Top 10 Best Tennis Academies in the USA

Top 10 Best Tennis Academies in the USA August 2021

As one of the top 10 favorite sports in the USA, finding a place to learn tennis has never been too hard. The USA houses some of the best tennis academies globally and has produced several tennis players that can be regarded as the best in the world.

For those looking to improve their tennis skills or even want to start from scratch, any of the academies will be the right place to get started.

This article will help provide all the necessary information to help make an informed decision about the best academy for each player.

 👉A table has been included that summarizes each academy’s location, coaches, some popular alumni, and the fees charged.

This provides all the basic information at a glance and will make it easier for comparison between two or more academies.

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This list is ranked from least to best, with 10 being considered the best.

10. Austin Tennis Academy

Ask about a tennis academy in the state of Texas, and Austin Tennis Academy will be called first.

Many aspects of this academy make it an excellent choice, including the greatly reduced cost compared to other tennis academies in the United States. Austin Tennis Academy is located in Spanish Oaks, in the Texas Hill Country.

There are 12 hard surfaces and 2 Italian red clay tennis courts available in the academy, a 3200 square foot state-of-the-art fitness center, and a full-service professional shop with more than enough academic classrooms.

Austin Tennis Academy is known primarily as a training program for junior tennis players who aspire to achieve excellence through tennis. The institution offers a range of programs, which include:

a. College Prep

ATA offers a College Prep program that provides a learning environment supported by the community experience for 32 students aged 11-19 to maximize their academics, athletics, and character-building potentials.

1. Academy

ATA’s full-time academy program aims to help junior tennis players reach their highest potential.

The program offers all-around development with group practice, fitness training, mental toughness training, private lessons and tournament competitions, with 6 sanctioned Open tournaments organized annually.

  👉The program schedule runs for four days a week, from 5 pm to 7 pm, while the 12-and-under academy holds classes 3 times per week on Monday and Wednesday, with Tuesday or Thursday included depending on the student’s schedule.

b. Junior Academy

The Junior Academy program is specifically designed for players who are enthusiastic about competing in tennis.

Students in the Junior Academy at ATA must commit to the local tournaments, junior team tennis, and monthly ZAT or Champ Major Zone tournaments.

The Junior Academy program meets every Monday and Wednesday from 4:00 to 5:00 pm and Fridays from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

  1. Junior Development Program

ATA’s Junior Development (JD) program is for beginners who will like to start tennis training early and seek to qualify in the USTA system while also having it in mind to progress with other ATA programs.

The program is for players from ages 8-11, and the curriculum covers learning the fundamental technical instructions of tennis to the entry-level technical instructions. JDP is scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:00-5:00 pm, and runs from September through May.


QuickStart was designed for children from ages 5-7 and introduced tennis fundamentals to young ones.

They will also be introduced to basic athletic skills, which will set them up for future training in tennis.

The training occurs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 pm. Those who are interested can sign up for training twice a week or four times a week.

Women’s Program

This program trains women of all ages and skill levels to become competitive and better tennis league players.

It specifically targets women who are interested in becoming members of the WTTA and USTA league teams. The academy itself already has 4 WTTA and 2 USTA teams. The program runs all year round but with no definite schedule.

If interested, contact the academy so you can have a schedule fixed. The different training in this program is at a fixed price of $25 per 1.5 hours for patrons, while non-members pay $30 for the same duration.

9. Weil Tennis Academy

Weil Tennis Academy (WTA) is one of those tennis academies youths passionate about tennis yearn to be in. Located in California, the climate is perfect for outdoor activities like tennis, with little or no interruption by rain or unfriendly storms.

A stand-out feature for Weil Tennis Academy is the heightened focus on helping young players gain admission into Universities in the States.

Reportedly, many tennis players who were once in the academy could get the needed academic support to find their way into Stanford, UCLA, and many other highly rated universities.

WTA’s range of facilities includes 22 tennis courts, dorms, a gym, a pool, classrooms, and restaurants. Adding up boarding and feeding fees, the cost of schooling in the academy is about $49,000 per year.

