Wilson Clash 100 Tour racket

Wilson Clash 100 Tour racket

👉Down there is detailed Wilson blade review:

The Wilson Clash 100 Tour is swift and flexible, giving players an immediate advantage over their opponents. It is designed to be faster with FreeFlex and StableSmart technologiesThe Clash 100 Tour has a very high speed, which means it’s not easily handled by beginners
This racquet assists the opponent in getting good cuts on the ball with increased pace and spinThe launch angle on the Clash 100 Tour is high, making the ball fly high and land lower on the baseline
The Clash 100 Tour has an above par speed and power valueThe power on the Clash 100 Tour isn’t as impressive as the other Tour models out there
The Clash 100 Tour allows for switches at any pace. Whether it is the forehand or the backhand. It is easily switchable between both defense and offense playsThe price for the Clash 100 Tour stands at over $200, which may be a little expensive for non-professional players

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The Wilson Clash 100 Tour - An Overview

We’re all familiar with the Wilson name, specifically due to Roger Federer having made it the racquet of his choice for almost every game. Proceed with it to get detailed Wilson blade review 😇.

The Wilson Clash series has been designed to give tennis players an experience like no other on the court. Wilson claimed it to be a ‘one of a kind’ racquet series.

They spent half a decade developing the technology behind this series.

Wilson has claimed the Clash 100 Tour as the first racquet in the international market with FreeFlex technology. It’s designed to bend with any swing style.

It comes with unmatched flexibility and control.

It also comes with the StableSmart technology for extra stability.

In the hands of an average tennis player, this racket is sure to help.

👉 So sit back and read through the Wilson Clash 100 Tour features:

  • Flexible for any playing style
  • Stable and powerful
  • Arm friendly flex points
  • Good Acceleration

The Wilson Clash 100 Tour - A Detailed Review

The Wilson Clash 100 Tour comes with promising features that most tennis players wish for in their racquets.

👉 It’s tough, stable, flexible, and incredibly powerful. Let’s look at some basic specs:

  • Head: 100 in²/ 645 cm²
  • Length: 27in/68.5 cm
  • Beam Width: 24,5 mm / 24.5 mm
  • Colors: Black, grey, and red

Additionally, The Clash 100 Tour has an 11.4 ounce strung and 312-RDC swing weight. This gives the racquet its powerful acceleration, perfect for intermediate and advanced players.

It’s the first racquet of its kind that comes with Wilson’s newest technological innovations like FreeFlex and StableSmart.

These features give it a carbon mapping that makes it perfect for control and ball pocketing.

Like all other racquets, it’s safe to say that each player has their preference for racquet types.

However, there are some features in every racquet that can be talked on without being subjective.

👉 Let’s review the basic specs in detail:

#1. Weight & Size

The Clash 100 Tour is 27 inches (68 cm) long, with a head size of 100 square inches. It has a strung weight of 11 ounces with a 312 swing weight, a recipe for its accelerated performance. So, now you get something out of wilson blade review.

The impressive string pattern has 16 mains and 19 crosses, which give enough points of impact for a player. You’ll be able to control precisely how powerful your shot is.

Not only this, it has one of the lowest and arm-friendly flex points, which gives it a spot among the best racquets out there.

It undoubtedly has impressive performance when it comes to controlling, power, speed, pocketing, and touch 😇.

#2. Material

Any racket’s material plays an important part in its usage and performance. The Clash 100 tour is made of graphite, making it stable and lightweight.

The material and design ensures your wrists, arms, and shoulders experience minimal impact.

It comes with FreeFlex and StableSmart for the ultimate control and power. These specs make it a beast of power in your hand 😍.

FreeFlex makes use of carbon mapping to allow for easy frame bending in all different dimensions, which will enable you to control the impact of your shots.

You get extra accuracy and precision with this feature.

And, when you pare this with StableSmart, you have a winning combination of accuracy and stability in one racquet.

#3. Design

The Clash 100 Tour doesn’t just deliver on the court in terms of performance, and it’s also sure to turn heads with its sleek design, clean lines, and an elastic finish.

