Best Tennis Academies in Florida August 2021

Tennis Academies in Florida

Tennis Academies in Florida

Florida has favorable weather all day, every day. So it is one of the best places to go to a tennis academy.

But apart from great weather, there are other criteria a tennis academy has to satisfy before it can be considered as one of the best.

πŸ‘‰ The criteria for best tennis academies in Florida are:

  1. Two or three of the standard court surfaces
  2. Courts with well-maintained surfaces
  3. Top-ranked coaches with a reputation for developing junior players
  4. Moderately priced
  5. Support and dedication for academic work and links to experienced tutors
  6. Conducive accommodation
  7. Positive and friendly atmosphere
  8. Many professional players for practice
  9. Superb training facilities and trainers
  10. A readily available and qualified sport psychologist

πŸ‘‰ As we go on in our article, we will point out the top 10 tennis academies in Florida and how many of them meet the criteria.

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The Best 10 Tennis Academies in Florida

πŸ‘‰ Below are the Best tennis academies in Florida in the top 10, in no particular order:

#1. Extreme Tennis Academy

Located in Aventura, in the Michael-Ann Russell Soffer Family Tennis Center, Extreme Tennis Academy is run by Carlos Maehama and Freddy Azucey, coaches experienced in training and producing some of the best young tennis players ☺️.

The academy’s center boasts 12 well-lit courts, 3 clay and 9 hard. That is a lot of courts to practice and play on.

The academy offers up to 7 programs, including college placements, high performance, extreme tennis adult program, and full-time program.

For the full-time program, the cost for 12 months is $42,000, including boarding.

The full-time program runs from Monday to Friday to accommodate non-boarders.

However, there are no hours or numbers of hours it runs per day.

The program is tailored to suit advanced players but are hoping to secure a place on a professional tour.

It prides itself in improving the quality of players through ingenuity, dedication and technical innovation.

There is also an after-school program for young players who aim to play in college. It is less expensive but does not offer all the full-time program varieties.

There is nothing mentioned about academic work or studies in the academy, even for full-time players. This may be restrictive in the development of the individual players.

However, the point is that the academy focuses on individual growth and development. This is because many of its students are very young and are amateurs.

Therefore, dedicated attention will play a huge role in shaping them into players worth the name.

#2. ClubMed Tennis Academy

Situated in Club Med Sandpiper Bay, inPort St. Lucie, with fantastic facilities πŸ₯°.

ClubMed Academy has 6 clay courts and 14 hard courts. 20 is a mind-blowing number of courts to work with. So you know the academy is serious about training tennis champions.

Gabe Jaramillo is the head coach and director at the academy. During his years of active coaching, Jaramillo coached several players in the top 10.

Scott Del Mastro is a director there, which makes it great because he is a Master’s degree holder in Sports Psychology. What’s better than having a director who is well-versed in sports psychology?

Natsumi Kawaguchi was a student at the academy. She won the 2019 US Open Junior Championships and is aa testimony of what the academy represents.

ClubMed Academy offers a full-time boarding program, along with academic work.

This academy has its special place in the best tennis academies in Florida list.

There are about 6 hours dedicated to schoolwork from Monday to Friday and about 4 hours dedicated to training and conditioning.

It has a tightly worked schedule, running from 7 am to 9 pm every week.

Competitive play comes in on some Saturday mornings; this is not regular. However, Saturday afternoons and Sundays are free for relaxation or whatever else.

A typical program year costs about $68,000 and runs from August of one year until June of the following year. It is expensive, but this is understandable due to the inclusion of academic work.

The full-time program is challenging; players play against one another for status. This encourages dedication to training and diligence from the players, as everyone wants to rank high.

This is a great academy to go to or send your child if you are comfortable with the system of competing against each other.

πŸ‘‰ Get a sneak-peek into the academy from this video:

#3. Evert Tennis Academy

Professional tennis player and legend Chrissie Evert and her brother and father set up this academy in 1996 in Boca Raton ☺️.

There are 23 courts on the academy’s campus; 11 are clay courts and 12 are hard courts. There are an additional 25 courts available close by if they are needed. Massive, right?

To add to this, there is also accommodation for those who want to board. Plus, there is a room specifically for strength and conditioning.

The academy’s alumni include Andy Roddick, Aija Tom janovic, Madison Keys and Sebastien Gros jean.

The academy’s goal is to grow and develop by working with everyday challenges, professional and collegiate players. These challenges instill these values: integrity, excellence, leadership, and resilience.

They are geared toward creating a wholesome and more confident tennis player.

The top of the list in our best tennis academies in Florida because of producing a number of good players.

It offers 3 different training programs: the academy program, the developmental program and the afternoon program.

For the academy program, the full-time program, a year, lasting from the middle of August until the end of May, costs $45,500 for boarders. For non-boarders, the cost is $29,500.

