A Review of Asics Solution Speed FF 2 Shoes

A Review of Asics Solution Speed FF 2 Shoes

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The Pros and Cons of Asics Solution Speed FF 2 Shoes


  • They have excellent grip and stability that helps keep the player in control on the court.
  • The fabrication and design of the shoe prevents the feet from getting too hot and expanding from the sweat, which can cause discomfort
  • They have great cushioning, which provides a very comfortable feel, enhanced by the Flytefoamtechnology
  • Sporting an attractive design, the Asics Solution Speed FF 2 is an attractive pair of shoes, which offer good aesthetics and help you feel good when you play.
  • The traction offered by this shoe is very good due to the new split grip pattern on the outsole.
  • The shoes fit true to size


  • For players with wider feet, the hard, rubber outer material can cause discomfort by being slightly too rigid.
  • The level of traction can be too much for players who play more lateral tennis and therefore slide on hard courts.
  • By stripping weight from the design in favor of light-weighted breathability, the cushioning and stability is forfeited slightly
  • The breathability of the shoe isn’t the best that’s out there. This can cause the foot to overheat and expand, potentially causing discomfort. However, the full extent of this will depend on the size and shape of the player’s foot.

A Summary of Asics Solution Speed FF 2 Shoes

Launched in 2021, the Solution Speed FF2 shoes from Asics are the latest addition to the brand’s range, as sported by David Gon, Jennifer Brady, and Alex De Minaur.

Upgraded with new technologies such as Flytefoam and Flytefoam Propel, the cushioning is the softest it’s ever been in the Speed range.

Other technologies have been integrated to create a unique, innovative shoe that aims to provide ample cushioning and offer a lightweight solution for players who like to move quickly and aggressively around the tennis court.

Fitting into the All-Court category, the Solution Speed FF 2 shoes are deemed most suitable for more offensive tennis players who make full use of the court, moving from baseline to the net and everywhere in between.

By integrating a rubber into the forefoot outsole that offers increased grip, the forefoot benefits from greater flexibility. This helps players be ultra-light on their feet, which is perfect for those who make full use of the court.

Features of Asics Solution Speed FF 2 Shoes

  • Dynawrap Technology
  • Flytefoam Technology
  • Twisstruss Technology
  • Split Outsole
  • Better traction compared to the shoes’predecessors
  • New and improved tread pattern for multi-directional grip
  • A reimagined upper for a more comfortable fit and better durability for toe-draggers

A Detailed Review of Asics Solution Speed FF 2 Shoes

The Asics Solution Speed FF 2 shoes are lightweight, full of traction, and well-cushioned.

A speed-oriented shoe they are ideal for players who use all four corners of the tennis court. They have received positive reviews in general, with endorsements from David Goffin and Alex de Minaur increasing their popularity exponentially.

Amazon reviews the shoes as being 4.5/5 stars, demonstrating how they have been very well-received by consumers, earning their rightful place as one of the top tennis shoes.

The shoe has been kitted out with Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning Systems, which have been added into the inventive midsole area to provide players with brilliant levels of cushioning and high responsiveness.

By using silicone-like material, shock can be easily absorbed, ultimately protecting the feet from any high-impact movement. This is very advantageous for joints and bones, especially when landing on hard, unyielding court surfaces.

Moreover, the integration of the Twisstrust system reinforces the arch without creating much more weight, which is usually the case.

Additionally, this technology helps to resist torsion as well as absorb shock, all while allowing the foot to have a full range of movement without putting pressure on the player.

The shoes generally start at $124.00 USD, although this can vary according to different retailers.

As far as tennis shoes go, they are on the more expensive end of the spectrum. However, the sheer quality of the silhouette offsets any disadvantages of the high price.

 For an in-depth video review of the shoes and insight into their performance, check out this video done by the Tennis Warehouse

How Are the Solution Speed FF 2 Shoes Different from Competitors?

The Solution Speed FF 2 shoes by Asics have been praised for being extremely lightweight and maintaining a high level of support and stability.

The consensus is that there has been no forfeiting of stability in favor of creating a shoe that weighs less and doesn’t drag players down.

