Roger federer's tennis racket

Roger federer's tennis racket

1998 – Pro staff 85.6.0

2002 – Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 Silver W

2002 – Hyper Pro Staff 6.0 Yellow W

2003 – Pro Staff Tour 90

2004 – nSix-One Tour 90

2012 – Wilson K Factor Six One Tour BLX

2012 – Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six One 90

2014 – Wilson Prototype Racquet

2014 – Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph (yearly updates)

2021 – Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph V13

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Roger Federer is primarily regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

To many of his fans, he still stands as ‘the champion of his era.’ Roger Federer tennis racket draws his origins from Basel, Switzerland. And, Roger federer tennis racket is equally important.

At an early age, Roger Federer took an interest in sports, and by age 11, he was among the top 3 junior players in Switzerland.

A 20-time Grand Slam champion, his game is so fluid, and his variety of shots are so fantastic that fans have referred to him as one of the outstanding players of his era.

There is nothing that beats watching Roger Federer in action!

Federer’s accomplishments have interestingly drawn focus to the tennis racket he uses.

Roger Federer has played exclusively with Wilson Racquets since he started his professional career in 1998.

Roger Federer and Wilson

With more than 15 top brands of racquets available, Federer has employed Wilson since his junior days. However, further progression of his game has had him make several racquet changes.

Federer’s first Wilson Racquet when he burst into the scene in 1998 was the Pro staff 85.6.0.

With this racquet, he defeated his long-time hero Pete Sampras at Wimbledon in 2001 on his way to Superstardom. An 85-inch head seems almost unimaginable based on today’s standards.

In 2002, Federer used the Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 Silver W briefly. It was the same as his previous racquet with a modernized paint job.

In 2002, once again, Federer made the first significant change to his racquet for the 90-inch Hyper Pro Staff 6.0 Yellow W.

He has never gone back to an 85-inch racquet and has stuck with 90 inches for most of his career.

In 2003, Roger Federer transitioned to Pro Staff Tour 90 en route to winning his first Wimbledon that year and his first Australian open the following year.

The next-One Tour 90 came in as his next racquet from 2004 to 2006.

This, he used to crack up a fantastic 30 ATP championships and T Grand Slams at the peak of his career. He used a smaller version of his modern Wilson Pro Staff RF97 racquet.

Federer also used the Wilson K Factor Six One Tour BLX and then the Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six One 90 in 2012.

Again, except for a few minor updates, these racquets were almost similar.

Before making the most significant modification of his career from a 90-inch head to a 97 inch with his current Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, Federer used a Wilson Prototype Racquet to win a couple of tournaments in the first half of 2014.

Since then, he has only switched to the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, in which he has made cosmetic changes.

At the Laver Cup in 2018, he employed a limited-edition red version of the racquet.

However, Federer decided to change his racquet once again when he appeared with an all-blue frame in the Geneva Laver Cup in 2019.

Roger Federer Tennis Racket Specs

  • Name: Pro Staff RF97 Autograph
    Brand: Wilson
  • Length: 27 in/68.58 cm
  • Head Size: 97 in²/625.81 cm²
  • Strung Weight: 12.6oz/357g
  • Swing Weight: 335
  • Balance: 9 pts headlight
  • Stiffness: 68
  • String Pattern: 16 main/19 Cross
  • Materials Braided: Graphite and Kevlar
  • Color: Black

What Are the Specs For the Wilson Original Prototype?

Wilson wrote the string specs (Wilson’s Champion’s Choice) on the frame but did not include any lead tape, string savers, or power pods.

The Wilson Pro racquet necessitates a lot from the user, but the racquet can be an exciting hit when they bring the goods.

👉 Wilson Pro Staff Roger Federer Autograph 97

  • Head size:
  • Weight: 12.9 ounces /366 grams
  • Balance: 31.5 cm/9 pts HL
  • Stiffness: RA 68
  • Swing weight: 340

Roger Federer Tennis Racquet Strings

The strings used by Federer throughout his career are approximately the same type.

Federer uses a hybrid configuration of strings set up with Luxilon Alu Power Rough 16L in the crosses and Wilson Natural Gut in the main.

Some of the world’s top players prefer to travel with one stringer during the entire season. Roger Federer is no exception to this.

Federer has been working with Ron Yu for the past 15 years.

In the 2018 Laver Cup, Roger Federer tennis racket is a red Pro Staff RF97 Racquet whose string tension was around 27kgs (59 Ibs) for the mains and 25.5 kg (56.1 Ibs) crosses.

Federer makes slight changes to his tensions between tournaments, but according to Yu, Federer likes the pressure to stay relatively consistent.

Therefore, he generally maintains his tension within a kilogram (2.2Ibs) the whole season.

The tension in Federer’s racquet is usually lower in the crosses than in the mains.

The string setup is principally personal preference but is thought to create a more effective sweet spot in the middle of the racquet.

A keen glance at one of Federer’s racquets, you will realize he uses string savers.

Yu further states he clips ten plastic string savers into each of Federer’s racquets strung.

String savers are essential to reduce wear and tear on the player’s strings.

However, Federer uses string savers as a tradition since he has always used them.

Additionally, Yu readies eight racquets for Federer before every match, so preventing his strings isn’t a concern.

Roger Federer has the most expensive racket springs, paying a total of £35,000($40,000) a year.