If you prefer to attend in a semester, it costs $24,500 for boarding and $17,250 for non-boarding per semester.

The full-time program runs from Monday to Friday, starting from 7 am and ending at 8:45 pm.

A normal day for the average player in the full-time program comprises 1 hour of conditioning, 4 hours dedicated to training, and 3.5 hours devoted to schoolwork.

A private study time of 90 minutes at the end of the day supplements the 3.5 hours of school work.

The academy also offers other study options to recognize that academics are part of what makes a wholesome tennis player.

According to the website, this is an example of a full-time program schedule for different student levels:

πŸ‘‰ Example of the Academy Program Schedule for Boca Prep Students:

  • 7:00 AM – 7:15 AM – Warm-up
  • 7:15 AM – 10:15 AM – 2 hours of tennis and 1 hour of fitness
  • 10:30 AM – Report to Boca Prep for school session
  • Lunch will be served at Boca Prep
  • 2:45 PM – 3:00 PM – Warm-up for afternoon session
  • 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM – Match Play
  • 5:45 PM- 6:45 PM – Dinner (for boarding students only)
  • 7:15 PM -8:45 PM – Study Hall (for boarding students only)
  • 9:45 PM – Curfew (for boarding students only)

πŸ‘‰ Example of the Academy Program Schedule for K-12 students:

  • 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM – School
  • 9:00 AM – 9:15AM: Warm-up
  • 9:15 AM – 12:00 PM – 2 hours of tennis and 1 hour of fitness
  • 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM – Lunch
  • 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM – School
  • 2:45PM – 3:00 PM – Warm-up for afternoon session
  • 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM – Match Play
  • 5:45 PM – 6:45 PM – Dinner (for boarding students only)
  • 7:15 PM – 8:45 PM – Study Hall
  • 9:45 PM – Curfew (for boarding students only)

πŸ‘‰ Here are some tournaments you will hopefully attend if you are a student at the academy:

  • Eddie Herr Int’l – (Bradenton, FL) – ITF
  • Orange Bowl – (Key Biscayne) – ITF
  • UTR Tournaments
  • Florida Super Series/Designated
  • Local Tournaments in South Florida
  • USTA Super Nationals
  • USTA Nationals
  • USTA Locals

However, there isn’t much documented when it comes to having a readily available sport psychologist. But this does not detract from how great the academy is.

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about the Evert Tennis Academy here:

#4. Saddlebrook Tennis Academy

Located in Tampa, Florida, the legendary tennis player Harry Hopman initially established Saddlebrook Tennis Academy πŸ₯°.

It has an unbelievable number of courts – 45 – and it includes 4 Grand Slam courts.

Rick Crockett is the director of coaching and has many well-trained and experienced coaches to help run the academy smoothly.

Running in conjunction with the Saddlebrook Preparatory School, the academy provides top-notch academic training for every student.

And when it comes to tennis training, there are goal-setting and accountability exercises and themes and competitions.

There is an adult tennis program and a junior tennis program.

The adult program is intense and demanding and runs 365 days each year. You will learn to master tactics, strategies and techniques. You will also grow more robust and last longer on court.

πŸ‘‰ This is what a daily schedule looks like at the adult program, according to the website:

  • 7:00 am Continental & Buffet Breakfast available at Tropics
  • 7:45 am Check-in at Hopman Cabana for Court Assignment, Followed by Dynamic Movement & Morning Stretch (next to court #10)
  • 8:10 am Pro’s Tip of the Day, followed by Reporting to Assigned Courts for Morning Session
  • 11:00 am End of Morning Session
  • 12:50 pm Check-In at Hopman Cabana for Court Assignment, Followed by Dynamic Movement & Afternoon Stretch
  • 1:00 pm Report to Assigned Courts for Afternoon Session
  • 3:00 pm End of Afternoon Session
  • Event of the Day (optional)

πŸ‘‰ Students of the academy get the following as part of their program:

  • Five Hours of Instruction Per Day
  • Ability to Accommodate All Levels
  • Sports Drink
  • Additional Complimentary Court Time (subject to availability)
  • Private Lessons Available Daily (additional cost)

πŸ‘‰ For the junior program, catering to players between 12 and 20 years, this is what the daily schedule looks like:

  • 7:45 am Check-in at Hopman Cabana for Daily Court Assignment, Followed by Dynamic Movement & Morning Stretch (next to court #10)
  • 8:00 am Report to Assigned Courts for Morning Session
  • 11:00 am End of Morning Session
  • 12:50 pm Check-In at Hopman Cabana for Court Assignment, Followed by Dynamic Movement& Afternoon Stretch
  • 1:00 pm Report to Assigned Courts for Afternoon Session
  • 3:00 pm End of Afternoon Session

Therefore, a player who is in the full-time program gets about 4 hours of academic work and 4 hours of tennis training.

