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Wilson Blade 98 16 x 19 V7 - Review Roundup

👉 The Pros and Cons of The Wilson Blade 98 16x19 Version 7

Pros Cons
The racket’s specs are suitable for both amateurs and professionals to play with easily With more flexibility comes less power. The racket does not provide as much power as a stiffer racket
The racket has an enhanced feel from a braided graphite and basalt composition Some have trouble playing defensively or hitting backhand strokes using this racket
The top-hand grip placement is superior to the previous version, providing more comfort Some reviewers also report difficulty with the maneuverability of the racket, especially when trying to hit back off-shots
It is lighter on the head for more control over the racket’s head The over-grip is very thick, making it harder to grasp for some (female players with smaller hands might experience this more!).

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A Summary of The Wilson Blade 98 16x19 Version 7

The Wilson Blade 98 18×19 V7 is the newest in the series of Wilson Blade tennis rackets, dropping late in 2019. You can find here Wilson blade 98 review by pro’s and experts 😇.

It quickly became a favorite of the Wilson Blade series for players of all kinds, with overwhelmingly positive reviews and experiences.

The racket scores were high for flexibility, control, and comfort.

The racket is easily distinguishable with its sleek black, silver, and neon green color scheme, the signature maroon Wilson ‘W’ prominent on its strings.

Wilson claims to have put significant effort into making significant improvements to this racket, which players should feel almost immediately.

Many also like the colors of the racket, but they can also be customized later on.

Features of the Racket

  • Tri-coloured design done in elastic paint
  • Proprietary FeelFlex carbon mapping throughout the hoop of the racket
  • Top Grip Taper on the over-hand grip for better hand placement
  • Reduced spec variance (+/- 5.5 g) 🥰
  • More head-light than previous Wilson Blades
  • Braided graphite and basalt composition

A Detailed Review of the Racket

This beautiful, modern racket can be used by any level of tennis player, and can be customized to the liking of the specific player.

Many professional or passionate players do so, and reviews of the personalization jobs Wilson accomplishes are also very positive.

The bumper and grommets, top of the hoop, 3&9 decals, frame, logos, grip size, and color can all be customized to an array of bright colors and different finishes (matte, gloss, and velvet), making the racket truly one-of-a-kind for the player to cherish.

A message can even be added to the racket in a block or script font, in black, white, or grey.

The racket starts at $219.00, and all customization will add another $40.00 to the total price. To customize, order directly from the Wilson online shop.

If you’ve made your mind after reading Wilson blade 98 review then you must like.

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What Makes This Racket Different from Competitors?

All Wilson Blade rackets are designed for the purpose of big hits during aggressive games, and Wilson makes a point to create rackets with thin beams for more flexibility, giving the player more feel and control over the ball.

Each Wilson Blade has various specifications, but the Wilson Blade 98 16×19 V7 is the most advanced.

Iconic pro players like Serena Williams are on Wilson’s advisory staff to help them develop the best rackets possible.

The rackets specifically target the highest scores possible in precision, feel, control, and spin – lending the player a deadly mix of skills to use on the court.

The downside is they have less power than other rackets, including rackets from Wilson, including Ultra, and Clash 😇.

Wilson’s biggest competitors, like Babolate and Head, come close with their rackets.

Babolat’s Pure Aero series are similar in price, and pro players like Rafael Nadal endorse some. They also update their rackets just as regularly, just as Wilson’s does.

They have an iconic color scheme of neon yellow, purple, black, and sometimes orange. Many find the colors unappealing – being too bright and flashy for their taste.

According to some reviews, the variety between rackets is also not as noticeable as with Wilson’s and does best at the back of the court.

The Wilson also scores higher than both the Babolat Pure Aero and Head Instinct rackets on strokes from the Tennis Bros reviews, but especially on serves, volleys, and groundstrokes.

As mentioned, Wilson puts a lot of effort into releasing rackets with noticeable improvements from their last versions. The Wilson Blade 98 16×19 V7 is no different, and reviews reflect that.

Features like the Parallel Drilling to reduce string friction and the graphite/basalt layup have been seen in the Blade V6, but FeelFlex is a new addition to the V7 racket.