Weil Academy Full Time Tennis Program

The full-time tennis program Weil Academy offers student-athletes both practice and study opportunities to progress to colleges where they become actively involved in college team competitions.

Students are also exposed to quality classroom teaching in the academy that makes them ready for college and then a university where they can pursue a professional career.

Like Max Cressy (who has completed 4 years at UCLA and also played in the 2020 US Open) , many alumni of the academyhelp students’ study to attain professionalism in a particular fieldand are still trained to become star tennis players.

 👉The schedule in the academy is pretty tight from Monday to Friday but still allows enough room for rest and mixing up with other students.

Asides from tennis and fitness training every day, 4 hours each from Monday to Thursday is dedicated to academic classes. At the same time, students will find their way to the laboratories on Fridays for one experiment or the other. Saturdays and Sundays allow students more than enough time to swim, chat, or have their favorite meals in the restaurants.

 👉Summer Training Camps

Every summer, Weil Academy teams up with male and female junior players, from ages 8-19, who are ready to be trained to improve their game by experienced coaches.

The training camp stays fun with many friendly games and interactions that expose young players to their counterparts who are equally motivated and enthusiastic, just as they are.

Perhaps, a junior who has even been downed recently, being in the summer training camp will help him/her pick up motivation for tennis like never before.

The camp runs for 10 to 12 weeks, with each camp lasting for five working days. Boarding camp members will pay about $1,450, while non-boarding members pay about $995. The academy also offers discounts for those who will wish to train for more than a week.

8. Gorin Tennis Academy

Have you ever heard of famous tennis coach Vitaly Gorin? He is responsible for coaching tennis players like Dimitry Tursonov and Nikoloz Basilashvilli, who have found their way to the top 30 tennis players in the world.

The same coach founded this academy, and so it is not surprising that this is one of the best tennis academies in the US for tennis players. His unique coaching method puts students at the center of focus and enables students to improve their tennis skills continually.

The academy is located in Granite Bay, California, and as a relatively small school, it gives personalized attention to its students.

If you are more than concerned about the quality of coaching than the number of players you will come across, GTA will prove to be home for you. There are boarding and non-boarding options based on your preference.

👉GTA Full Time Tennis Programs

Activities in the full-time programs are grouped into 3 sessions. The first season is for training on drills and techniques needed for high performance at tennis and spans 9:30 to 11:30 am.

The second session trains students to build stamina, achieve mental alertness and concentration. This runs from 1:30 to 3:30 pm. The last session picks up immediately by 4 pm and helps students master the art of conditioning themselves for one hour.

Activities for the day are rounded up with about 2 to 3 hours of leisure activities like movies, bowling, rock climbing, and BBQ. If you would like to be boarded in the academy, all fees for a year will total up to about 33, 200.

7. John McEnroe Tennis Academy

Founded by tennis legend John McEnroe, JMTA Academy is located in New York within a renowned sports complex on Randalls Island in Manhattan.

Even though it was found in September 2010, much newer than other tennis academies, the institution has produced renowned tennis players like Noah Rubin, who won the Wimbledon Juniors Championship in 2014.

The academy’s founder, John McEnroe, was a great American player before he decided to settle down on bringing up young students to become skilled tennis players.

John McEnroe Tennis Academy (JMTA) affords anyone who wishes to school under it the opportunity to determine the amount of training they receive by stating the number of days per week they will be available for training. Fees in the school are therefore not stable, and as an advantage, will be able to accommodate students with different budgets and financial abilities.

The academy runs for 34 weeks a year, and 10 hours of training per week will cost about $28,000 without including transportation or private lesson costs. The academy houses 15 indoor and 5 outdoor courts and has students from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

 👉 JMTA Mac Red & Orange

This is a summer camp organized by the academy for young children between the ages of 5 and 10. The camp provides them with professional coaching and sports instruction.