The schedule for classes bring this academy in the best tennis academies in Florida list.

There are also fitness exercises, but these are dependent on the need. Plus, players are trained on mental skills to make them more confident and focused.

The cost per year at the academy for full-time players who are boarders is $63,560.

#5. Bill Clark Tennis Academy

Founded and headed by Coach Bill Clark, who is a 2-time Florida coach of the year and with over 35 years experience in coaching ☺️.

Situated in Hollywood and small, with only 8 hard courts, the academy allows you to train with experienced coaches and trained players regularly.

Players like Audra Cohen, former number 1 NCAA in 2006 and 2007, passed through the academy and have only glowing words for Bill Clark.

The academy offers between 2 and 5 weekly afternoon sessions. Each session could last up to 2 hours and is intense.

There are 3 programs at the academy: the high-performance program, the orange ball/intermediate program and the red ball/beginner program.

The high-performance program is under the direct supervision of Bill Clark. He plans each player’s daily schedule and program to suit their individual needs.

Along with the coaching staff, he works to ensure that the player develops all-around, especially in how well they play.

πŸ‘‰ The following are the training hours:

Monday – Friday; 3:30 – 5:30 or 4:30 – 6:30 or 3:30 – 6:30. 

Price is determined by the number of hours of training.

The schedule is only 2 hours a day and is flexible. There is no available price list, so you will have to call the academy to know the fees for the program.

The training sessions come after school and on Saturday for the beginning and intermediate programs.

There are 4 classes on offer monthly, and they cost about $80. But the spaces are few, so are always filled πŸ₯°.

#6. Proworld Tennis Academy

Delray Beach is home to Proworld Tennis Academy.

It has 3 clay courts and 15 hard courts and is managed by Lorenzo Cava. Cava is helped by a team of well-trained and established coaches from all around the globe.

This diversity in the coaches’ backgrounds is used as a strength at the academy. Any player can blend in and thrive in such an environment because of its multicultural nature.

In the full-time program at the academy, there is 1 hour devoted to training in mental skills weekly. Then, tennis training takes about 3.5 hours a day, and fitness takes 1 hour a day, for 6 days weekly.

The full-time program costs $895 a week, $3,200 a month, and $38,400 a year.

There is also a half-time program, where a player trains for about 1 hour 45 minutes and has fitness exercise for 1 hour every weekday and on Saturday (optional). The mental training takes 1 hour a week. The cost is $625 a week, $2.000 a month, and $24,000 a year.

However, there is no academic work on offer; it is all about tennis training. So you can consider this academy while you are looking for the best tennis academies in Florida.

While this is restrictive, it can also be an advantage. You know that everyone has only one goal: to become an exceptional tennis player.

Nevertheless, the academy is less expensive and yet better equipped at training than some others. It still has a lot to offer at a slightly more budget-friendly price ☺️.

#7. Academia Sanchez Casal

Located in Naples, on a site that is home to 5 hard courts and 33 clay courts, Academia Sanchez Casal is part of the Sanchez Casal Academy of world-renown.

Former leading tennis players Sergio Casal and Emilio Sanchez founded it in 1998, and they focus on physical, tactical, mental, and technical skills.

The academy boasts of having coaches who have trained professional and world-ranked players, including Svetlana Kuznetsova, Andy Murray, and Daniela Hantuchova.

A typical week for a school-age player at the academy, typically under 16 years, will include more than 30 hours of schooling. This goes to show the thought and consideration towards academics.

Then, tennis training takes between 10 and 17 hours, conditioning takes about 4 hours, and training in mental skills takes about 1 hour a week.

The academy’s website does not list a day-to-day schedule for any of the programs it offers. The same is true for the cost per month or year.

However, there are options for boarding and non-boarding students, so accommodations are available.

Because of this, and other pricing factors, the cost is around $60,000 for a 10-month program year for boarders.

The payment planning brings this academy in the list of best tennis academies in Florida.

Nevertheless, despite the steep price, the academy has a lot to offer to young and adult players.

πŸ‘‰ This video shows what the academy has to offer:

#8. Rick Macci Academy And Tennis Center

This tennis academy is located in Boca Raton, inside the Rick Macci Tennis Center. The center has 19 hard courts, 3 of which are indoors and open to the public.

Is this academy the creme de la creme when it comes to alumni or what? Rick Macci has trained and coached 5 number 1-ranked world champions and a whooping 8 champions of the Grand Slam.

Some of these top-tier players are Serena Williams, Andy Roddick, Sofia Kenin, Maria Sharapova, Venus Williams, Tommy Ho, and Jennifer Capriati.

For a full-time, year-round boarding program at the academy, the schedule includes 30 hours of tennis training a week. You can also get free transportation from and to the academy and a family environment ☺️.