Below are Wilson blade 98 review keypoints.

👉 What else is new and improved for the Wilson Blade 98 16×19 V7:

  • FeelFlex technology improved on the FreeFlex feature from the Clash series.
  • FeelFlex’s new carbon mapping placed all through the frame of the racket is supposed to provide it with better stability and flexibility without compromising the overall feel that players love to expect from the Blade series.
  • This is best used with a vertical swing path, which means certain strokes can perform even better than before, swinging faster and lighter.
  • With this racket, Wilson has also put more effort into making sure spec variance between produced rackets is reduced to 5.5g. There will be practically no difference between the two rackets.
  • The Blade 98 V7 is more head-light than the V6, giving the player more control over the racket head and the ability to deliver even more powerful shots, no matter where on the court they are delivered to.
  • A Top Grip Taper was added to this racket, for a better feel and a more comfortable top-hand grip placement.

    This means the grip narrows towards the top, so fingers can more easily curl around it.

    This can provide more strength during difficult strokes, and will keep the hands from getting as tired. However, some reviews have also said the grip is still quite thick.

  • Customization of the racket is now available.

What Other Reviewers Have to Say About This Racket

Many tennis pros have reviewed this racket in detail, taking it to court to test how it performs with different strokes and from various positions on the court.

The Tennis Bros are one reviewer group who are brutally honest and expect the highest quality.

Reviewers are fan after they put Wilson blade 98 review forward!

After listing the specs of the racket, they demoed it on the field.

The Tennis Bros gave the Wilson Blade 98 16×19 V7 a score of 9/10 – an impressive score that took into consideration the criticisms they gave rackets from the Wilson Clash series 😇.

What They Liked From The Racket:

  • The racket performed great in both serves and groundstrokes.
  • The feel from the ball and the flex of the racket was greatly improved compared to the Wilson Blade V6.
  • The racket gave the player a good spin.
  • It was more maneuverable and offered better control.

What They Didn’t Like From The Racket:

  • This racket may be too much for those who prefer a muted feel from their rackets.
  • It does better than previous versions at the back of the court but can still be challenging to use.

👉 From Tennis Nerd, the Wilson Blade 98 16×19 V7 got a positive review:

Tennis Nerd wrote that this version is definitely an improvement over its previous Countervail version and is probably the best Blade racket to have come out yet.

This means Wilson is doing a great job of taking their customers’ feedback seriously and developing their new rackets to match those wants and needs, always striving to improve.

This review also goes deeper into the FeelFlex technology applied to this racket, noting it is now a trend in the tennis industry to add more flex to rackets.

The FeelFlex technology can help players prevent their elbow and wrist injuries from developing or getting much worse.

You can easily pick whether you like or don’t like Wilson blade 98 review.

Tennis Nerd says that the kBlade racket and the 2015 Blade racket offer more power and stability, while the Blade 98 V7 offers more comfort and plushness for the player reminiscent of classic rackets like the nBlade 98.

For players seeking a powerful and stable racket, maybe this is not the best version of the Blade series to go after, as previous versions may be crisper and strong.

What They Liked From The Racket:

  • Lower tension on the strings (21 kg/48 lbs) opened more pocketing for the racket, so it could deliver better drop and volley shots.
  • There is a strong connection to the ball.
  • This racket is more comfortable and has a plusher feel than the 2015 Blade 😇.

What They Didn’t Like From The Racket:

  • This racket is not for every player, and previous versions of the Blade series might offer more in crispness, stability, and power.
  • The Clash 98 series racket felt like it offered more flexibility than the Blade 98 V7.
  • For players who want a smaller tennis head area, the Clash 98 might also be more suitable.

The Tennis Warehouse also reviewed the racket, and scored it 83 out of 100 on serves and 79 out of 100 on returns.

They found the racket has all the control and playability expected of the Blade series but with much more connection and feel, which Wilson was aiming for.

They used several play-testers to demo the racket live on the court and noted their opinions after each played with it.

Several quotes were taken directly from the players as well, so readers can get a good idea of how they described it in their own words.