Many features set these shoes apart from competitors with a plethora of new technologies having been incorporated into the shoe’s design.

The lacing system is also said to be sturdy, made with high-quality materials. Compared with shoes from other brands, this is a unique selling point, as many other shoes tend to have fairly flimsy laces that are easily breakable and require constant changing.

This is not the case with the Solution Speed FF 2 shoes, which is a real plus point and can save players time and hassle.

To satisfy their customers, Asics has made sure to introduce several different colorways of this silhouette to reflect the various tastes of different consumers better and offer a more varied assortment of shoes.

Although some of the bolder colors may not be appealing to certain players, there is no doubt that there is something for everyone.

Asics have made a conscious effort to add a more springy, cushioned feel by incorporating Flytefoam technology into the midsole. The Ortholite sock liner adds an extra layer of plush that some competing shoes don’t offer. This sock liner is also removable, which adds to a more personalized experience.

All in all, the Asics Solution Speed FF 2 shoes stand out compared to competitors as a highly lightweight but supportive shoe that is perfect for aggressive, fast-moving tennis players.

What Other Reviewers Have to Say About the Solution Speed FF 2 Shoes

Love Tennis Blog carried out a playtest of the Asics Solution Speed FF 2 shoes and provided a well-rounded review of them. They noted that the shoes are great for those who are just starting their journey with tennis shoes, as they are very comfortable and have the performance benefits of a top-of-the-line shoe.

The main feature that they seemed to dwell on was the shoe’s lightweight feel, which allows players to keep their movements rapid and bouncy.

They were very enthusiastic about the speed and agility that this can give to a player to help them enhance their on-court performance. Additionally, the plush cushioning is also a key highlight that Love Tennis Blog enjoyed.

What They Liked:

  • Combining sufficient cushioning and lightweight feel makes for a unique shoe that doesn’t forfeit on stability, even though making the shoe lighter was a top priority for Asics.
  • The lacing system is nice and tight, allowing for a snug fit that makes your feet feel safe and well protected.
  • The plush insole makes for wonderful cushioning that is extremely comfortable.

What They Disliked:

  • They remarked that the Solution Speed FF 2 probably aren’t the most stable shoe they have ever tried.
  • Sand will gather in the sole if playing on a sand-dressed astroturf court, which can be fairly annoying to have to remove

Run Repeat also reviewed the shoes, who have assessed that the shoes have a 4.5/5-star rating among reviews. The review focuses on the updates and enhancements that Asics incorporated into this shoe, comparing their performance with the silhouette’s predecessors.

The main consensus is that the upgrades improve this shoe by quite a significant stretch, which also justifies the price point.

Run Repeat summarized their review by concluding that the Asics Solution Speed FF 2 shoes are most suited for hardcourt games, for players who move on the more aggressive side, and for players who tend to opt for a more plush, light cushioning.

Doubling down on the shoes’ versatility, it is evident that this review had very positive things to say about Asics’ newest version of this silhouette.

What They Liked:

  • They highlighted the excellent grip and traction offered by these shoes, stating that no reviewer slipped once wearing them on any type of court.
  • The sturdy upper is ideal for toe-draggers, as it provides extra protection that reinforces the shoe’s durability – they won’t wear down easily, even when worn by players who drag their feet on the court.
  • This silhouette is perfect for aggressive players who focus on speed and quick, lateral movements. Offering ample support for side-to-side movements, these shoes are extremely versatile

What They Disliked:

  • The heel fit was reported to be slightly loose, even allowing for one tester’s ankle to lift from the ankle when pushing off rapidly.

Tennis Warehouse also reviewed the Solution Speed FF 2 shoes, underlining the importance of the various new technologies that have been built into the shoe to make a unique silhouette that offers a multitude of benefits.

They split the main body of their review into reviewing the upper, midsole, and outsole of the shoeto give a comprehensive breakdown of each component.

They also provide a synthesis of the fit details into an easy-to-read overview of how the shoe fits. They confirmed that the shoes fit true to size and have both a medium width and arch.

