Tennis Stringing Machine

Tennis Stringing Machine

Did your favorite racket strings snap again? Is it expensive getting them replaced? And you’ve thought about restringing them yourself. If so, you’ll need a racket string machine 😇. 

Stringing tennis racquets is a skill that every tennis enthusiast should know, however, you need more than that. You also need the right equipment to get the job done. 

A tennis racquet that is overused and abused will eventually wear out, no matter what type of string it has, no matter how good the strings are or what pattern they have.

When they break, you’ll need a tennis stringing machine to restring your racket.

There are substantial differences between stringing machines suited to tennis stores or club owners and those used for personal use.

Your budget and usage will also affect the type of machine you should buy. 

If you’re looking to buy one, you must know everything about the best tennis stringing machines and what to look out for.

👉 We’ll start with our top 3 recommended best tennis stringing machines, and then cover what you need to know:

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3 Best tennis stringing machines

#1. Gamma Progression 200 Stringing Machine

With an effective drop weight tensioning system, the Gamma Progression 200 Stringing Machine is one of the best choices under $250.

It’s easy to get a quality racquet stringing machine without spending a fortune. The two-point mounting system and floating clamps provide good stability while stringing. 

It’s slow, but the results are fantastic.

It’s well-built and can last for years without any maintenance. It is easy to use and works great even for beginner-level stringers 🥰.

Keeping budget and portability in mind, the Gamma Progression 200 Stringing Machine is an excellent buy.

The tabletop standing makes it easy to carry around and set up. Furthermore, the 360-degree steel bar turntable results in premium drop weight tensioning.

This tennis stringing machine comes with a 2 point mounting system, providing you ease of use.

It’s an efficient, multipurpose machine that can even be used for badminton and squash racquets. It comes with a built-in tray to keep your tools organized.

The floating clamps are not as stable as the fixed ones but still better than other drop weight options in the market.

Gamma Progression 200 Stringing Machine will easily last you for years with its sturdy body, broad base, and diamond coated grippers.

The top choice for many people is the ridiculously low price tag. It retails for around $230, which is a steal given all its features.

If you need to restring your racquet monthly or two, there is no reason you should not get this.

It is straightforward and simple to use, but here is a YouTube video to guide you through the process.

LightweightNot very accurate
Built-in tool tray

#2. Tourna 300-CS Crank Stringing Machine- best mid-range option

Tourna 300-CS Crank Stringing Machine is an excellent option for fast work with less effort. This durable machine makes your task easy with its height-adjustable stand

It comes with a 6 point mounting system that results in easy mounting.

The mount is self-leveling and comes with a single knob adjustment, making it more convenient. You do not have to apply a lot of force.

The crank lock tensioner with a linear-pull does all the work 😇.

What makes this tennis stringing machine one of the best is the 5 tooth fixed clamps. No matter what string or racquet frame you have, this machine can handle it all.

The 360-degree turntable comes with brakes and a smooth, broad base, giving you ample space to work on.

If you have ever used a drop weight machine, you will instantly feel a difference with this one. True to the brand, Tourna 300-CS is a work of art.

You can also use it for your badminton or squash racquets, apart from regular tennis racquets.

The full range of features makes it worth every penny. It costs almost $1000.

However, it is worth the investment. You should use it for years without any problem.

The maintenance-free use eliminates extra expenses and trips to the service shop. If you want a visual representation of how it works, refer to this video here. 

DurableNeeds a stand to be mounted
Adjustable height

#3. Tourna 600-ES Constant Pull Stringing Machine - the best high-end option

Looking for a highly accurate tennis stringing machine with exceptional stringing speed, look no further 🥰.

Tourna 600-ES Constant Pull Stringing Machine is one of the best for electronic equipmentIf you have a large team or stringing business, Tourna 600-ES would be your best buy. 

Advanced microprocessor technology combines with an electronic tensioning mechanism to make it to work with.

You only have to select the speed from slow to fast, and it does the rest itself.

Unlike the manual tensioning systems in drop weight and crank machines, this one makes use of its practical calibration to provide excellent results.

You can adjust the height of the stand according to your comfort level. This makes work more straightforward and less time-consuming. 

The 6 point mounting system provides high stability to your racquet frames, resulting in even tension.

The digital control panel has different options to choose from. You can also adjust the pre-stretch and knot functions thanks to its digital control panel.

It retails for almost $2200.

This is an impressive high-end option for players looking forward to leveling up their game. For a deeper look at how this machine works, refer to this video.


Exclusive pre-tension feature


Easy mounting

Microprocessor technology

Types of Tennis Stringing Machines

For a hobby player, getting your racquets strung by a tennis shop will be more cost-effective rather than investing in a machine 😇.

tennis stringing machine is a good option for large clubs, high school tennis teams, or anyone needing to string multiple racquets every few weeks.

After deciding to get a stringing machine, an important question is to choose one that best suits your needs.