What is Roger Federer's Featured Gear?

Roger Federer’s gear is the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racket Roger Federer DNA 12 Pack Tennis Bag Natural Gut Tennis, String PRO-OVERGRIP-White 30 Pack RF Legacy Tennis Balls CHAMPIONS CHOICE DUO HYBRID STRING SET.

What About Power Pads?

Despite the unique nature of power pads among players on the ATP or WTA circuits, Roger Federer tennis Racket remain a standard feature.

Power pads are essentially pieces of leather that keep the strings separated from the racquet’s outer frame near the throat.

They are essential in reducing wear and tear.

#1. Size Grip

Federer uses a racquet with a grip size of 4⅜ inches.

As much as this may seem small, it is an added advantage to Federer. A smaller grip size gives Federer the ability to get more snap on his serves.

Interestingly, many other top players similarly prefer to downsize their group. Natal, for instance, uses a 4¼ grip.

You need to take measurements to figure out the best grip size for your racquet, but it mainly boils down to personal choice.

For Federer to keep his racquet in his hands, he also uses white Wilson overgrips.

#2. Power

The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph is a stiff and heavy racquet, making it preferred when it comes to stiffness.

They weigh an average of 12.9 ounces when fitted with strings. This weight is favorable for providing an excellent source of power for the player.

Furthermore, the 16 x 19 string arrangement also compounds the power and the relatively more minor surface area provided by 97 square inches of the racquet surface.

These elements combined result in a racquet that offers power and optimal strength and control.

The string tension is around 27 kgs(59.4 lbs) for the mains and 25.5 kg (56.1lbs) for the crosses. The pressure is judged to create a more powerful sweet spot in the middle of the racquet.

The RF97A having 366g is a hefty weapon, and because heavier racquets have more power, this gives Federer more power that gives him that pop on his shots he needs to fire winners.

Considering all the factors stated, there is no doubt that the Wilson Pro Staff Autograph RF97A helps Federer create incredible power.

#3. Comfort

The Wilson Pro Staff RF97A works just like a dream. The RF97A is a stiff and heavy racquet that requires the correct technique and conditioning to play with it to its fullest.

Being heavy, it doesn’t move quickly through the air. Thankfully, the balance is a headright, so it moves a little faster.

Additionally, the Wilson Pro Staff RF97A is a string-sensitive racquet, so one should opt for a slightly softer setup.

#4. Movement

The Wilson Pro Staff RF97A is undoubtedly a solid racquet; if you can get it moving, you can hit some pretty solid shots.

The strings are open enough to give some extra spins.

There are also no hot spots in the string bed or other things that could cause inconsistency.

Having found a good level of control, power, and spin for the RF97A generates a decent spin without sacrificing control.

These all above mentioned features make Roger Federer tennis racket a pro.

What Are the Pros of the RF97A Autograph?

The heavier your racquet, the more potential you have. With the proper physic, you can control the racquet; you will notice the ease when hitting the ball even with the slightest contact.

You will also notice it helps add some pop to your serve compared to a lighter racquet as long as you have the correct mechanics. The most significant upside of this racquet is the level of control it gives the player.

The perimeter weight system reduces torque when you make contact so that you can pinpoint your shots to any part of the court with complete control, feel, and reliable power. It’s an excellent all-court racquet.

What are the Cons of the RF97A Autograph?

This racquet’s primary challenge is the added weight; it is more challenging in maneuvering than a lighter racquet.

👉This challenge is noticeable when you get to return your opponents serve coming at you more than 100 mph.

The string of this particular prototype’s racquet is expensive; thus, repairing a damaged racquet is difficult.

How Many Rackets Roger Federer uses in a Year?

Roger Federer uses more racquets than the average professional tennis player use in a year.

On average, he uses approximately sixty to seventy racquets a year. Despite the costs, the rewards are great for Rodger Federer and his partner Wilson.

In an interview, Roger said he does not feel comfortable using one racket for too long.

He also said he doesn’t use a racket for too long because it becomes too flexible, and grip quality can suffer.

Roger Federer also adds he does not leave anything to chance once he gets to the tennis court.

He always feels confident because he knows he has the best tennis partner with him.

How Does One Feel Using Roger Federer Tennis Racket?

Not many tennis players can maneuver the Wilson staff RF97 racket as Roger Federer does since Wilson specially created the racquet to counter his strengths and weaknesses.

The racquet feels a little heavier than compared to other rackets. This might prove to be strenuous, especially for players with smaller frames😍.

Nonetheless, the racquet would feel perfect for an experienced player with a similar body structure to Roger Federer.

Who Should Buy Roger Federer racquet?

Rogers’s racquet is recommended for strong, well able players, intermediate players, and professionals with an appetite for fast-paced games.

In addition, they should have high match endurance and agility to stand the game’s pressure.

The racquet is manufactured from high-performance carbon fiber developed to enhance aggressive swings, with the medium modulus constructed of carbon graphite providing stiffness for explosive power.

A player with good acceleration will love this racket for years to come.

With its larger head surface, Roger Federer tennis racket gives you the advantage of making unpredictable moves when serving and volley the ball over your opponents.

What Roger Federer Tennis Racket Would Mean for Your Play

If you’re already a good player, then using Federer’s racket can be an excellent choice for you. Especially if you like playing with power and accuracy.