But there is no academic work, which makes it not suitable for every player.

The cost a week for the year-round boarding program is $1,900 and $6,800 for a month. Steep, right? But it comes with the territory. Remember his credentials?

There is an option for non-boarding players. For a 6-hour daily academy, the cost is $1,300 a week. This includes 6 hours of training a day, 5 days a week, making it a total of 30 hours a week.

For $800 a week, you get 15 hours of training in the morning or in the afternoon. The choice is yours.

For $260 a day, you get 6 hours of training that day. And for $180, you get 3 hours of training, morning or afternoon.

The Morning and Afternoon Tennis Academy costs $3,800 a month and runs from September of one year to May of the next year. Of course, this is for non-boarders.

There are 3 hours of training each day; in the morning, from 8 am to 11 am, and in the evening, from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Another option under this particular Academy offers $2,400 a month for 3 hours of training a day, 5 days a week. You can also train for 6 hours a day at the cost of $1,300 a week. $260 will get you 6 hours of training, and $180 will get you 3 hours of training a day.

The  best plans and management brings this academy in our list of the best tennis academies in Florida.

If you don’t mind spending the money for professional and result-driven tennis clinics, consider checking out this academy.

πŸ‘‰Here is a video introducing the Rick Macci Academy:

#9. IMG Tennis Academy

The world-famous IMG Tennis Academy opened shop in Bradenton in 1978 and was set up by Nick Bollettieri πŸ₯°.

It is in a campus that sits on 600 acres of land and features 17 clay courts and 34 hard courts.

IMG stands out because of the number of talented players in the competition. You see and sometimes play with top WTA/ATP players; you feel what it means to reach the top.

Therefore, everyone strives to be outstanding, so attending the academy is no mean feat.

The academy customizes plans and schedules for individual players to set them up for eventual success.

And when it comes to academics, it is unrivaled and challenging. However, it makes for a well-balanced player aiming for a college placement.

According to the website, ‘For academic year 2020-2021, tuition ranges from $63,900 to $83,900 per year depending on age, boarding and grade of student-athlete.’

πŸ‘‰ Here is a list for different levels and ages with tuition fees, according to the academy’s site:

  • Post-grad boarding student-athlete pays $72,400 and non-boarding pays $57,100
  • High school boarding student-athlete pays $75,900 and non-boarding pays $60,600
  • Middle school boarding student-athlete pays $73,900 and non-boarding pays $58,600
  • Elementary non-boarding student-athlete pays $57,000

It is an elite tennis academy, offering so much more than most other academies. So while the cost may be high – it is indeed high – it more than makes up for all the benefits of attending the academy.

There are clear-cut daily or weekly schedules available on the academy’s website. This is probably because it offers individualized plans, according to a player’s level and progress.

The site has so much more to offer in terms of news, tournaments and contact information.

πŸ‘‰ Watch this video to see highlights of the tennis academy facilities:

#10. Saviano Tennis Academy

Nick Saviano established the academy inside David Posnack Jewish Day School, located in Davie. The day school has 4 hard courts and 4 clay courts ☺️.

He became a coach after a successful career as a tennis player. Over the years, he has coached numerous top professional players such as Eugenie Bouchard, a Wimbledon finalist, and Sloane Stephens, US Open Champion.

Using what he has termed the Saviano method, Coach Saviano helps players under him to discover and use their creative genius. It probably has to do with individual talents.

The most recommended option in our list of best tennis academies in the world.

There are 7 different programs at the academy to suit different schedules and needs.

There is a full-time morning program, a full-time afternoon program, a full-time afternoon with AHS, a summer program, a part-time after-school program, a weekly visitor program, and a holiday program.

There is also a college placement program, where the coaches and other support staff help players developmentally and physically. They also help them choose the best schools for scholarships and play tennis professionally.

According to the website, the academy has a 100% placement and scholarship/financial assistance for academy graduates aiming for college.

It claims to have the best connections to recruitment agencies and colleges in all of Florida, which is saying something.

The site does not list specific details on schedules for a typical day of training and academics.

However, a training day will have 4 hours dedicated to tennis and 1 hour dedicated to conditioning. These are done along with continuous work on mental skills.

A typical year consists of 9 months for a full-time program and costs $30,550, which is not bad for such a result-oriented and driven tennis academy.

πŸ‘‰ Here is a short video of an overview of the Saviano Tennis Academy:


Do we have a favorite on this list? Not exactly. There is a reason all these academies made it to our list. But if you are a new player and are looking for the best academy in Florida, you may want to start with this list.

While these 10 academies are not the only best tennis academies in Florida – far from it – they represent what an ideal academy should look, feel and sound like πŸ₯°.

So, even if you don’t choose any on our list, keep the important factors that make a tennis academy great in mind. That way, you know what to look out for and expect, especially when you are paying big bucks.