There are 3 kinds of stringing machines, all for different requirements. Go through each of them to know which one should you be getting.

#1. Drop Weight Stringing Machine

If you are not a professional player, needing a highly accurate racquet, drop weight stringing machines would be the best fit for you.

These extremely affordable stringing machines come with a manual tensioning system. It takes some extra time in weaving the strings, but does the job well. 

The robust, durable body makes for great equipment rackets that don’t need frequent maintenance. However, you should only look into this option if you have a few racquets to string.

The manual tensioning produced by a lever and weight is time-consuming.

For occasional stringing, a drop-weight machine is an excellent investment 🥰.

#2. Crank Stringing Machine

By increasing your budget a little more, you can get a more efficient and accurate tennis stringing machine.

Crank stringing machines provide superior results compared to drop-weight machines, all the while saving you time and effort.

 It comes with a straightforward spring tensioning mechanism, giving you a precise, sturdy racquet. 

They work by preloading the tension and locking it, holding the string in a specific position.

Unlike the drop-weight machines, you cannot adjust the string after putting it in the machineThese are relatively costly but worth the results.

Unlike electronic machines, they are portable, adding to the value.

#3. Electronic Stringing Machine

If you have a club or a professional training center, you will clearly have to string racquets constantly 😇.

Therefore, you need a machine that does the job quickly. Electronic stringing machines are the way to go if you have a higher budget and professional needs

Electronic stringing machines need constant maintenance and calibration. The care and high price point are significant factors to consider.

However, the record stringing time and accuracy are mind-blowing. The constant pull technology results in negligible tension loss, giving you a quality experience

Is It Worth Getting a Tennis Stringing Machine?

Your racquet is what makes your game. Any slight wear or loss in tension may cause you to lose a match 🥰.

However, having a top-of-the-range tennis racquet is not all that’s important. Even after buying the most expensive, sturdy, and robust racquet, you need to take care of it.

A tennis racquet loses tension daily with every hit.

A 60-pound racquet will go down to 50 pounds over time.

If you play once a week or less frequently, you may be better off using a local tennis shop to restring your racket.

If you practice daily, your racquet will need restringing almost monthly.

You will find many experts restringing their racquets even more frequently. It can help you have a smooth, fast-paced game.

For professional players or club owners, getting a stringing machine saves a lot of money. The type of machine you get will differ according to your requirements.

👉 Use the guide to understand how each feature helps and if you even need it for your use.  

How to Choose the Best Tennis Stringing Machine - Buying Guide

#1. Mounting System

The mounting system refers to the specified points on your machine for holding racquets down during restringing.

It can be a two-point, 4 point, or 6-point system. The higher the points, the more stable your racquet will be, with less risk of distortion.

However, increasing the contact points also means increasing the cost of the equipment.

A 2-point stringing machine is affordable, but it applies more pressure on the racquet to keep it in place, thus increasing the chances of distortion 😇. 

The number of contact points you need also depends on the size of your racquet. For a smaller one, a 2 point mounting system works great.

If you have an oversized racquet, you should get a minimum of 4-point tennis stringing machine.

#2. Clamps

A clamp is responsible for holding the tensioned string in place.

tennis stringing machine either comes with fixed clamps or floating clamps.

While the floating clamps are affordable, they do not ensure even tension throughout the racquet. This is because they are not fixed to the machine and work individually

Fixed clamps are attached to the machine and offer a better support system than floating clamps.

They keep the racquet in place, providing an even tension. This helps in more accurate stringing and is preferred by professionals 🥰

Furthermore, the best tennis stringing machines for beginners come with gliding bars and swivel mechanisms.

The teeth on the bar pull the string in one direction while keeping it secured on the other. This is an excellent feature for first-time users, making it easier for them. 

#3. Budget

A drop weight or crank stringing machine is an affordable option if you are on a tight budget.

For large scale needs, an electronic machine would compensate for its working and time efficiency despite being expensive.

You can find the best tennis stringing machine under 1000 if you go for a drop weight or crank stringing machine. 

However, electronic stringing machines have a considerable price difference from the other two.

If you can afford to go above $2000 and have a lot of racquets to string, an electronic stringing machine would suit you well.

#4. Portability

If you are a club owner, there is no need to look for portability since you will be keeping the machine at your location 😇. 

However, if you need to transport the machine, you will need a portable option easy to carry.

Broadly, there are two kinds of machines available. You can either get a tabletop tennis stringing machine or a standalone machine. 

A tabletop machine is easy to carry and is also inexpensive. You only need to place it on a flat surface, and you are good to go.

Stand alones on the other hand, need a stand to be put up, and are comparatively more expensive than tabletop options. They have an extremely fast working speed and a durable.


When it comes to tennis stringing machines, the first thing you should figure out is if you even need it or not.

For a seasoned player hitting the court almost daily, it is a good idea to invest in a stringing machine. However, you must get a good quality machine.

The top 3 options above have been compiled for smaller and larger budgets and frequency of use 😇.