Serena Williams Tennis Racquet

Serena Williams Tennis Racquet


Serena Williams ranks as the top female tennis player and is indeed one of the greatest tennis players the world has known. She has reigned over tennis for over two decades now.

Her incredible style of play and fame for revolutionizing women’s tennis has had many fans interested in knowing about Serena Williams Tennis Racket.

Serena Williams draws her origins from Saginaw, Michigan, and Los Angeles, where she was raised and taught how to play tennis by her father on public courts.

Serena’s accomplishments in the game include 23 Grand Slam Singles, 38 major titles, and 22 singles.

She is famous for being a solid baseline player with powerful and effective shots and has a tremendous serve.

Serena Williams employs some form of a Wilson racquet called the Wilson Blade SW104 racquet.

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Serena Williams and Wilsons

Serena has worked with the brand Wilsons to develop the tennis racquet she uses on the court.

Serena Williams and Wilson LABS worked jointly on nine different 102-inch prototypes to finally get the final design.

The new Wilson Blade SW102 Autograph is not very different from Serena’s previous racquet.

The changes included making it two inches smaller in its head size.

Also, the Wilson LABS engineers altered the racquet’s flex points along its string bed and frame to increase the level of control.

Currently, Serena Williams uses the Wilson Blade SW104 racquet (customized for her game). Serena Williams Tennis racquet differs slightly from the stock versions.

One of the unique features of the Wilson Blade SW104 is the larger than the average head size of 104 inches and an extended length of 28 inches.

What is Serena Williams's design inspiration?

The SW102 racquet is uniquely designed to tell Serena’s story.

This includes an assortment of Wilson’s signature black and Serena’s favorite color – gold. According to Serena, this color is a ‘Be seen, be heard’ call out.

The Hidden Message Inside the Serena Williams Tennis Racquet

Interestingly, inside the frame, there is a statement that says…

“This is a celebration of one woman – and every woman; on and off the court. It’s about the greatest-of-all-time record breaker – and all breakers of chains, boundaries, limitations, obstacles, and everything that stands in the way of fierce women bent on a mission to meet their highest aspirations. This is for all indomitable mothers, daughters, sisters, resilient businesswomen, entrepreneurs, outsiders and underdogs, little girls with crazy dreams, and steadfast women of color. 

This is about women who defy odds, about overcomers from humble beginnings. Women who work hard for everything they get, women who give no less than 100% 😍

This is for women who believe in something, strong women who believe in themselves, or those who won’t stop until they do. This is for women who turn fear into courage.”

Braided Graphite and Basalt

Braided graphite, along with basalt, is an elastic and reactive material that improves a racquet’s flex.

This is an evolution of Wilson’s BLX technology that increases the ball’s contact with the strings, enhancing feel and control.

Feel flex Technology

Feel flex is an advanced technology of Clah’s revolutionary Free Flex technology. Feel flex technology, in effect, produces a more connected-to-the-ball feel.

 Additionally, feel flex is advanced in complementing the current vertical swing path.

Proprietary carbon mapping is strategically placed throughout the frame, providing additional stability and flexibility through the swing, while conserving the feel blade players love.

How is Serena Williams Tennis Racket compared to the stock version?

You would feel the main noticeable difference when using the two different racquets is the weight.

The Wilson Blade SW 104 is much heavier when compared to the stock version.

The other notable difference would be technical; The Wilson Blade SW 104 has a high swing weight compared to the stock version.

The stock version swing weight is about 341, Wilson Blade SW 104, in contrast, has a swing weight of about 355 – 360.

This accurately agrees with Serena William’s powerful serves during the tournament.

The Wilson Blade SW 104 is more unbalanced head-weighted than the stock version.

This is because Serena Williams is strong but can handle the pressure of using the racquet.

The stock version is a balanced head-weighted club since it is made for those who adore Serena Williams and would want to use the same prototype Williams uses.

Serena Williams’s tennis racket has another unique feature that separates it from the stock version and the other racquet that tennis professionals use.

The Wilson Blade SW 104 is an inch longer than the other racquets. The Wilson Blade SW 104 is 28 inches long compared to the stock version, which is 27 inches long.

The long racquet makes it challenging for most players to adapt to playing with it.

Serena Williams With New Blade SW 102 Autograph Racket

Serena Williams is one of the best female tennis players who have revolutionized women’s tennis.

According to Serena Williams, a tennis racquet is such a sensitive thing, and that is why she requested Wilson to review her signature racquet Wilson blade SW 104 to the new blade SW 102.

The New blade SW 102 is a revised version of Wilson Blade SW 104.

The design of the Wilson Blade 102 was a lot of work that came about as a combined effort from Serena Williams and Wilson labs, explicitly working on nine prototypes before coming up with the final design.

👉 Serena agrees it serves her needs since she is now growing older and needs the proper racquet to maintain her standards.

The new Wilson blade SW 102 racquets are two inches smaller in their head than her previous frames.