It’s a perfect fit for players who appreciate good aesthetics and the other features on a racquet.

That with the beautiful color pairings of red, black, and grey. This one is definitely a looker.

#4. Performance

We’ve talked about the design and the features, now let’s talk about the actual performance of the racquet.

The Wilson Clash 100 Tour is a gem in this category, and most reviewers and players would be willing to pay more than double for its speed, stability, and the control it gives them over their shots.

So far now, we’ve seen Wilson blade review.

This racquet is so maneuverable that players can change its direction with every stroke of the ball 😇.

The racquet is a good fit for intermediate and above-level players. It is also easily handled by players who have injuries.

We’ve found this racquet is perfect for players who want less body strain and effort when playing.

Also, it is great for players that want constant power and spin. It boosts their shots without too much effort.

Even though it’s lighter than most of its competitors, its weight does not affect its ability to spin or its power.

You will find that you can use it for multiple groundstrokes, and these can travel as far as you need them to go beyond the baseline.

With the Wilson Clash 100 Tour, you can expect your service shots to have good speed and power.

All in all, this is the racquet you need by your side to face your opponents on the court.

What's Different About The Wilson Clash Series?

It took Wilson about 5 years to come up with a series of racquets so powerful that it is a racquet that renders all other racquets obsolete, according to their words.

This ambition resulted from the innovation of two new technologies, i.e.,FreeFlex and StableSmart.

These two technologies combined came up with a carbon string pattern and frame geometry that gives incredible spin and speed to the player.

Does it deliver on this promise?

👉 Let’s look at a summary of 5 reviews by professional players and tennis enthusiasts to find out:

#1. The Tennis Warehouse

The Tennis Warehouse conducted a detailed play test and review of the Wilson Clash 100 Tour and rated 85/100 points on their website. Below is Wilson blade review from the tennis warehouse.

In a nutshell, the Tennis Warehouse had the racquet tested for 2 months with their play testers.

Each play tester was immediately impressed by the Clash 100 Tour’s design and performance on the court.

All testers loved the ball pocketing and the stability the racquet provided at the baseline. They also discovered the harder they hit, the more rewards they got from the Clash 100 Tour.

“The Clash 100 Tour has a unique crisp feel. It is stable and maneuverable for its weight.” – Erik from The Tennis Warehouse

Even though the racquet is lighter than most of its competitors, it was a surprise when it helped against hard hitters on the net.

The testers concluded that this racquet is great against big serves and returns.

“For a modern, powerful, thick-beamed racquet, the comfort level is high. No matter which co-poly string we put in this racquet, there was a nice, deep ball pocket 😇.

Taking huge cuts at the ball on my returns was fun and rewarding!” – Troy from the Tennis Warehouse

In summary they found the racquet to be quite surprising in its maneuverability and stability, given its lightweight.

The FreeFlex and StableSmart technologies make it worth a try.

Detailed Scoring

  • Groundstrokes: 87/100
  • Volleys: 85/100
  • Serves: 80/100
  • Returns: 86/100
  • Power: 83/100
  • Control: 88/100
  • Maneuverability: 90/100
  • Stability: 83/100
  • Comfort: 90/100
  • Touch/feel: 87/100
  • Slice: 87/100
  • Top Spin: 84/100

#2. The Tennis Bros

For the Tennis Bros, the Wilson Clash 100 Tour is a 7.5/10. This was the rating given after Wilson blade review 😍.

Although they didn’t find the racquet to be a perfect fit for them and their game, they did acknowledge it’s a good fit for intermediate players and players who have injuries.

It’s lightweight and has less strain on the player’s arms and shoulders, and hence it’s good for people with minor injuries.

When it came to its performance on the serves and volleys, the tennis bros compared its power to the Babolat Pure Drive. While finding, it is not too impressive on the groundstrokes.

It comes close to the performance of the Pure Drive but with a more improved comfort level.

According to the Tennis Bros, Wilson is moving in the right direction with the Clash series and their player-centered approach of keeping Tennis easy on the body.