For effective training, all equipment to be used, such as courts, balls, and nets, have been customized into sizes that will be just fine for the little ones. Full-day camp hours are from 9:00am to 4:00pm, while half-day camping is from 9:00am to 12:00pm or 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

 👉 JMTA Green and Yellow

This camp is for older players (8-18 years) who aim to compete in USTA and ITF tournaments and high-school, college, and university tennis leagues.

Students interact with a friendly coach during the camp who places them on athletic training, vision performance training, and mental training. The camp follows similar schedules to the Mac Red & Orange.

6. Evert Tennis Academy

Founded in 1996, the academy is not unpopular among desired tennis academies in the US and has trained successful tennis players like Andy Roddick, Lauren Davis, Madison Keys, and Dustin Brown.

Evert Academy is located in Boca Raton, Florida, and has a main campus and other secondary campuses not too far away from the main campus.

The facilities available include 12 hard and 11 clay tennis courts in the main campus and many other courts in the secondary sites, a gym, and boarding facilities for students under 18 years of age.

Part-time or full-time students may decide to reside on the campus premises or not.

 👉 Academy Program

The ETA believes in education and encourages its students to reach professionalism in a careerto become well-rounded and versatile as athletes.

The Academy houses an NCAA-approved preparatory high school – The Boca Prep International School for players who wish to go to college. In February 2015, Evert Tennis Academy started collaborating with the Tennis World USA website to bring news and information about the academy. Students of the academy competed in 9 United States Tennis Association Florida Level 5 tournament finals.

The school’s schedule runs from 7 am to about 8 pm, with breakfast, dinner, and lunch sandwiched between hours of fitness training, tennis practices, classroom learning, and night studies.

Training fees in the academy are moderate and vary according to boarding conditions. If you do not desire to stay on the school premises, you may pay as low as $30,000, while subscribing to the school’s dorm may increase the fees to about $48,000.

  👉Afternoon Academy

The afternoon academy was created for athletes ages 12 and below who wish to train but are limited by school schedules.

The academy focuses on making them fit to become skilled junior players, who will, in turn, become professional players.

Students can enroll in the academy annually and pay about $10,500, or enroll for just a semester and pay $6,250. The training holds Mondays through Fridays from 3:45 to 5:45 pm.

5. Van Der Meer Tennis Academy

Quality, affordable, and friendly are the words that best describe schooling in Van Der Meer Tennis Academy.

Founded in 1986, more than 500 students who graduated from the academy have received a college education on scholarship and entered into pro tennis.

The founding coaches Dennis (now late) and Pat Van Der Meer have built a reputation for being successful at what they do, with many of the players who were once under them rising to the limelight of their tennis careers.

 👉 Full-Time Academy

Tuition fees at Van Der Meer Academy range from $23,000 to $39,000, with boarding and non-boarding options available for part-time or full-time students.

The academy has two facilities; the main academy has 14 courts, of which 4 are indoors. The other facility, which is about 5 minutes away, has 3 indoor courts, 4 outdoor courts, and 13 clay courts.

Activities for the week begin on Monday afternoon, while the mornings remain free for students. Saturdays are free from noon, and Sundays are free.

On every other day, there is a 3-hour break from all training activities between 12 pm and 3 pm.

 👉 Summer Academy

The summer academy at Van Der Meer has been broken down into bits such that everyone can have a taste of it, depending on how much they can afford.

A morning session in the summer academy (9:00-12:00) costs $120; the afternoon sessions run from 2:00 to 4:00 and costs $80; a full day at the academy costs $190, and a whole week (Monday to Friday and Sunday evenings) costs $755.

4. Saviano Tennis Academy

Eugene Bouchard and Sloane Stephens were both coached by Nick Saviano, the director and head coach of Saviano Tennis Academy. Coach Nick Saviano has been in the coaching business for over 40 years and knows his game well.

The former American tennis player and now coach understands the importance of personalized training when it comes to sport. So students are only admitted to the school on a ratio of 4 students to one coach.

STA is located in Frank Veltri Tennis Center, Plantation, Canada.