Although a minor change, the decreased head size allowed the Serena Williams Tennis racket engineers to modify the racquet flexing points along its string bed and frame to add the level of control Serena Williams was looking for to without impacting her power play.

The all-new aesthetic of the blade SW 102 reflects Serena’s legacy in the sport, with bold accents in her favorite color, gold.

The signature racquet will cement Serena William’s glorious tennis career with perfection at her game. Fans can sign up for early access to this prototype at 102.

What Are the Specs of the Serena Williams Tennis Racquet?

The Wilson Blade SW104 racquet was the racquet that Serena Williams previously used.

Currently, Serena Williams employs the Wilson SW102 racquet, which differs slightly from the stock versions.

👉 The stock version shows the main difference in the weight and the swing weight. 

For the stock option, the swing weight is 341g, while Serena’s swing weight lies within the range of 355 to 360.

This, therefore, makes her racquet feel heavier than the balanced stock options.

The other feature is the length. As much as Serena has always used an extended-length racquet, it is commendable that the Wilson’s are offering a racquet that is 28 inches long.

The Wilson Blade SW104 Has The Following Specs

  • Head Size: 104 in²
  • Length: 28 inches
  • Strung Weight: 11.4 ounces
  • Swing Weight: 341g
  • Stiffness: 68
  • String Pattern: 18 × 19

It is essential to note, Serena customizes her racquet to add a few more fractions of an ounce to get the swing weight up to 355 to 360g.

This is essential for more depth and power in her shots.

The Specs of the Wilson SW102 Are As Follows:

  • Head Size: 102 in²/658.06 cm²
  • Length: 28 in/71.12 cm
  • Strung Weight: 11.4 oz/323g
  • Balance: 13.18 in/33.48 cm /7pts HL
  • Swing weight: 349
  • Stiffness: 69
  • Beam Width: 22.5 mm/22.5 mm/22.5 mm
  • Composition: Countervails/Graphite
  • Power level: Low Medium
  • Stroke Style: Medium-Full
  • Racquet Colours: Black/Gold
  • Grip Type: Wilson Pro Performance
  • String Pattern: 18 mains/19 crosses
  • String Tension: 50-60 pounds

Serena Williams Tennis Racquet Strings

It is recommended the racquet should be strung in the range of about 50 to 60 pounds. However, Serena Williams tends to string her racquet differently.

The way she strings her racquet is further dependent on several factors, including the weather, the surface, and how she is currently playing. Therefore, her racquet strings are mainly in the mid-60s during the year.

For Serena Williams to attain the perfect feel, Williams uses a hybrid setup of Wilson Natural Gut and Luxilon 4G in her racquet, like many other professional players

#1. Power

According to most players who have had the privilege to use this prototype, this tennis racquet has high boost power that comes from the extra weight, making it easy to increase swing speed, resulting in more power than other rackets.

The weight of the Wilson Blade SW104 also makes the racquet a little unstable, keeping the player more alert, allowing them to control the game.

The players with a similar playstyle as Serena Williams say the racquet gives you stability and stamina, especially when delivering a backhand with a ball at high velocity.

The Wilson Blade SW 104’s net pattern gives you more ability to spin the ball quickly.

Any racquet’s power level depends on several factors like control, grip size, balance flex, head size, racquet length, and weight.

Typically, Serena Williams tennis racket is a larger head size of 104 inches; a large head size improves the player tremendously.

However, for Serena William’s new racquet, the head size has been slightly reduced by 2 inches.

In effect, according to Wilson’s LAB’s engineers, though, the minor change increases the racquet flex points along its string bed and frame, which improves the level of control without affecting Serena’s power of play.

A larger racquet head size for most players offers them more power and a larger sweet spot area resulting in a lower margin for error, and the SW102, without a doubt, is excellent at providing this.

Another unique feature of the SW102 is the extended length. The SW102 has an extended length of 2 inches.

This can provide more leverage for serves and more reach for groundstrokes.

When it comes to weight, the SW102 has a heavy swing weight of 349g. Being a severe racket, without a doubt, results in more power.

Also, the SW102 allows the player to whip faster, generate sharp angles and extreme topspin.

#2. Maneuverability

The Wilson Blade SW 104 is one of the best-rated tennis racquets in the tennis world.

Players who have had the opportunity to use the racquet have given it great reviews, recommending it to other players.

Who should use Serena Welliams Tennis Racquet?

The Wilson blade SW 104 racquet can be effective for a strong player with excellent technique. This prototype would be accurately recommended for strong players who have mastered their game.

Before trying out this famous Wilson racquet that has given Serena Williams a career, I’d recommend beginners first consider other professional tennis racquets until they perfect their technique.

👉 Those who are intermediate can still struggle with this Serena Williams Tennis Racket.

The racquet is best suited for aggressive players who are not afraid to take risks and are confident about their technical skills, including forehand, spins, backhand, and other skills relevant to the game.

Can You Buy Serena Williams Tennis Racket?

The tennis racquet is available at online tennis stores and retails a range of $200-250.