Information such as this is very handy for players who are considering making a purchase, as it helps them consider their foot shape and whether or not this particular shoe would be suitable.

What They Liked:

  • The reimagined design of the upper allows for greater flexibility, which enables the shoe to move in tandem along with the foot in one smooth movement.
  • Although the FLYTEFOAM technology provides a good level of comfortable cushioning, which can help players last on the courts for longer, the players still have a sense of being closely connected to the court.
  • The new outsole allows players to be even more dynamic, which they really liked.

What They Disliked:

  • The review didn’t specify anything negative; it only focused on the positive!

Tennis Connected provides a brief review of the shoes, drawing upon Asics’ commitment to innovative research and development, which allows them to create in-demand shoes relevant to consumers constantly.

The key takeaway from this review was that Flexion Fit upper material contours to the foot much better than it did previously, which allows for much more seamless movement on the court.

Furthermore, Tennis Connected was pleased with the shoe’s responsiveness, despite the brand’s efforts to increase durability.

Offering the perfect balance between being lightweight and durable, the Asics Solution Speed FF 2 shoes are praised in this short review. It is also worth noting that this review confirmed that these shoes run true to size.

What They Liked:

  • They were very emphatic about the fact that the shoes feel like a genuine extension of the player’s foot, which highlights the natural feel of the shoe.
  • The shoes require no break-in period, which is advantageous, as players skip the pain and discomfort that are side effects of the breaking-in process.
  • With a weight of just 12.87 ounces, these are one of the few pairs of shoes that offer the high quality that a top-of-the-range alternative would, while keeping that light-weighted feel

What They Disliked:

  • Tennis Connected highlights that the Solution Speed FF 2 may not be the best option for constant, day-in, and day-out training. This may not be suitable for very committed tennis players who are on the courts very often.

Finally, Tennis Head offers a comprehensive review of the shoes that gives a full breakdown of the features and benefits of the new and improved style. 

The review features the opinion of two people who playtested the shoes and had various comments about the different parts of the shoe.

Overall, the review was wholly positive, drawing on the lightweight nature of the shoe and how this can improve performance. They concluded that the price is very fair and reflects the advantages that the shoe can bring to a player and their game.

What They Liked:

  • Feeling tight in all the right places, the stability offered by this shoe was thoroughly praised by Tennis Head, with an emphasis on the good level of support between the ankles.
  • It was agreed that the shoes are nicely lightweight, which doesn’t give the feeling that they slow down the player much. This can facilitate rapid cross-court movements, thus ultimately improving the quality of play.
  • In comparison with other Asics silhouettes, the laces felt much stronger and of better quality. They noted that this was a good point of difference in comparison with competitors.

What They Disliked:

  • The bold colorways might not suit the tastes of every player, as they draw much attention from the eye
  • The improved tow traction system wasn’t incredibly apparent, and the reviewers didn’t even notice any change when testing the shoes out.

To conclude, it is apparent that Asics’ most recent iteration of the Speed range, the Solution Speed FF 2, is a solid tennis shoe with multiple technologies that contribute to a very high-quality option for a range of different types of tennis players.

Flytefoam, Twisstruss, and Dynawrap technologies are just a few examples of how Asics have innovated their design to create a well-rounded silhouette that is suitable for fast-moving tennis players.

By focusing on innovation and creation, Asics have managed to earn themselves a good reputation within the tennis universe. They will continue to be one of the most avant-garde brands on the market.

The performance-enhancing benefits offered by this shoe are well worth the price point. However, with that being said, it’s essential to undertake more research and read plenty of reviews before purchasing, in order to understand more about how the shoes perform and for which type of player they are most suitable.

For tennis players looking for a sturdy and tennis shoe that won’t weigh down on the court, the Asics Solution Speed FF 2 shoe might be the ideal option.

Although there is some way to go in improving the Speed range,on the whole, the Solution Speed FF 2 is undoubtedly a step in the right direction for the brand, offering new and improved features that make for a highly impressive shoe.

The main feature that is lacking seems to be the shoe’s breathability, so this is well worth considering before investing in this specific pair. For those who will or have already purchased these shoes, happy playing.

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