The weather in the area is stable and friendly for sporting activities. Each year, students of the STA have an opportunity to watch the Junior Orange Bowl, which takes place right at the tennis center.

 👉 Full-Time Academy Program

Training courses in the academy cost about $24,000 per year, exposing students to more than enough physical, mental, and tactical training.

Despite the small number of students intentionally admitted per year, the academy has up to 26 clay courts and 2 hard courts. The school’s schedule runs from 10 am to 5 pm, allowing students to have more than enough time for themselves.

 👉 Part-Time After School

Athletes from ages 9 to 18 who choose to train in tennis while still attending their various traditional schools can apply for the part-time after-school program.

The schedule runs from Monday to Friday, 4:00 to 6:00 pm, with additional but optional 45 minutes of physical conditioning each day.

Weekly Visitor Program

The program gives students from other locations the opportunity to train in the academy for a week. Visitors can train for a full day at $950 per week or a half-day at $650 per week.

The activities for the visitor program follow the normal academy routine.

3. Academia Sanchez–Casal

What has made ASC earn a spot on this list? The all-encompassing educational standard! The academy allocates 30 hours per week to classroom learning, 10 to 17 hours to play on the court, and 4 hours to fitness training. Every month, at least 2 tournaments help students build a constructive competitive spirit and prepare them for the realities of the tennis world.

Sanchez-Canal was founded in 1998 by award-winning tennis players and doubles partners Emilio Sanchez Vicario and Sergio Casal.

The school is located in the city of Naples, Florida. The academy is dedicated to high performance and has helped trained renowned tennis players like Java Espinosa and Pedro Magalhaes.

Students can remain in the academy for study from their 6th grade to 12th grade while they receive close monitoring and training on the tennis game.

The academy has 38 tennis courts, and only 2 players are assigned to each court to get close guidance as they train. Other facilities present in the academy are a gym, an Olympic pool, a restaurant, and dormitories.

Asides from the full-time tennis program, the academy also has summer camp training for players between ages 8 and 23. The camping can be full-day or half-day.

 👉 ASC Full Day Summer Camp

The full-day summer camp spans Monday through Saturday with 21 hours of tennis training and 5 hours of outdoor fitness. The training allows only 2 players per court, and at least 3 matches will be played before the weekly camp is over.

 👉 ASC Half Day Summer Camp

This involves 17 hours of tennis training and 5 hours of outdoor fitness. 2 players per court are still maintained during training.

2. Saddlebrook Tennis Academy

From Tampa, Florida, yet again is Saddlebrook Training Academy, located in the Saddlebrook Resort alongside the Saddlebrook Golf Academy and Saddlebrook Preparatory School.

It stands out as one of the elite tennis academies in the US. To begin with, the list of the academy’s alumni is very impressive, which players like Jim Courier, John Isner, Caroline Wozniacki, Pete Sampras, Martina Hingis, Jack stock, among others. Asides from its 45 tennis courts, the school has spas, pools, and golf courses.

At Saddlebrook Tennis Academy, the coaches are very accommodating and ensure that they are fully involved in all training activities.

The relatively low population of students in the academy has made monitoring activities easy and one-on-one coaching possible.

As a non-border, the cost of training annually is $42,060, while full-time boarders pay $60,665 per year. The boarding program is only available during school breaks and summer months.

 👉 Junior Tennis Camp

The Junior Tennis Camp runs all year round but is mostly populated during summer and other holidays. Saddlebrook’s Junior Camp attracts young players from all over the US and abroad seeking to improve their game through professional training and deep motivation.

There are many camping packages, and the fees usually range from about $740 to $760. All training and lessons start at 7:50 am and end by 5:00 pm, after which students have their dinner and partake in supervised fun activities.

1. IMG Academy

The vast cultural background and skill level of the brilliant students in IMG Academy might prove further to you how successful the academy has been since when it was established over 40 years ago. Located in Bradenton, Florida, IMG Academy beats many training schools both home and abroad.

It is regarded as the best academy in the United States by many, it is also the most recognized tennis academy in the world, setting the standard for all other tennis academies. The academy houses 55 different tennis courts, 34 of which are hard, 17 clay, and 4 indoor.

 👉 IMG Academy Tennis Program

One thing, in particular, has made students of IMG Academy become better players, and this is the exposure they have to numerous students, like them, who have outstanding tennis skills.

Aside from training tennis players, the academy, being a multi-sports training institution, has students from all around the world trained in soccer, baseball, golf, track and field, and many more.

Students of the academy have learned to tolerate each other, rely on each other’s strengths, and have been trained not to despise anyone’s weaknesses. It is not surprising how many award-winning tennis players the academy has produced.

Due to IMG Academy’s recognition, students should never find it hard to gain admission into colleges and universities.

The academy has a program for students from grades 6-12 and a post-grad school with full accommodation facilities available for interested students.

 👉 Grades 6-12

The activities for students in this grade have been tailored to help them succeed both as students and as athletes when they finally enroll in college.

The students are allowed to select courses based on their areas of interest, and this helps them focus on the important details in their field of study while they progress in their tennis training.

 👉 Post Graduate School

Enrolling in the one-year post-graduate school at IMG provides students with several opportunities, such as college course credit opportunities, guidance on college placement, and further court training, including competing in UTR events on the campus.

The school is the best place for tennis athletes to prepare for college life.

10 Best Tennis Academies in the USA Compared

S/NAcademyLocationTennis CourtsImportant Alumni MembersCoaches (past and/or present0)Fees (per year)
10Austin Tennis AcademyAustin, Texas12 (2 red clay, 12 hard)Jack Newman, Doug Davis, Deb Cahill$14,500
9Weil Tennis AcademyOjai, Carolina22 (18 hard, 4 clay)Vera Zvonareva, Grigor Dimitrov $48,550
8.Gorin Tennis AcademyGranite Bay, California7Dimitry Tursonov, NilolozBasilashvilli, Yaroslava Shvedova, Jimmy WangVitaly Gorin, Davis Cup 
7John McEnroe Tennis AcademyNew York20 (10 hard and 10 clay, out of which 15 are indoor.)Noah RubinJohn McEnroe, Lawrence Kleger$28,300
6Evert Tennis AcademyBoca Raton, Florida23 (11 clay, 12 hard)Lauren Davis, Andy Roddick, Madison Keys, Dustin BrownJulian Caminos, DubravkoPetrovich, Bradley Holt, Alejandro Martinez$30,000 to $48,000
5.Van der Meer AcademyHilton Head Island, South Carolina37 (7 indoor, 13 clay, 17 hard)Alison Riske, John IsnerDennis Van der Meer, Pat Van der Meer, Tommy Shimada$23,050 to $38,800
4Saviano Teniis AcademyPlantation, Florida28 (2 hard, 26 clay)Sloane Stephens, Egluene BouchardNick Saviano$23,700
3Academia Sanchez-CasalNaples, Florida38Jiang Hongwei, Sergio Casal, Sanchez Vicario, Andy MurrayEmilio Sanchez, Java Espinosa, Pedro MagalhaesFees are not fixed.
2Saddlebrook Tennis AcademyTampa, Florida45Justine Hingis, Jack Stock, Belinda Bencic, Jim CourierHarry Hopman, Rick Crockett, SteanMcquillan, Jimmy Brown$42.060 to $60.665
1.IMG AcademyBradenton, Florida55 (4 indoors, 17 clay, 34 hard)Serena, NishikoriJames Bryce, Roger Blackburn

$61,900 to


Based on many different criteria, we have tried to rank these tennis academies as accurately as possible. You might have sentimental attractions towards any of them or have a particular feature that makes you love one best. It is just great that you opt for the academy you feel you will be most comfortable in.

If you have more than one as a favorite, use this list to juxtapose the features and facilities of each. With careful consideration, you will be able to pick the academy that promises to attend to your needs best.

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