Detailed Scoring:

  • Groundstrokes: 7/10
  • Volleys: 7.5/10
  • Serve: 8/10

#3. Tennistopia

Tennistopia gave the Wilson Clash 100 Tour a whooping rate of 4.5/5 stars. They are a fan of the racquet’s flexibility and terming it by far the most flexible racquet on the market. 

Above star rating is given after detailed Wilson blade review.

It’s smooth and easy on the body and provides a great swing.

It can take some getting used to for players playing with stiffer competitors in the past 😇.

Tennistopia conducted a full playtest to test out the capabilities of the racquet, and they were impressed with its stability and power in the court.

The racquet gives easy access to power and swing without putting in too much effort, and they found it to be stable despite its lightweight.

They found both touch shots and big put-aways were hit with stability on the forehand.

For the backhands, they could easily rip a topspin ball down and hit a penetrating slice with absolute ease.

When it comes to the volleys, the team was again impressed with the racquet’s performance.

It handled them with ease and without any struggle whether it was penetrating put-away volleys or touch volleys.

Serving was yet another cherry on the top with the racquet’s great head light balance point. You can hit high and smash that serve with the Clash 100 Tour.

Detailed Scoring

  • Power:4.5/5
  • Control: 4.5/5
  • Feel: 5/5
  • Spin: 3.5/5
  • Stability: 5/5
  • Flexibility: 5/5

#4. The Tennis Nerd

For the Tennis Nerd, the Wilson Clash 100 Tour was a breath of fresh air and stood true to Wilson’s claims of bringing a new and improved racquet to the tennis market 😍.

The racquet may not be a perfect fit for all players, but it will be great for many out there.

As far as the play test is concerned, the racquet proved stable and powerful. The tennis nerd has also speak good after Wilson blade review.

They applauded the Clash 100 Tour’s open string pattern for enhancing its spin potential. They found it an excellent fit for players looking for more control and swing in the racquet.

The racquet offers more opportunities for spin on the ball, taking over the court, and controlling your opponent and the game.

It’s natural, powerful, and easy on the body at the same time.

Tennis Nerd does warn this racquet isn’t suited to players that like to play a flat and precision-oriented game. For them, it may feel a bit too powerful.

#5. The Tennis Express

They Tennis Express carried out a detailed play test on the Clash 100 Tour, and although they found it to be a pretty decent tennis racquet 😇.

They claimed they didn’t find any major differences in performances of the Clash 100 and the Clash 100 Tour.

The tour model offered more stability for medium rallies, but when it came to speed, the stability suffered and played more erratically than the regular Clash 100.

The spin was impressive due to the 16 x 19 string patterns on the 100 inch wide head of the racquet.

The racquet offers great speed at the net despite the clunky look of the head. It’s flexible and maneuverable when playing any volley from both sides.

When it came to serving, the reviewer found that it needs careful balancing of power for serving to be a sure success with the Wilson Clash 100 Tour.

Flatter serves with the racquet are more consistent and stable.

The reviewer acknowledged that the racquet is a disrupter in the market and will nudge manufacturers towards lighter yet powerful rackets in the future.

At the last we’ll bring some words spoken by the tennis express after detailed Wilson blade review.


The racquet holds to Wilson’s promise of a racquet that will make you forget all you know about tennis racquets. It has deceiving looks and is lovely and light 😍.

The lightweight certainly doesn’t take away from its power and stability.

It’s great for players looking for more swing and less strain on their bodies.

It’s great for powerful flat serves, and with the amount of control it offers, it’s a weapon in the hands of the right player

The carbon mapping, FreeFlex technology, makes it a powerhouse of power and stability on the court, paired with the SmartStable technology.

It’s a good fit for players with minor injuries and intermediate players.

We summarized reviews from 5 tennis gurus, and all 5 had different opinions about the racquet’s feel and performance.

Whether it’s a good fit for you or not is solely dependent on your preferences as a player and your game style.

But, all in all, we’d recommend you take it for a spin before you invest in it. So this was all Wilson blade review and is you’ve made your mind to purchase you click at the bottom 😇.

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