Players found that playing offensively with the racket was satisfying, and most said their serves were perfectly played and powerful enough for them 🥰.

Second serves could also be hit back with a good amount of spin, and some players said they could tell this specific feature was far improved from the previous version.

When it came to returns, players had more mixed reactions.

Wilson blade 98 review was once the most awaited review so be on it is revealed now.

Some praised it once more, saying they have more of an advantage with this racket.

When returning, they experienced more spin, control, and direction of the ball well, returning it to the back or the front of the court with ease.

Some others said they liked they could play aggressively with the racket, but sometimes the racket made it hard to adjust between hitting the ball with more strength to less strength, so the ball would land flat.

Play-testers also noticed that returning serves was a little harder than expected, since they had good experiences with second serves.

With the returns, they noticed a little less control and stability, making it harder for the racket to get in position.

Some players found it was amazing, and others criticized it – though it is worth noting none of the criticisms could be agreed on.

What They Liked From The Racket:

  • There was an improved feel, and it is still arm friendly.
  • The sweetspot for this racket is large, making most strokes easier to hit.
  • The racket’s extra handle length was useful and helped with control of the grip.

What They Didn’t Like From The Racket:

  • The racket was not as powerful, and the player had to adjust a little more to get it right.
  • It did not perform as well as a player had hoped for backhand slices.
  • Some players found it was not as stable and maneuverable as they wanted/
  • It was difficult to play defensively with, especially during quick shots.

Tennis Express reviewed the new Blade racket, specifically it was reviewed by Matt Locke. Matt, a PTW certified coach, and an active USTA 4.5+ League and Tournament Player 😇.

Matt reviewed the racket on groundstrokes, volleys, serves, and feel/comfort.

Matt gave the Blade V7 high scores in every category, praising the racket for its responsive and precise frame, as well as the amount of power and spin he could generate to play with offensive tactics.

Wilson blade 98 review is only for those who really think Wilson is the real king of string sports.

What They Liked From The Racket:

  • The racket could hit groundstrokes with authority due to a mix of power and control, making it unique in its series.
  • The racket worked well with both hybrid and full poly string setups.
  • There was great directional control and consistency through the volleys and serves.
  • Accuracy was great with the frame, and the ball could be hit much wider while dropping at a good point.

What They Didn’t Like from The Racket:

Matt had seemingly no criticisms of this racket!

The Tennis Department’s review gives a high score to the Wilson Blade V7 on power, control, maneuverability, stability, comfort/feel, and spin 🥰.

The racket scored 8.3 out of 10 from them. They recommend it for players with high energy, who want to play with a lower-powered racket, but an aggressive style.

According to their analysis, the racket is definitely built for control and scores highest on comfort/feel, control, and spin.

What They Liked from The Racket:

  • It can be used for a very powerful swing without the player having to worry about over-hitting.
  • The racket offers a significant amount of control.
  • This racket has much more connection to the ball and will be suitable for players who don’t like the muted feel of the Countervail technology from previous racket versions in the Wilson series.

What They Didn’t Like from The Racket:

Some players find it hard to hit a powerful backhand stroke

The newest racket in the Wilson Blade series seems to hit high scores on all the features that Wilson wanted to focus on improving 😇.

These are specifically-  control, feel, flexibility, and comfort.

While some players have experienced some disadvantages with using the Wilson Blade 98 16×19 V7, most of them can be solved by taking a little longer to adjust to the racket.

This might not be possible during a short demo session, but for players who are looking for a higher feel and connection to the ball, and like the slightly under-powered racket that pairs well with a high-energy play style, this might not be too hard.

Some other players might find that their playing style might not match the racket’s specifications exactly, through no fault of Wilson.

 However, Wilson did an excellent job overall of developing a racket nearly every kind of player can use.

If you still thinks, Wilson blade 98 review don’t intrigue or spark you to purchase it then proceed with it further.

Always try to demo a racket before buying it permanently, but if that is not possible, try to find a video where the racket is used and reviewed.

👉 For an in-depth review of this racket, watch this helpful video from the Tennis Warehouse here: