series. This racket’s previous versions include the VCORE 95, 98, and more.

Each racket has its unique selling points, and the VCORE 100’s is its maneuverability, spin, and power.

All Yonex VCORE rackets are produced in Japan, but they pride themselves on a high-quality product every time. The racket also comes in G and LG, which have slightly different specifications.

πŸ‘‰This racket’s specifications are pretty standard, aside from the unique frame shape.

Color – Flame Red (which all VCORE rackets come in) and Tango Red

Head Size – 100 sq. in.

Weight: G – 300 g, LG – 280 g

Balance: G – 320 mm, LG – 330 mm

Length: 27 in.

String Pattern: 16×19

Material: H.M. Graphite, Nanometric XT, Namd

Features of the Racket

  • Square-shaped IsometricTM technology for better control, balanced power, and a larger sweet spot
  • Aero Fin Technology, first featured in the VCORE SV racket to improve maneuverability
  • Aero Trench installed in the grommets to reduce drag
  • Liner Tech for the best possible spin and string movement on off-center shots
  • Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM) installed in the graphite within the grip
  • 3D Vector Shaft
  • Nanometric XT
  • 2G-Namd Flex Force, developed by Nitta Co. Ltd. Carbon nanotube structures provide a better snap to the racket
  • String Sync Grommets for faster snapback
  • Super Cushion Grip

A Detailed Review of the Racket

The Yonex VCORE 100’s isometric frame design was developed over three decades ago by Yonex, with professional tennis players in mind.

The shape increases the ‘sweet spot’ of the racket by 7% while delivering better control. It is certainly eye-catching and seems to be quite popular among professional tennis players worldwide, such as Angelique Kerber, Eugene Bouchard, Caroline Garcia, Nao Hibino, and several more.

πŸ‘‰The other technologies Yonex has incorporated into this racket also appeal to a larger customer pool, including those at the intermediate level.

Their technologies focus on delivering better control without sacrificing any power, which means the racket is quite stiff.

This racket also retails for about $230.00e VCORE 100 in video form. To get a good look at how the racket moves and looks, check out their video review here

What Makes This Racket Different from Competitors?

Yonex’s VCORE series has marketed a unique selling point with each new version, and this racket focuses on spin and power.

πŸ‘‰Their technologies are also almost all developed by Yonex themselves, which shows they have put a lot of effort and resources into using the best materials and designs for players.

This racket is unique because it is so distinguishable, but its square frame offers something no other sports company does.

πŸ‘‰It was designed for a professional playing style. Players who already have a good grip on their techniques and handle quite a bit of power and spin would best suit the racket’s specifications.

While it does perform in some areas better than others, you could find quite a thrill in using this racket to generate more power behind your shot.

The numerous professional players sporting Yonex VCORE rackets are a clear sign the racket delivers all that they promise and more.

πŸ‘‰Several professionals are still using their VCORE rackets from several years ago with new, custom paint jobs – though many still sport the signature flaming red color, the rackets come in. This just goes to show that the rackets not only come with great high-quality performance right out of production but can still perform just as well several years later with daily use (and, of course, maintenance).

What Other Reviewers Have to Say About This Racket

The Tennis Bros reviewed the VCORE 100 racket and gave it overall very positive scores.

Β Their play-testers also gave their personal opinions on how the racket compared to other versions of the VCORE series they have tried and the rackets they use daily.

πŸ‘‰The racket performed the best in groundstrokes and serves, while the play-testers had some trouble using it to hit volleys at the net.

What They Liked:

  • The racket did indeed deliver good topspin and an explosive, powerful feel.
  • It did well on serves, adding up to 10 mph of speed onto it.
  • It had a lot of whip and a big ‘ping’ feel when it hit the ball, which some players loved.

What They Disliked:

  • Some players also dislike the sharper feel this racket provides, which is a downside.
  • It did not perform well closer to the net with volleys, so a player who often uses this style of playing might find this racket hard to deal with.

The Tennis Warehouse also reviewed the VCORE 100 and gave it an overall score of 8 out of 10.

πŸ‘‰They achieved this score by asking play-testers to rank the racket’s performance on the following criteria: groundstrokes, serves, volleys, and returns.

The racket was scored individually on power, control, maneuverability, stability, slice, comfort, topspin, and touch/feel. Their scores were then averaged, and the play-testers gave their opinions on what they liked and disliked about the VCORE 100.

The racket performed best in serves and returns and power, topspin, maneuverability, and slice. Play-testers found their expectations for these criteria were exceeded.

What They Liked:

  • The spin-friendly nature of the racket made it fun to serve with.
  • How fast the racket could swing due to the Aero Fin, Liner Tech, and Aero Trench technologies.

What They Disliked:

  • The racket did not perform as well in comfort and touch/feel. However, the power the racket has does come with extra vibration due to its stiff design.
  • Play-testers agreed the racket lacked stability and was jarred when balls hit outside the racket’s larger sweet spot.

Tennis Nerd’s review of the racket was accompanied by a great video review to show how the racket actually performs on the court.

This video also reviews the 95 and 98 VCORE racketsto make some good comparisons between each one’s performance. Check out their video here: YONEX VCORE 2021 RACQUET REVIEW – 95, 98, and 100 – YouTube

Their written review was also very comprehensive and included details of the technologies applied to the frame. For example, the reviewer mentions he used two Yonex rackets to compare them, and their weight before and after stringing was the same. This was a great example of Yonex’s quality control.

What They Liked:

  • The racket has a crisp response and great generation of spin.
  • It was effortless to get the racket to swing with a lot of energy and speed.
  • The VCORE 100 can be customized to perfectly suit a player’s game.

What They Disliked:

  • It was tricky to find a good setup, so it took a while to customize to play with the best string and tension. Players who want a racket ready-to-go might not enjoy this aspect of the product.
  • The instability could be felt, which caused the play-tester to miss some volleys.

Racket Lounge reviewed the VCORE 100 racket and reviewed several criteria like spin, power, speed, control, and sweet spot.

They then summarized the pros and cons of the racket, along with a detailed description of the VCORE series product line.

They gave the VCORE 100 racket a score of 8.1 out of 10 and added that the high quality of the Yonex tennis rackets, especially the VCORE 100, makes the product stand out to casual players and professionals alike.

What They Liked:

  • The frame is designed to increase the speed of the racket’s swing with the new Yonex technologies.
  • It generated a lot of power compared to how light the racket is and how fast it can swing.
  • The grip is very comfortable, and the frame absorbs pressure well, reducing discomfort in the hands.
  • The racket was easy to maneuver, leading to better shots on the court.

What They Disliked:

  • The racket’s swing acceleration also led to some mishits, so getting full control of the speed and power of the racket could take some time.
  • The control of the ball became more complicated due to the instability of the frame.


The Yonex VCORE 100 is worth the price tag it comes with.

It has been shown to last many years while still delivering amazing performance, and all the criteria of power, speed, and spin are fulfilled.

πŸ‘‰With the right customization, this racket can improve any player’s game – as long as they know how to use it. This racket is definitely for players who are already confident in their playing ability and do not shy away from a more explosive power. The racket may be a little hard to control at first, but it can lend an amazing amount of speed and spin to groundstrokes, returns, and serves with some practice.

πŸ‘‰This racket also best suits players who like to play closer to the baseline on the court rather than up close to the net using volleys.

This racket is not perfect and comes with certain disadvantages, such as slight discomfort due to a crisper feel and stiffer frame and lacking stability outside the larger sweet spot.

However, the benefits of the racket greatly overshadow these cons – which some players might not even consider cons at all.

To ensure that the Yonex VCORE 100 is the right racket for you, try to take it out on the court and play-test it before purchasing. If that’s not possible, you can also try watching a video review of the racket performing on the court to determine if it is the right fit for you.

πŸ‘‰Be sure to also follow tennis racket purchasing guides to get the best customization of strings and grip so that the racket is as comfortable as it can be.

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Review by Marc Peppin – Won 40+ International Titles – Canadian #1